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Miyamoto Confirms Pikmin 3

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Pikmin fans rejoice!

According to the Official Nintendo Magazine, Miyamoto has just confirmed that development of Pikmin 3 is "well under way". Unfortunately, we still don't know if the game is being developed for the Nintendo Wii or DS system.

At the very least this is great news for fans of the series who've been patiently waiting for a new Pikmin release since the second title was released on the Gamecube console back in 2004.

We'll keep you posted on any new information regarding the game and hopefully we'll get some juicy new information at the upcoming E3 show in Los Angeles in June.


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cheetahman91 said:

Hopefully it comes out next year (I'd like it to be this year, but I'm probably dreaming). I'm dying to play a new Pikmin game.



Philip_J_Reed said:

If it is DS, I will cry.

Then, of course, I will buy it anyway. Next I will play it. Soon after that I will fall completely in love with it and realize that my misgivings were unfounded all along.

But still.

If it's DS, I will cry.



Sneaker13 said:

I'm enjoying the first Pikmin at the moment and I heart the second one is better. So the third one should be awesome.



Sean_Aaron said:

I got the first one and don't see a need for another, but if they can make it robust and compelling I'll be there.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Never played the first 2, but want to play those and this. I'm waiting for New Play Control Pikmin 2 to release in America. Although, didn't he "confirm" that Pikmin 3 is in development a year and a half ago?



Raylax said:

What #11 said, didn't he confirm that a new Pikmin was on the way at last year's E3?
Regardless, looking forward to this



Kid_A said:

And I had never even thought about it being on DS, but I don't see why not. Seems like a perfect fit, and after the NPC games I'm not sure it would be quite as exciting on Wii.



Shane_Gill said:

I'm honestly looking forward to this game more than Galaxy 2, Other M and even Zelda. Pikmin 2 was amazing, and I've had to go cold turkey for six years. I need my Pikmin fix.



RevolverLink said:

Until I see some concrete, physical evidence of Pikmin 3, I refuse to believe it's happening, no matter how many confirmations of its development Miyamoto-san gives us.

I've wanted Pikmin 3 to happen far more than any other sequel for any other series, on any other platform for six years now; I don't want to get all psyched up for it, only to hear that the development team decided - or was told - to spend their time making another Mario spin-off or something.

But still, this is certainly much more encouraging than reading of its demise.



Donatello said:

I have the first Pikmin for the Wii, yet I havent played it yet.
So my excitement is at a zero hehe.



siavm said:

It is going to be on wii. Why would they rerelease gamecube pikmin games if they were not making it for the wii?



mnementh said:

i hope he realizes that pikmin 2 is not in NOA (for wii) and it's time to publish it



mnementh said:

this has to be on the wii, it will suck if not, but they can make a DS version too. maybe to interact bla bla.



hylianhalcyon said:

I'm hoping for a Wii version. If it were DS, I would likely not find the controls and graphics anywhere near as appealing as the console games. Of course, that would only be if it's the same style as the other 2.



C7_ said:

This was confirmed a while ago, and second time at last year's E3 when in an interview Reggie stated that the reason there was nothing on Pikmin 3 then was that they didn't feel it had enough to release anything on yet

Nonetheless I am excited



Croz said:

Would be better for Wii rather than DS, but its got to be all new, can't just be a slight improvement over the previous games.



Big_A2 said:

I don't think the DS could handle 100 Pikmin on screen at once. Wii all the way.



Sonic1994CD said:

I haveint play it but thats grate news. And other game I'll have to try!!! Nintendo makes so many good games.



Crunc said:

I recently picked up the NPC Pikmin, but haven't opened it yet. Looks like I'll need to get to it. I have my doubts that were going to see NPC Pikmin 2 in the US. I think the New Play Control line was pretty much a mistake for Nintendo. Instead of releasing new games, they released old ones, just with new controls. It was bad PR. Not that the games weren't improved, but they should have been working on new games, not old ones.



AVahne said:

I guess this is the game that Miyamoto currently has his hands full with



WiiLovePeace said:

HECK... YES! I really want this to be for the Wii (I don't have a DS).
If this comes out in the 2nd half of the year, along with a new Legend of Zelda game... /dies!



HappyHappy said:

Finally. I'm sure it is going to be on the Wii and the controls will be similiar to the Wii controls for the Pikmin 1 port.



TingLz said:

@Koto: To be fair, he has/had his hands full with Galaxy 2 and Zelda Wii Miyamoto is one busy guy



Arcanum said:

Aight now that i calmed down i can say that if its gonna be on the ds it will be for the DS succesor not the Ds because i dont think it has the power, capabilty, or graphics(for that matter). So for my part, i hope its for the DS 2....... THAT WOULD BE FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (freaks out again)



rhythmheavenfan said:

Finally! I can't wait! I'm hoping that it's for the Wii, but I wouldn't be too upset if it turns out to be released for the DS.



Croz said:

Maybe you Americans are getting pikmin 2 bundled with pikmin 3 and thats why its not been released?



Kevin said:

Hopefully we'll get Pikmin 2 new play control soon now. Surprised we haven't gotten it yet.



Token_Girl said:

@ Croz That would sort of suck actually, since it wouldn't space out the games. Unless they had it as a free preorder bonus like they did with WW and OoT Master Quest.

I think the days of preorder bonuses that sweet are gone, however. I could see it coming in the fall though, I'd imagine there'll be a pretty big gap between Galaxy/Other M and whatever Holiday games are coming.



mnementh said:

hmm, I doubt we'll see 2 bundled with 3, maybe a trilogy special edition like with Metroid? I'm not going to play 3 if I can't play pikmin2. And I'm not going to play the cube version when I know a wii version exists.



nothankyou said:

I don't have this kind of money!
Anyway, I'm defenetley going to buy this.



Megumi said:

Considering how the first two looked on the GCN, I honestly can't wait to see how this one look on the better be on the Wii! OR ELSE!!...(I'll buy it regardless anyway, lol)

Oh yeah, and also...MULTIPLAYER ADVENTURE MODE, NAO!!! lol




I have NPC Pikmin 2 but I'd love a Pikmin 3 DS. I hope at least it is on the DS, but I have a feeling that it'll be a wii game.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Unless NPC Pikmin 2 is released in America in some fashion (I suspect a special "1 & 2" bundle released after a big E3 Pikmin 3 reveal would sell MUCH better than individual NPC releases, for example), I'm not getting this. There's just no going back to the GCN controls after NPC Pikmin 1, besides which Pikmin 2 on GCN is rare and expensive.

If they DO finally release a Wii version of Pikmin 2, however, this is good news. Not useless like some people said, because it confirms a sense of PROGRESS. For a game having been announced at E3 2008 and then ignored, it's good just to know they're still working on it. I wouldn't be surprised if it got a bigger reveal at this year's E3 and a "holiday" release.



langsterguy said:

AWESOME!!! I remember when I first got Pikmin and thought it would be a dumb game and I loved it, then got Pikmin 2 which I played for a long time and finally beat it.
I'm so exited. I wonder if there will be new types of Pikmin.



Spoony_Tech said:

Its about time. Last years tease of the remake made me mad. Thought it was to be a new game when first announced!



olimar654 said:

i"ve beaten both pikmin 1 and 2 many many times for the past couple months now and i cant wait for pikmin 3 yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy :]

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