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New Diner Dash Screenshots

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Order up!

The guys over at Hudson were kind enough to send over a fresh batch of screenshots of their upcoming WiiWare release Diner Dash for you to enjoy. The game is set to hit the European WiiWare service on March 26th for 1000 Wii Points.

Diner Dash will come to life in 3D on new generation consoles when players have the option to take direct control of Flo as she runs around to seat patrons, take orders, deliver food, take payment and bus tables as efficiently as possible within the time limit allowed.

Players fond of the traditional control schemes may also use a point-and-click style with hotkeys to aid Flo in her quest for customer satisfaction, which is reflected in a heart meter that empties as customers lose patience. If the meter empties completely, then the customer will leave the restaurant. Servers looking to play with co-workers can join with up to seven other players in multiplayer across four diners in Team Dash or go 1 on 1 in Head to Head mode.

We'll keep you updated on any new information regarding Diner Dash as it becomes available and we'll have a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service later this year.

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pixelman said:

Huh, I would've expected this to come out on DSiWare. Oh well, bring it on.



Linkuini said:

Better suited to WiiWare than retail anyhow. Still, there are enough games similar to this for free on the internet that Hudson will have to pull out a few tricks to make this worth anybody's attention.



Porky said:

Available in Japan since February. Was hoping NA to get this first.



I love that game...but I already have it on my PC >_>



Phobos said:

Oooh. Might get this. I like Diner Dash on PC, so why the heck not, eh?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah, it released on XBLA and PSN in December. Weird seeing WiiWare be late to the party on a CASUAL game (not to say it's crap; just that style of game is all)!



miketh2005 said:

wow, do you guys know about different versions of this crap has been made? man, stick to PC! The first was great for PC, but they just cant keep re-releasing this game!!!! this has to top resident evil in the amount of re-makes this game has!!! comon! and i mean it prob wont even add much to the game, the graphics in the picture looks like complete and utter CRAP! no scenery at all! wow, and at 10$!!!!! i hope NO ONE buys this game! should be 500 points, maybe 800 for the MOST.

@LegendofPasta99: seriously? i've never seen freeware casual games. casual gaming is a big market, no one would give their casual game away. maybe your thinking of a different game? i dunno.

EDIT: looking at the pics again, the graphivs just SUCK. you cant even see the people standing in line! there is nothing going on! omg, more shovelware. i wish Playfirst would make this game, they can make great games, like Diner DASH Boom! That just got released for PC, that's a pretty good casual game full of innovation. I mean AT LEAST do something different for consoles! /raint



brandonbwii said:

I think the Metacritic average for the XBLA version isn't too hot. I heard that it is partially because the fugly visuals affect gameplay and that there are so many betterr versions on PC.

At least, like most Hudson WiiWare, it's online.

This same thing has happened with Netaris and Bomberman Battlefest. It's like they'll get around to Wii eventually. We just have to be patient.

This is something fairly new for Hudson since they found out how profitable the other sevices are.

I expect the same to happen with the next Bonk game as well.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@brandonbwii: "We" have to be patient? If I was in any rush to get this game, I'd already have it on PSN, AKA my download service of choice. I only use WiiWare when it's the only option for a game.

Anyway, I guess you're right...Military Madness DID hit other consoles first...but I'm not sure what you mean by "Bomberman Battlefest." Is that supposed to be the Wii version of Bomberman Live/Ultra?



Vinsanity said:

@brandonbwii: I hope you're right about the next Bonk game. It looks horrible, so I really hope they "take their time with it" anyway.

You know Hudson isn't even developing that one? They gave it to some random US studio - Pi Studios - and it shows. It's got a horrible color palette/art style, horrible music, horrible animations - it just doesn't look good at all. I realize they've worked with studios like Backbone for Bomberman Live in the past, but Backbone's good, and has worked with Japanese studios before. Pi Studio's work on Bonk: Brink of Extinction - thus far at least - looks like a turd smeared on that franchises' track record.

Hudson can delay it's release for as long as they want if you ask me.

@Stuffgamer: Exactly. Battlefest is exactly what you guessed it to be. Which is good. Bomberman Blast isn't bad, but any game that touts "Mii integration" is stupid on some overt level, trying to appeal to uber casuals. It's annoying as hell to be denied all those great options from Live/Ultra, and it's like rubbing salt in a wound when you see someone playing not as a Bomberman, but as their stupid Miis. Getting a version of Live/Ultra would be nice.

And I'm with you with the PSN. Except for the new Mega Man games, and eventually Sonic 4 - they belong on Nintendo hardware imo. I also seem to prefer games on wiiware than PSN, but I love the Playstation storefront so much more. I wish the 360 hardware didn't suck so bad and I didn't have to shun the system though (I went through 4 360's. I'm done giving them a chance until they redesign their crap hardware), because the games on XBLA are best out of the 3 though. I mean c'mon; originals like Shadow Complex and Castle Crashers can't be beat. Nor can the HD remakes of Perfect Dark and Banjo. It's the exact opposite of their crappy retail library; there's not an uber mainstream, creatively bankrupt, "realistic military" shooter anywhere on the Xbox Live Arcade.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Vinsanity: It really doesn't matter too much with Mega Man, but I think you'll be doing yourself a real disservice to get Sonic 4 on WiiWare if PSN is an option. The way they've been touting it for "HD" consoles, I just can't help but feel that the WiiWare port will be noticably lacking.

Personally, I find it EXTREMELY difficult to choose between the game selections on PSN and XBLA. I'm no 360 fan either (after only 2 RRoD's), but they do have Shadow Complex, the first two seasons of Sam & Max, and a handful of other games that are good, but not as noteworthy as those, IMO.

But PSN has the PixelJunk series, Sam & Max season THREE (starting next month...HUZZAH!), Flower, PS1 Classics (generally an awesome feature that MS's weak attempts at "retro" can't match) Critter Crunch, Trine (also on PC, but not 360), Topatoi, and more.

And more games are defecting FROM XBLA TO PSN than vice-versa, so...I think PSN wins overall.

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