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Miyamoto: 2010 Will Be Great For Hardcore Nintendo Fans

Posted by Damien McFerran

Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid and Zelda should keep everyone happy

The Wii may be getting a little long in the tooth now but that hasn't stopped Shigeru Miyamoto from commenting that 2010 is likely to be one of the best years yet for the format.

Speaking to UK site CVG, the highly-respected games designer references several key titles, including the new Wii Zelda and Pikmin - although they may not feature this year.

This year's going to be really great for the hardcore Nintendo player, especially with Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's action-packed software and when I say action-packed software, it's not just going to show you [pre-set] action movements in the 3D format. Rather, this is action-packed software that you can manipulate with your own will and your own control.

I really want many households to be able to have a hands-on experience of Mario Galaxy 2. [Elsewhere] I didn't have any involvement in Metroid Other M, but it is on its way. And also we are working on the New Legend Of Zelda for Wii. So from this year to the next, I hope that the hardcore-type gamers are really looking forward to the multiple Nintendo titles on Wii. And also, we are working on the [new] Pikmin.


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jer18 said:

Ok, so it's Mario Galaxy 1 + Yoshi. Can't complain though, the gameplay was great!



V8_Ninja said:

After reading the "Newspaper Reveals Struggles of Nintendo" article, I don't really know what to say. Yay?



Golgo said:

A great year, he says, yet only 2 of his 'hardcore' titles are confirmed for release this year? This is not 'great', in my estimation. Sorry.



blackknight77 said:

So far its good with Red Steel 2, The Conduit 2, Grinder and then the 1st party Nintendo games such as Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, and S & P: Star Succesor. That is a good lineup of titles geared torwards hardcore gamers. At least I like that lineup.



Yasume said:

I guess it's Mario and Metroid this year and Zelda and Pikmin next year.



motang said:

After years of complaining we are finally getting what we want...about time! But there are few games that still need to be addressed and that is why we the second half of 2010!



Burning_Spear said:

"Rather, this is action-packed software that you can manipulate with your own will and your own control."

Does this sound like a reference to the vitality sensor?



brandonbwii said:

It's almost a guarantee at this point that Zelda will be their big core holiday title (they have one every year). Yeah there is a serious focus on more epic "gamer game" titles this year. With Zelda practically confirmed and SMG2, S&P, and M:OM being confirmed, this looks to be the most exciting Wii year since the awe-inspiring 2007 (no year this gen has matched it imo). There will also be a casual game like Wii Relax for those that get hardcored out, LOL.

What would top it all off is a confirmation of either Xenoblade or The Last Story at E3.



moomoo said:

Wait a second... Did he just say he didn't have any involvement in Metroid: Other M?
Well, that's just great....



Meta-Rift said:

"...including the new Wii Zelda and Pikmin..."

Does that mean the new Pikmin game will be for Wii?



Shmavey said:

Not to mention Dragon quest 9 in june and samurai warrors 3 in the fall(both published by nintendo).



brainofj said:

I'd be excited, but I'm also nervous about 2011. They're blowing everything they got in one year. What's next year?



AlexSays said:

So we have two Nintendo games for this year? One a copy and paste job of a game that came out just more than two years ago?

Well I'm sure most of THIS site will be happy with Nintendo this year.



TingLz said:

@Alex: You know what they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

@moomoo: Miyamoto never helped make any of the Metroid games (though he was a producer in a couple)



Oregano said:


More like we have at least two Nintendo games this year(It's more than two anyway) one of which is the sequel to one of the greatest platformers of all time.



Cipher said:

@Rift: Actually, the way he says "ALSO, we're working on Pikmin" after putting out his list of Wii titles makes it sound, to me, as though it possibly won't be on Wii...?

I would much prefer if it was, though.



AlexSays said:

Way to look at the glass as half full.

Unfortunately the Wii is having even less titles than last year, which had less than the year before it.

