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New Metroid: Other M Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo throw us a bone with a new gameplay trailer of Samus' latest adventure

Nintendo has today updated the Web site with a brand new trailer featuring gameplay from the upcoming Wii game Metroid: Other M.

You can check out the trailer here:

Only a few months to go until the game is released in the US followed by Europe later in the year.


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UNC5052 said:

Looks good, I just bought metroid fusion today but I don't have time to play it due to Heartgold. That adds to the games I have bought that I haven't had time to play yet.



Machu said:

Very impressive!

edit: I recommend watching it on the metroid site, that youtube vid doesn't do it justice



Megumi said:

Basically what I said in the hem. crosses fingers for scanning lol



JebbyDeringer said:

Ok well that looked quite good. I still have never really liked a cinematic camera and the 2.5D looks forced and takes you out of the experience a bit (I'd prefer either strict 2D or full 3D). Knowing Nintendo though they will probably make it work flawlessly and I may be able to over look those issues.



zezhyrule said:

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I was add lots of 1s in there, but it seemed a little...)



vakama94 said:

beautiful, simply amazing, can´t wait to have it, and if there´s an special edition planned, then i´ll get my hands all over it



Radbot42 said:

That is gonna be amazing, but considering how much money I have I will wait to see how long it is before I purchase it.



JakobG said:

@5: Hey, that was in the 90.
Don't blame her.

The gameplay looks epic, but why the safety jacket?
Are you to throw away the controller in frustration or waggling like crazy again?
They didn't even wear one in Megaman or Dr. Mario.



motang said:

DAMMIT! I knew I shouldn't have watched I want to play it more!



Viper6391 said:

This looks really good! I'm definitely getting this the day it comes out. Also, it also comes out right around my birthday so YES! Although, is Mother Brain supposed to be Samus's mother? I keep hearing rumors that she might although I don't think they are true. Also, I'm really interested in the story for this game. It's supposed to take place after the SNES version where the baby metriod sacrifices itself to give Samus the power needed to defeat Mother Brain. Also, I'm glad to see that Adam from Metroid Fusion makes an appearance.



Linkuini said:

Cool, something's actually happening in this video. Good to see they haven't lost track of the action amidst all the pretty graphics and slightly deeper plot. Not worried about this one.



V8_Ninja said:

@00:10 Is Samus? Should I "Aww..." or say "BABIE SAMUZ!!! AGH!!!"?

@00:57 Oh, it's a 3D platforming/action game? Interest peaked by 50%.

@01:08 It's a 3D platforming/action game with Metroid-Prime-like first person shooting? Interesting...

@01:41 Samus on a jet-pack WHAH?!?!

@01:44 They're bringing those enemies back? Wonder how the combat will work in 3D with those guys.


@01:50 They're bringing back the Screwattack! YAY!




Supermarioman said:

My mind is set, its time to pre-order this. It'll be good no matter what I think or otherwise I'll tolerate it. Anything Metroid has to be good.



BlueFlameBat said:

Now I'm just confused. I knew about the first-person missile shooting, but I thought the side-scrolling part was going to be side-side-scrolling like the 2D Metroid games. So it's gonna be more like Final Fight and Spider-Man Friend or Foe?



naut said:

Okay, I've been trying to be optimistic but I'm officially weirded out now. I love Metroid, it's one of my favorite series but what the crap is this? I mean, the whole in-depth plot thing is great, I love that kind of stuff. But ya'know, when I saw this game, I thought it was going to be the NSMBWii of Metroid. 2D Metroid with updated graphics, a sweet plot, and some new twists. But this is just plain weird. We have Samus running around in these 2.5D environments where sometimes you're running sideways, sometimes up the screen, and you can move on this weird 3D plane, and, get this, with the Wiimote's D-PAD?! Since when in a d-pad good for moving on a 3D plane? And while you're in "2D mode" (because apparently you can suddenly change into Metroid Prime mode but not be able to move) how the heck do you aim? In the 2D Metroid games you shot across the screen and hit the enemies so...I'm not getting how you aim at enemies on a weird plane like this. Does she automatically aim at enemies and you just mash the fire button? I'm sorry, but it's looking really weird for me right now. Still though, Nintendo usually never fails, and the Ninja Gaiden games are apparently succesful so...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm very optimistic about this and while I have some reservations about the auto-aiming in 2D mode, I'm stoked that they are trying something new enough that people are "weirded-out". I don't think I'd be satisfied with another strictly 2D or FPS style version OR even the sort of third person approach like Mario.

Bringing a new game play experience to Metroid and possibly Zelda within a year of each other is pretty impressive.

The voiced cinematics are a nice change of pace, too.



odd69 said:

This has ninja gaiden written all over it, just with a coat of metroid paint and a first person view added.



Moco_Loco said:

It really looks like a lot of fun. I tried the first Metroid Prime a few years ago and it really didn't do anything for me. I haven't tried any other Metroid games since then, but that trailer really got my attention.



Bigdog said:

Wow... just wow... yeah, it's going to work.

This, IMO, is the best looking Wii game so far. It's not even close. (SMG is beautiful, Okami too, but it's a cartoon-ish artistic look. This, being a more realistic look, is much harder to pull off). You all notice the rain drops on the visor....

I was going to wait on the reviews for this, just in case they were unexpectedly horrible, but this sold it for me. I'm pre-ordering it. Just started playing Super Metroid again and when you compare the two, this really does feel like the next evolution from Super Metroid. This game is to Super Metroid, as Ocarina of Time was to A Link to the Past.



bro2dragons said:

wow. just wow. Prime is my favorite Metroid, and this might not replace that, but in terms of gameplay it looks to have the best yet, and should be one of the best games on Wii. Hallelujah!



JulioMorataya said:

Great game... Team Ninja + Nintendo do give the franchise a nice push... still missing the Prime versions, but this one goes to my preorder list...



Donatello said:

I'm loving it....And as much as I love the Metroid Prime franchise, thank god we never got a MP4(save that for the Wii2), because Metroid is in need of alittle change for now, which is what we're getting.

aka, a Super Metroid/Metroid Prime hybrid and splash of Team Ninja goodness



WWammy said:

The 2.5D evironments with a Dpad will probably work like Crash Bandicoot games.
The game looks awesome to me and this is what I've been waiting for a true Metroid game. Metroid Prime have always felt a little awkward to me. So I've always preferred the 2d games in the Metroid series.



TalesOfFan said:

I was originally skeptical of this game, but this trailer has caused my skepticism to dwindle!!!



grumblebuzzz said:

I think too many people are making a big deal out the not being able to move in 3D mode thing. It's not Prime. This game. Is. Not. Prime. It is a 2.5 D Metroid game in the vein of the originals but in a 3D environment. The 3D mode is a kin to the scan device from Super Metroid, but with a 3D spin on it. Sure, there will be some combat situations that require it, but it is not the main focus of the game, nor should it be. As a fan of the original sidescrolling Metroids and a not-so-much fan of the FPA entries, this game looks incredible!

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