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Gods vs Humans Strikes WiiWare

Posted by Stuart Reddick

Out of the heavens and into the Shopping Channel

It can be quite fun to be human, what with all the guilty pleasures it entails. Then again, being an all-powerful God could be a little more satisfying, given the ability to crush lands and slay man without the fear of arrest.

Well, all these dark fantasies can soon be fulfilled with Zallag’s upcoming WiiWare download. Gods vs Humans will allow us little people to take on the role of a Norse Divinity in a strategy game of war against those pesky humans who foolishly challenged the almighty Gods.

The game will bring over 50 levels, combining a mix of Lemmings, Populous and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord inspirations, together with a multiplayer mode, in comic book style.

Along with the game, Zallag also plan to produce a comic strip, created by Pierre Chatillon and Piccolo of Studio 109, available for digital download upon release.

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Rerun said:

Sounds really good. I like the premise, being a fan of mythology. I'll wait for the review/demo before buying though.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Gods vs. Humans...I wonder who would win.[/sarcasm]

Is thiis real-time or turned-based? Real-time strategy is too complicated for me, but I might get it if it's turn-based.



grenworthshero said:

sounds like fun. I loved Lemmings and FFCCMLAADL, and I never played Populous, but I know it had a good soundtrack. I'm awaiting this one with much vigor.

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