You know they can only decrease the amount of games they publish per year for so long.



psychoboo13 said:

mega man 10, warioware DIY, smg 2, new pikmin, new scribblenauts, metroid other m, new zelda...
2010-2011 is gonna be AWESOME!!



psychoboo13 said:

that IS a great year. nintendo puts tons of time and effort into their games and they are devoted to quality... and I'm sure two epic games cam last me six months each



=sighs= The same stupid cliched questions since seems that when it comes to Nintendo is the only thing they can ask? that just shows how pathetic are game journalists.

what about their continuing plans for bringing more new gamers? or how they could had such a success with their current strategies? or how a company that was in the bring of closure, defeated the giants of Sony and MS? That's why more interesting...but no "hardcore this hardcore that" if they are the future of gaming.



mushroomer said:

NSMBWii and Galaxy both are collecting dust after putting about 2 weeks at about 1 hour per day into them. collecting all the stars and coins and whatever. If Galaxy boasts more than that, im happy! Especially if they include a level editor/online sharing feature to add to replay!!! please Miyamoto!



Willy105 said:

Well, Legend Marioid, they are very vocal, and may get death threats if they ignore them.



irken004 said:

I don't see how this is news-worthy but I'm glad to be assured about how good this year will be.

Bring on Galaxy 2! w00t!!!



DAaaMan64 said:





AlexSays said:

It's already been a nice year, but I'm glad they are still hard at work.

For Nintendo? They've published one Wii game?
And even that game actually came out last year. lol

2008 we had Endless Ocean and Brawl, with Mario Kart and Wii Fit right around the corner.
Last year we just got one new game and a few old ones in that time.

Thankfully this year they've dropped the Gamecube games, but again we're only getting two games.
And both of those we've more or less already played.

Again the 'Oh people just complain about everything this is great news' idea going around is drowning out the possibility that Nintendo is actually giving us less and less.



astarisborn94 said:

It's going very good so far, but in order to keep up the monmentum, they need to start focusing on there B franchises more, plus keep the VC alive if they want this year to be the best for core gamers.



Oregano said:

Where are you getting the two games BS from Alex?

They've released Endless Ocean 2, SMG 2, Metroid: Other M and Sin and Punishment 2 are all coming in the first half of this year and then in the second half Zelda is planned for release and there's the possibility of Pikmin, The Last Story,, FlingSmash Xenoblade etc. So much more than two, is it not? not to mention the publishing of Monster Hunter Tri and Samurai Warriors 3?

Even last year, which was by far their worst they had Punch Out! and Wii Sports Resort which you're conveniently ignoring. And for Europe Another Code R and Japan got loads.

And really? played them both before? have you even seen Metroid: Other M? There's never been a Metroid like that.



Burning_Spear said:

"Last year we just got one new game and a few old ones in that time"

Last year we got Punch-Out and NSMB Wii. Some people call them updates, but I see them as thank-yous to the core gamers who've been with Nintendo since the NES days. You can call them old games, but I saw a lot of love and hard work put into those games.
We also got Wii Sports Resort and a new Wii Fit. That's one major Nintendo title every three months.



Digiki said:

There's a better game coming out this year, it's on the DS.

It has the words "Dragon" and "Quest" in the title, it's made of lots of love and slimes, it's going to be amazing!



naut said:

I don't want to sound like a hater, because I love Nintendo. And I'm excited about the new games but...Three great new games vs. other company's big numbers of great games seems kinda...



Rerun said:

I'm happy with all the new games. What bothers me though is how the games are spaced. Wouldn't it be better to have 1 or 2 MAJOR releases per year than having them all bunched up? We had years when we hardly had anything to look forward to now we have SEVERAL first party titles (Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2) and SEVERAL 3rd party titles (Monster Hunter Tri, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No More Heroes) as well. I feel that I have to rush playing all of them!



Adam said:

"It's action-packed software and when I say action-packed software, it's not just going to show you [pre-set] action movements in the 3D format. Rather, this is action-packed software that you can manipulate with your own will and your own control."

