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Mecho Wars Nearing Its WiiWare Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

Luc Bernard thanks the fans for being so patient

Since the announcement of the turn-based strategy game's impending release on the WiiWare and DSiWare services, it's become clear that Mecho Wars is definitely a title to look forward to. Since its development started last Summer at Flying Tiger Entertainment, the game seems to have shaped up pretty nicely and a WiiWare release date is just over the horizon.

The controls will be fairly 'classic' with the Wii Remote's infra-red utilised as the mouse-like pointer. The WiiWare version will also feature over 45 minutes of carefully selected music to bring you an epic soundtrack to play the game to. For an exclusive taste of the soundtrack, check out a Mecho Wars remix courtesy of Voicians right here.

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The game is currently waiting to be rated and then it will be sent over to Nintendo for final testing, so we should get a release date fairly soon! For more information on Mecho Wars, be sure to read our exclusive interview with Luc Bernard that took place last November.

In related news, the iPhone/PSP Mini 'comedy title' Steam Pirates is also currently being looked into as a possible WiiWare release. Stay tuned.

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BlueFlameBat said:

Great! Now how about Eternity's Child and Rose Princess?!!


No, I didn't read the article. I just really want Rose Princess. I have a thing for goth redheads with violins.



Adam said:

Congratulations, Luc! I've been looking forward to this ever since it was announced and am especially excited after how well received it was on iPhone (at least, to my knowledge). Looks absolutely fantastic! Keep em coming.



pixelman said:

Awesome! I'll probably get this over Military Madness if it gets good reviews.



Ravage said:

Yeah, I've been waiting for this for a while now and the new Military Madness doesn't offer enough new content for me to justify getting it again. I can't wait...well, I can wait, but only because I have to.



Yasume said:

Nice! If the reviews are decent I'll be getting this for sure:)

What about Eternity's Child? Cancelled?



0-Watt said:

I have to say the music is downright awesome. I suck at these type of games, though, so I might be unable to purchase it :<



Mahe said:

Anyone know where I can download an MP3 of this awesome tune?!



postmanX3 said:

The iPhone version was awesome. Is this just going to be a port, or a whole new game?

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