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Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! Coming to US Club Nintendo

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

WiiWare game cooks its way out of Japan

The US branch of Club Nintendo, home of posters, cards and, uh, bookmarks, is set to broaden its range a little more with a quirky, bite-sized nugget of a WiiWare game.

There's no set release date for it, although we can reasonably expect it to be "soon," and the game will go for 80 coins. Previously released in Japan through the Club, Grill-Off with Ultra Hand digs up the old Nintendo toy for some backyard grilling action where you need to remove food from the flame before it gets burned. It sounds very similar to Chef, actually, and includes a two-player timed Vs. mode.

This isn't the first time Club Nintendo US has been home to exclusive games. The Game & Watch Collection for DS has been available for 800 coins from the beginning, and last year Elite members were given the option to do battle with Little Mac's chocolate-chomping coach in Doc Louis' Punch-Out!!.

Check out the trailer below and see if it's worth your time to fill out those 10-coin surveys that have been kicking around for a year.

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Token_Girl said:

Get what you pay for I guess. I wasn't interested in this until I heard it was 80 points. Given that everything else is at least a couple hundred (and imho, bookmarks and folders are lamer than a game could be), why the heck not?



JulioMorataya said:

Great !! 80 Coins !!
Any news regarding the Club Nintendo Mario Posters ala Zelda posters ??

I've got those and a handy pack of Hanafuda (With we are still strying to figure out how to play them correctly with my girlfriend)

EDIT Just how do you manage to download it once its out ?? Mail-in Ticket Code ?? Wii Shop Channel Update Link ??



irken004 said:

@Julio If it's anything like they did with the Punch Out reward, they will email u a download code to redeem in the shop channel.



JulioMorataya said:


I got the Mario Hat reward, can you tell me how much time did it took Nintendo to e-mail you the Punch Out code ?? (was it a la Wii Speak Channel ticket like to redeem it ??)



irken004 said:

@Julio Yes, it's just like the Wii speak channel ticket process.

But it took a few days to send the code for the Punch Out reward.
(I think they sent the codes out by the order of redemption?)



cheapogamer4life said:

what only 80 coins!
I could actually afford something at club Nintendo now....
Oh happy days
(this my be the first wiware game I put on my system. seriously, how sad that? )



suburban_sensei said:

I have 770 points at the moment, so very soon I will have enough for the Game and Watch collection. Earlier in the year I got the Hanafuda cards...they are a neat collectible but I haven't really played the card game much. 80 coins is very cheap, but the game doesn't look all that interesting to me.



Yanagi said:

While this game may not rank up there with Bit.Trip Beat or Cave Story, It does look like a fun diversion that you would find in something like WiiPlay. For 80 coins, it's worth trying out. I actually remember taking a survey on Club Nintendo where they asked what I would like to see the club do in the future. I told them that they should do what Japan did and offer exclusive WiiWare games, like this one, for coins. I'm glad they did. Hopefully, we'll see more Club Nintendo WiiWare games in the future.



AVahne said:

80 coins?nice, when's that coming? the only thing i bought so far is the Zelda posters



Terra said:

I hope this hits Europe. I'm not so sure on the game itself but just to see it would be nice.



Stryker said:

I hope anything at all hits Europe. The last update at Club-Nintendo has been last year. I'm sitting on a pile of points and there is nothing that I really want...



Burning_Spear said:

This is probably something that was developed for a mini-game collection, canned and then resuscitated as a freebie. I agree, it doesn't look like much, but for 80 coins, if I get two hours out of it, it will have been worth it.



Lady_Gryphon said:

FYI, if you are worried about not making the next elite level by the end of the club year, they count all earned coins even if you spend them. I have a balance of 320 coins, but I have 420 earned coins for this year that count toward my elite level.

By the way, cool name. I love Anne McCaffrey.



Lonnie2Hottie said:

Meh I don't know. Doesn't look very good. Then again, I already have the Game & Watch Collection so I might as well get it considering I don't want the folders and what not. I wish they would give us Wii/DSi points or better games as a reward.



Ste said:

i'll get it because i don't know what else i would get really. plus if we support it now maybe they will give more games as rewards in the future.



Rerun said:

At 80 points this is so much better than the bookmarks and cards that Club Nintendo NA has been offering. IMHO, NA has the worst Club Nintendo. I've been a Platinum member the past 2 years and the only thing that I got that I've really liked was the DS Game & Watch plus the Mario Hat! I check the JPN and EU Club Nintendo and they have so much stuff that I want!!!!!



the_shpydar said:

Will probably get this, if only because since i already got the G&W collection, there's absolutely nothing in the Club Nintendo store that i want even a little bit, so the coins will just go to waste.



Tsuchinoko said:

ok. i registered on club nintendo, and now have 80 points, just enough for this game. Will it show up on the website and i can just download it from there and get my ticket?

also, for the "elite" stuff, you have to be registered BEFORE the deadline right? And older stuff is gone i'm guessing, like that Punch-Out game?

Hmm, my only thing is, can i register Japanese games? I have quite a few of those. I was thinking i can also get a japanese club nintendo account, though i can't get any of the Wiiware goodies if they have thems

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