Dear Miyamoto,

It should not take so many words to say, "You can move your character with the controller." In fact, I would prefer if Nintendo didn't feel they were at such a point that they had to assure us of this. It's worrisome.

Yours truly,



Sean_Aaron said:

@Burning Spear: it also ignores the DS, WiiWare and DSiWare fronts; on the latter Nintendo is far and away the leading publisher. I'm sorry, but they can only do so much and games like Zelda and Galaxy take up a lot of staff hours, I don't think it's reasonable to expect a game from them every other month and the 3rd party support this year is solid.



Adam said:

Third parties are the only reason to be excited about the Wii so far this year. Galaxy 2 looks decent. Other M's got potential... but even that is half third party. And that's it as far as Nintendo goes until E3. Other than that we just have the same rumors as always (Pikmin, Zelda, etc.) and vague promises like this.

Every month is one thing, but so far it's looking like six months where Nintendo's only titles developed in-house are either sequels that don't seem to make major improvements over the original or are half-outsourced. I'd think they could do more, but whatever. I've mostly lost interest in their first-party games by this point anyway. NSMBW was wonderful. Hopefully Other M will be, too, though I have my doubts. And if there only good games are these rare 2D-ish ones, then that's not much to count on. I'll just stick to my Bit Trip and VC games.



Slapshot said:

@Sean Aaron.... I have to disagree with Nintendo is on top of Downloadable Games, there are one on PSN and Live that destroy Anything that Nintendo has to offer on WiiWare and at cheaper to same cost range. Though WiiWare and DSiWare are Really picking up and Im really glad to see it, I just having access to all 3, I cant say that I agree and Im not downing Nintendo I promise, just an opinion.

@Adam.... Metroid other M is prob the single most anticipated game from Nintendo (or should I say TEAM NINJA ) on my list for this year. I cant wait to get my hands on that one. Nintendo is looking better to the Hardcore with titles that weren't even mentioned in the article.... Cave Story, Castlevania Rebirth, Contra Rebirth, Blaster Master Remake, etc.

Hardcore Gamers like myself have always flocked to Nintendo consoles for there Hardcore Games and with the exception to a very limited few, most ALL of these games are Third Party. Any Hardcore Gamers screaming at Nintendo to publish them have no idea what they are talking about. You dont hear them ranting because WiiWare has had tons of Hardcore support finally over the last year, and also most of the Hardcore Haters on here are more than likely under the age of 15 Wich would put them in the no idea of what the real hardcore guys are all about, because they missed that age in gaming.



AlexSays said:

Where are you getting the two games BS from Alex?

Going from January to May, first five months of the year. Not all that hard to follow. This also goes for the guy talking about Mario Super Wii Bros.

I'm sorry, but they can only do so much and games like Zelda and Galaxy take up a lot of staff hours, I don't think it's reasonable to expect a game from them every other month and the 3rd party support this year is solid.

Couple things here.
(1) Not every game needs to be Zelda and Mario (I know, crazy).
(2) They don't develop every game they publish.
(3) Third parties can't be used to excuse lazy efforts on Nintendo's part. 'Yeah so that guy isn't doing work?' 'Oh don't worry, look at all the work that guy is doing!"

Every month is one thing, but so far it's looking like six months where Nintendo's only titles developed in-house are either sequels that don't seem to make major improvements over the original or are half-outsourced.

The few games we've been getting, we've already played before.
The only problem is the majority of people buying the same games are either (A) them casual people that just buy anything Nintendo or (B) members of this and other Nintendo sites. lol



Adam said:

It's easy to say that hardcore equals third party, but I'm responding to the article, and Miyamoto is only talking first-party. The only two games even on my radar from Nintendo for the first half of this year are Sin & Punishment 2 (not developed by Nintendo) and Other M (developed by a team that is comprised more of third-party members than first). And Other M is sounding kind of iffy with lots of hints at linearity and a weird weapons system. Not only that, but these games don't come out till June.

