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First Impressions: G.G. Series Chō Hero Ōga

Posted by Sean Aaron

"There's a super-man coming, there's a super-man coming..."

This entry in the G.G. Series is a nice little brawler with a superhero theme. As with other games in the series, there's no menu options to worry about, game modes or story: instead you just use the D-Pad and a couple of buttons to pound on some costumed freaks until they get the better of you.

Stages have static backgrounds and are a few screens wide (proportionally the same as a stage in one of the newer Street Fighter games). Enemies come in from the left and right at first singly, then in pairs and finally three at a time with increasing speed and deadliness. After dispatching several waves you face off against the stage boss who will be invariably bigger and badder than you (at least that was true of the two we fought) requiring your wits to suss out their attack pattern and get in some licks when you can.

Using a combination of D-Pad and X button presses you can pull off some very basic punches and jump-kicks (repeatedly punching to "juggle" enemies and rack up big hit combos is good fun) but the A button is where it's at for executing SUPER MOVES. Super kicks/punches are much more devastating, but they take more time to execute and leave you open to enemy attack; meaning you also need to be a super-smart fighter to succeed. Your health only regenerates between stages, so you need to make sure the lackeys don't pound you too much because the bosses are really tough and as with other games in the series, there are no continues on offer. Of course your high score, biggest combo and highest stage are recorded in the stop screen to egg you on for one more go!

As with other G.G. Series games developed by Suzak there's a nice level of craft apparent in the design with detailed characters and a smoothness of animation that's great to see in a budget release (like others in the series this is only 200 Points). The catchy music loop fits the super-hero action rounding out this fun, bite-sized arcade experience.

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FonistofCruxis said:

I didn't know that the G. G. series did other genres from shmups but now I know that it's a budget arcade series and this still looks like a fun game and I still hope that the G.G. series comes to the west.



Damo said:

This looks pretty sweet; Nintendo should be bringing this kind of stuff over here. At a few hundred points these would do very well.



Sean_Aaron said:

Yeah there's a couple of puzzle games a tank game and now a sports game getting released today. I think there's 14 of them in all!

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