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New Jett Rocket Shots Blast Off

Posted by James Newton

WiiWare to receive its best-looking game yet

Shin'en Multimedia has already proven its ability at creating great-looking and addictive WiiWare titles, with the superb Art of Balance available now, but the company looks set to exceed its own high standards, as these new shots of Jett Rocket show.

Boasting a distinctly Super Mario Galaxy-inspired look, the game shows off graphical effects rarely found in many full retail releases, let alone crammed into the 40MB of a WiiWare download. Don't believe us? Check out the gallery page for some brand new screenshots.

Hopefully the game's 3D action-adventure gameplay can shine as brightly as its graphical performance, but time will tell as Jett Rocket currently has no projected release date.

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y2josh said:

My jaw literally fell to the floor when I saw the screenshots for this game Can't believe it's WiiWare



FonistofCruxis said:

This is by far the best-looking game on wiiware. Those graphics are stunning and shin'en are doing are great job fitting this on wiiware but tbh the character looks a bit ugly. I hope the gameplay matches the graphics.



citizenerased said:

I don't see how this woud fit in 40 Mb. Is it gonna be like a 10 minute quest? Cause that would be funny as hell and I'd still buy it.



Machu said:

@mnementh: There's compression, then there's this.

Gorgeous screens! I can see at least three different environments, with at least three different modes of transport. Water, texture and lighting effects, with no fog and a nice draw distance.



Sean_Aaron said:

The screens are really impressive, but I think we'll have to see it in motion first.

I actually like the character design - reminds me of Playmobil...



JimLad said:

I'm looking forward to seeing this in motion, and finding out how long of a game it actually is.



Moco_Loco said:

Maybe there is no motion. The whole game consists of still shots, with the correct input leading to another beautiful screen, and the incorrect input leading to the death screen. Seriously, I can't figure out how they can do this with only 40mb unless there are only a small number of fairly small environments.



Manfred said:

@Moco Loco
hehe.. thats real funny

In the game you explore fully in 3D with an adjustable camera. The environments are really large with a lot of variety. No invisible walls, no running along fixed pathes.

In April you will see the first video footage as a proof



Oregano said:

Didn't you(or someone else from Shin'en) mention in an interview that if it wasn't using your custom tools and compression that it'd be more than 400mb?



Manfred said:

@Oregano: Yes, thats right. In fact the source assets are around 600Mb but its not hard to get them to 400mb or 300mb. It gets tricky to get them into 40mb.

For the curious, here is a brief summary of the the
uncompressed size of the used data in Jett Rocket:

245mb textures
160mb geometry and shaders
140mb music
73mb sfx
8mb fonts
3.5mb particles
500kb script code
151kb localization



accc said:

I hope all this compression doesn't lead to long and frequent load times. That was a big problem with the 3 Musketeers game for Wiiware.



JakobG said:

I thought that was an 360 game when I saw the thumbnail.
Looks incredible.



Imerion said:

I am still just as amazed by how good this game looks. Truly fantastic code and art. The first screenshot in the gallery not only has loads of nice texture effects and details; the small island in the far-back is just as detailed!

@Manfred: Crazy stuff, those numbers. Extremely impressive! I guess you create some textures "on the fly" using different algorithms and put them together directly with some fancy render tricks? Either way, I can't wait to see this game in motion. Really looking forward to that trailer!



pixelman said:

"I hope all this compression doesn't lead to long and frequent load times. That was a big problem with the 3 Musketeers game for Wiiware."

^ This. This game still looks incredible, though. Can't wait!



motang said:

That looks very cool! Hopefully the release day won't be too far off.



Jampony said:

D'aww. this looks adorable. Shin'en really utilise Nintendo hardware well. Day 1 purchase for moi!



MakeMyBiscuit said:

The game looks Incredible!
I had to make a double take to see that this was actually a WiiWare game and not a full retail release. Very impressive Shin'en Multimedia!

I think we are seeing a new Renaissance in WiiWare games



Manfred said:

@accc: Don't worry, as Jett Rocket doesn't comes on a disc there is no cause for loading times. Decompressions is done in the background. Everything is precached and streamed from the Wiis internal memory.



Manfred said:

@Imerion: Thanks for your kind words.
As you guessed, we actually create textures in realtime for certain effects like the shores on the beach or the reflections in the metal and the semi-soft shadows.



DarkLloyd said:

now this is the kind of games that should be on wiiware not some overused puzzle Cr@p cheap made games



accc said:

I just noticed that this is listed as two players. What will the multiplayer be like? Is it for the main game or just minigames?



HipsterDashie said:

I'm keeping my eye on this one. it could be my first REAL WiiWare game (my only WiiWare game is Pokemon Ranch. XD)



Sneaker13 said:

Yeah, lets just wait for some movies because there's no way that this is a WiiWare game. I does have my interest though.



MakeMyBiscuit said:


"@accc: Don't worry, as Jett Rocket doesn't comes on a disc there is no cause for loading times. Decompressions is done in the background. Everything is precached and streamed from the Wiis internal memory."

I did not even know that was possible. WOW! Not to mention how much data you have compressed into 40MB.

You have my support!



siavm said:

This game looks impressive but the only thing I wonder about with this one is how long it is going to be.



Gizmo said:

One word: awesome. I think this will be a must buy for me, even if the gameplay would only be half as good as the graphics.



John3714 said:

I guess I'm in the minority that the load times in Three Musketeers didn't bother me. I had fun with that game, and a big reason for that was the reason they had load times in the first place.

I'm more concerned on this being choppy, like the Monkey Island games. If there's a bunch of stuff going on in the background, can the Wii handle all that in a 40mb format? I'm not tech-savvy enough to really know.

Either way, these screens are surely eye-opening. Even if the game is short, I'll always take quality over quantity.



accc said:

Shin'en are masters at pushing technology (unlike Telltale) so I'm not too worried about the framerate 8)



Imerion said:

Indeed, 2 players make this sound even more interesting. Perhaps you can race a friend in the snowboard and jetski-parts?
My dream would be a 2 player, splitscreen, co-op mode. But I guess that would be really hard to pull of considering how the game pushes the tech already. I won't complain if it is single-player only however. It does enough cool stuff already.



Manfred said:

@Imerion: I'm sorry to say, but there is no two player support. Two player split screen would be indeed to much GPU burden. However, we work on that for future titles.
@john3714: Don't worry about choppines. The game runs at super smooth 60fps in16:9 progressive. It also supports 4:3 and PAL 50fps.



Tate24 said:

wow impressed with visual sheen in this & cant believe its wiiware game!!!



Imerion said:

@Manfred: I guessed so. But no need to be sorry, it really is no problem. Better do multiplayer for some future game where it is better suited. Perhaps in that racing-style game mentioned in an interview somewhere?



RogueTwo said:

Amazing, seems like another must for Wiiware

@Manfred: Are there any water physics? I love that screenshot with the watercraft, reminds me of Wave Race T_T



Hero_of_legend said:

Are there any plans for Wii retail development at all in the future? I can't imagine how your games would look with 4.5GB (single-layer!) of space!

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