I'm happy that the Wii is finally getting at least decent third-party support, but if you want a new first-party Wii game in the first five months of this year, I sure hope you really, really like fish. I don't think Miyamoto should be bragging about 2010 until he can say Zelda and Pikmin are going to be part of this year, not that they'll be in development this year. I almost rather when they used to announce release schedules they couldn't keep. It was better than issuing statements about how good the year will be and then naming two games that are coming out.



Slapshot said:

@Adam.... Oh I agree with you and Alex both, on the First Party Nintendo thing. Im also getting really tired of the same old games rehased over and over with a new thing here and there. Galaxy was a fresh new Mario and it was great but look, here we are again.... Rehash.

With the Hardcore thing, I wasnt replying to the article but the comments above here, with regards to the same ole comments we see here all the time about hating the hardcore gamers. I was actually just giving the Wii some praise for having some really good Hardcore Titles on it, that was all.

Mario games are always fun, so Galaxy 2 will be a blast even if it is a rehash.

Zelda.... I just cant explain how sick and tired I am of the Zelda franchise. I dont know why, but I swear if I dont collect the same sword, bow, bottles, etc again for 10 year I will be very happy with myself, the Zelda effect has just worn off, I tried to play Phantom Hourglass and literally stopped about 10hrs in, took the cart out and went straight to Gamestop and traded it.

Metroid is another thing with me. I absolute adore the 2D games. I imported Zero Mission on GBA before it released here in the US just to get it quicker and its still my favorite Metroid title. Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden being my All Time Favorite Game) and the Metroid franchise clashing is a match (hopefully) made in Heaven for me. Im so glad the Prime series is done and back to a more basic roots of Metroid. I will be buying another Wii just for Metroid Other M.



Adam said:

I'm concerned about some (hopefully misleading) first-hand reports on Other M. Much of what I've read suggests the game is linear. And I've also read that you can only use different beams in certain situations rather than freely choosing. I'm not sure how true any of this is, but it's enough to have me concerned despite the recent game play trailer looking pretty good. I have it preordered all the same, though only because I had traded in a few Wii games and there was nothing else worth reserving.



brandonbwii said:

What's wrong with looking at the glass half full? What's more how is this year less? We don't know what or how many games are in the second half and this year is MUCH bigger than last year.

Nintendo published titles: Endless Ocean 2, FlingSmash, M:OM, SMG2, S&P2, Samurai Warriors 3, possibly Zelda, Wii Relax and Line Attack Heroes, oh and no GameCube ports in sight. How can you not see this year as an improvement?

Yes, we Nintendo fans can be a jaded, delusional bunch but there's not too much to fault so far on the Nintendo software side.

Outsourcing is not a bad thing if the game is still quality. It gives developers support where they can be pushed to their creative limits. Also, enough complaining about the whole too much of the same BS. While you, slapshot and some others complain about lack of new content others would be upset about completely fresh content. The "hardcore" complained when Nintendo made awesome stuff like Wii Fit and WSR. Now the complaint is milking? Ughhn!

Also, it seems not too long ago people were practically begging for a new Zelda. It was almost like the lack of that was the sole reason for all those "Nintendo forgot teh hardcore" debates. No need in whining about it's existence now.



JimLad said:

I really hope Zelda is ready in time for this christmas, but obviously I won't be holding my breath.



Luigi-la-bouncy said:

I would take quality over quantity any day.

But to some extent I agree that Nintendo are running out of ideas on Wii and I'm sure they're putting quite a lot of their resources into the next Nintendo home console.



Oregano said:

Wow, so now if Nintendo doesn't develop in house it isn't first party? what kind of crazy talk is that.

If that's how you think of first party go and look at Sony and MS's line up and count how many are in house, especially MS. Even Halo is outsourced.

Seriously WTF do you expect? the only reason SMG2 is being made is because people were complaining about a lack of games for the Wii so what do you do? Complain!



