Netflix Survey Suggests DS Video Streaming

DSi XL to replace drive-in movies

Wii owners will soon be able to stream video to their machine via Netflix, but what if you want to watch a video in a room that’s not the living room? Well, a new Netflix survey hints at the possibility of the DS being turned into a portable video device in future.

Although at the moment the survey is only enquiring about the potential audience for such a feature, presumably Netflix have the technical capacity and infrastructure to make it happen, so it’s a very real possibility.

The question naturally raises yet more questions – such as, “what would the quality be like?”, “what would go on the other screen?” and “could the Godfather trilogy’s rich colour palette and beautiful cinematography survive the transition to a portable console?” – but at the moment we have no answers, only the merest tease of possibility. Stay tuned for this one and we’ll update you if we hear anything else.

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