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Monster Hunter Tri Gets Australian Release Date

Posted by Brad Long

Two different bundles available.

It was revealed to us last night at the Monster Hunter Tri event in Sydney last night that Monster Hunter Tri will be coming to Australian shores on the 29th of April, 2010 as a standalone game, or in a bundle with the newly released black Classic Controller Pro.

One of the best games visually on the Wii, Monster Hunter Tri contains an ecosystem where humans co-exist with monsters that can roam the land and, a first in the series, underwater environments. Players can choose a number of control configurations including the Classic Controller Pro, Wii Remote and Nunchuck, or the standard Classic Controller.

While you wait for its release though, be sure to check out Luke's impressions, and stay tuned over the weekend for the report of the event we attended in Sydney last night.

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bro2dragons said:

man, i can't wait for this thing. just went out today and got my demo, but my wii is back at school, so i can't play it until monday.



Ravage said:

Haha, he did. Too bad this news doesn't really apply to me... But anyway, I can't play it until near the end of April anyway, seeing as how my Wii is at home and I am not.



Yanagi said:

I got the demo earlier this week and I can't put it down. April 20th can't come too soon.

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