Slapshot said:

@branding.... uhh so u missed the comment where I was just praising Nintendo?

In all truth, the real thing with this article that's really funny is Shiggy thinking Mario and Zelda are hardcore pleasers. Those cater to Nintendos Core Base and NOT Hardcore.

As I stated earlier, Hardcore don't look to Nintendo for game development, just hardcore games developed by third party on Nintendos systems. To name a few, Shantae (im currently playing), Ninja Gaiden, Cave Story, Castlevania, Blaster Master, etc. All of these have gotten or getting new games, wich is why you don't hear Hardcore Complaints anymore, like has been stated in this section.

I said I'm tired of replaying the same old franchises over and over. Guess What? Just means I won't play them, instead ill be playing Shantae Riskys Revenge, Epic Mickey, Metroid Other M, Wii Resort, Muramsssa Demon Blade, Red Steel 2, etc.

Hopefully this little insight helps u understand a little behind the mind of a Hardcore Gamers. It's really hard for the new generation of Nintendo gamers to grasp the thinking of us old school guys.



Sean_Aaron said:

And yet the people who have made the Wii a big success are the core Nintendo fans and newcomers to gaming; definitely not the so-called "hardcore" so why should Nintendo cater to them? Clearly they're not contributing enough to earnings and aren't responsible for the current success the company is enjoying - of course that's even assuming your point is correct.

The bottom line: check the sales of these games: if SMG2, Metroid Other M and the next Zelda game fail to be top-sellers on the system, then come back and say "I told you so," but I cannot see any logical reason for Nintendo not to put resources into franchise sequels when they continue to sell. Keep in mind that I'm not a fan of Nintendo's core franchises (though I think I've purchased every title from them with the word "Wii" in the title, so what does that mean?), I just understand where they're coming from with where they're putting their development money.

You might as well try to convince the board at EA to stop making Madden every year or THQ to dump the WWE license.



psychoboo13 said:

I hate "hardcore". Too often games with guts and guns are awesome because that kind of action is "hardcore". Then, a great game like Little King's Story or Scribblenauts with charm or class is labeled "casual" even though they are titles that every hardcore gamer should check out. Buy the game, not the subject matter!



Capt_N said:

I'm looking forward to Galaxy 2, & Other M. Slightly off-topic, I own for the Wii:
1. Super Paper Mario
2. Super Mario Galaxy
3. Metroid Prime 3
4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
6. Punch-Out!
7. The Force Unleashed
Wii Sports(of course, since it was a pack-in), & a sizable collection of VC/WW games. I've had my system since early '07.

As far as my opinion is concerned, N has entertained me with their console. & I'm looking forward to Galaxy 2/Other M as I mentioned above. & I'm looking @ some other games, too.

I might also mention for new gamers who might only think 1st party titles are worth while, that's erroneous thinking. For any console, as a matter of fact. You just have to hunt for what's worth it(a purchase) to you.



Slapshot said:

@Sean Aaron.... dude, I completely agree with you. I NEVER said that Nintendo needed to cater to the Hardcore at all. I just said that im glad to see that some Hardcore titles are coming to the Wii finally. Metroid:Other M will NOT outsell NSMBWii (wich Did in fact have its Hardcore Roots again ), Wii Resort etc.

There is just such a huge misconception of Who and What the Hardcore Base is and the Hate towards them is unreasonable and its just not logical. True they arent the Core base of Nintendo anymore and do NOT need to have every game leaned in their direction. In the 8 and 16 Bit days most All the Hardcore Greats were on Nintendos Platforms and its always seemed they would always be there, and its nice when they do show up. Im not even the Hardcore guy who beats all the Contra games, Mega Man, etc without dying. I just enjoy the genre of games and will usually beat them a few times, enough to consider myself Hardcore. I just like the challenge of the games. To see the Rebirth Series and Mega Man,etc on the Wii is very nice and a little nod to from Nintendo that they still rember us. Shantae on DSi has my heart racing a million times a minute just anticipating its release. Its just great to see these titles back on Nintendos system.

This New Generation of Gamers that think Madwold, Gran Theft Auto, and all these other Uber Violent, Ulta Action games are Hardcore, well I beg to differ. Yeah, Im sure a Lot of Hardcore guys/gals play them, but its not what Hardcore Gaming is and never was. Hardcore gamers arent craving Blood and Guts!!! Where did this notion ever come from?



Slapshot said:

Corbie wrote this after a Hardcore title was reviewed about a year ago and I think I really kinda shows the difference between a Hardcore gamer and a Average gamers mindset.

"While I think the feedback is understandable, what people have to remember is that when you review a game that's tilted more towards the hardcore audience, it tends to be difficult to differentiate yourself from it and try to objectively review said title. I too find myself changing many of my reviews when I'm reviewing a title that has a special place in my heart. It's then that you have to start trying to view the game from an "every gamer" perspective and that's not always easy to do. It's not so much about making excuses for a game as trying to substantiate the score you're ultimately going to give it and make people understand why, despite your criticisms leveled at it from an average gamer perspective."

"So my philosophy is to try to do both with that type of review. Toss out enough tidbits for the hardcore audience that the game most likely appeals to and then also write up enough standard elements to make those who might not be familiar with the game understand it's positive and negative aspects. It's a tough balance, but one you'll get used to soon enough."



Adam said:

Considering the topic of the article is Miyamoto himself saying that he thinks the Wii is going to have a good hardcore line-up this year, if anyone has a problem with people in the comments wishing his statement were actually substantiated, they should take it up with Miyamoto himself, not accuse commenters of "whining" (apparently anything other than utter, glowing praise is considered whining now).



Sean_Aaron said:

@Adam: It is substantiated. Nintendo is catering to it's hardcore fans, not some abstract internet forum of what a "hardcore gamer" is.



Adam said:

They announced a whopping two games. One of which we have already played. Neither of which is coming out until the year is halfway done. I'm not saying the year won't be great; what I'm saying is if he's going to brag about it, it takes more than this. I wasn't at all suggesting that the games listed aren't "hardcore" -- couldn't care less.

I fail to see what's so hardcore about Mario in the first place, but it's not even worth arguing. The word is utterly meaningless in the gaming industry by now, as statements like this demonstrate.



Slapshot said:

@Adam.... I dont care what Shiggy said about "Hardcore" really. It makes no difference to me. I was literally just trying to differentiate the actual Hardcore Games/Gamer from the Core Gamer.

Im guessing the reason Nintendo or more specific, the reason Shiggy said this is to maybe bring back the older gamers that used to be the Core of Nintendo. I dont know, honestly what does it matter, there are so many new Nintendo gamers now days that are eating up Anything they release, they dont even need to worry about catering to the Hardcore by First Party anyways. Heck if they did they would loose money.

I would bet on it that if Kid Icarus actually does end up coming to fruition, it will sell nowhere compared to a Mario, Wii Sports/Resort title. I know so many gamers that own Wiis and dont even keep up with what is being released anymore for it. Im one of the few my age I know that does.



Adam said:

I was responding to Sean. As I tried to make clear, I don't care about Nintendo's latest definition either. By the time I memorize it, they'll have a new one.

My problem with the statement: Bragging about a year without anything to show for it. I don't know how this is supposed to impress anyone. Every company always says they are going to have a good year. Showing two games, one of which is not very new, neither of which is coming out until the year is half over... um, good job guys?

I like that they are not showing games until they're near ready now, but making vague promises is even worse. If you're not going to shut up, at least show me a pretty picture.



Slapshot said:

@adam..... yeah I hear u on that one. I had planned on buying another Wii last year but last year and its lack of games is why I sold the first one. I was down to budget games trying to keep me gaming before I got my Ps3. This coming year is looking much better for Wii, but DS is seriously starting to slow now.

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