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First Conduit 2 Screens Indicate There Will Be Lots Of Explosions

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

And a whole lot more new stuff for multiplayer

Hot off its Nintendo Power reveal come a few screenshots for High Voltage Software's upcoming Conduit 2. Not The Conduit 2, oddly enough, but judging from what's happening in these shots it's likely the definite article just blew up in the mayhem.

Apart from explosions, Conduit 2 plans on beefing things up all around, from a more distinct art direction to stronger level design in single-player as well as deeper 12-player online with "increased security" and new modes, not to mention 4-player local matches. Over at the SEGA America Blog, producer John Olson discussed some of the changes and new additions coming for the sequel's multiplayer:

New weapons, maps, and game modes are no-brainers – but we’ve additionally spent a lot of extra attention on making the experience more rewarding and nuanced for players. A class system is in place where you can set distinct weapon load-outs to include suit upgrades (perks). Weapon sets are a thing of the past. We’ve added a sprint button. Teammates can be revived. In addition to the level rank and ELO matchmaking systems, we have an additional currency system that lets you purchase upgrades, be they weapon and suit upgrades, or different armor pieces to customize your character’s look. [...] TC1 multiplayer was a lot fun – but a bit basic. We’re changing that with Conduit 2.

As long as that pesky wall spawn glitch is taken care of.

Be sure to check out the SEGA Blog for more on Conduit 2, and we'll have more on the game as it develops.


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pixelman said:

Lookin' forward to this. Hope they take care of the issues from the first one. =)



nintendo87 said:

this will be a 100% buy for me i loved the first one but had lots of problems i will trade my first one to get this



Machu said:

Now that was a statement I enjoyed reading. Go HVS! Make us proud!



Burn said:

I would still be playing the first game if the matches weren't so glitched out. It's no fun waiting for a game to finish while you're spawned inside a wall.



Porky said:

Was going to purchase Conduit 1 because it had Wii Speak but the reviews were not good enough. Conduit 2 sounds so good Ima preorder it as soon as I can!



Linkuini said:

You gotta hand it to High Voltage Software; so many of their games either cancelled or released to lukewarm response but they still try hard enough to make us pay attention when they come up with something new. Someday we'll play something truly awesome from them, the only question is how soon...



Kid_A said:

You know what? I like HVS. If people don't like their stuff, they really listen to fans and say, "Okay, what can we do to make it better?"
And I do like how they're trying to stand out a little bit. They recognize that the Conduit was rather cliche and, as the guy says, "a little basic" and they're trying to change that. And not just with the Conduit, but with The Grinder. They didn't want to be swimming in a sea of FPS on the HD twins, so they mixed it up and made it top down. And you know what? It actually looks kind of cool. They're not exactly pumping out classics, or even great games, but I like their attitude, and I'm more than willing to give the Conduit 2 a shot if they can pull off all that they've set out to accomplish.



astarisborn94 said:

I am so looking forward to this. The Conduit was a solid game, I can't imagine what they'll do with the next installment. Here's to hoping that we get DLC.



MrPanic said:


Sounds like they're duplicating MW unlock system, which is a good thing since it's awesome. As long MW's spawn system isn't copied along with it, cause that sucks.



Awesome5 said:

This game looks sick. I'm currently going through my second run through the first game, and I think a sequel would be awesome. Looking at the nintendo power article, it looks like they are trying to improve every aspect of the original. Hopefully their efforts will be rewarded by more lucrative sales this time around.



TheBaconator said:

I certainly hope they add more depth to the single player experience. That would be very nice.



The_Fox said:

An obscure Simpsons reference on the screen shot caption? You get 10 bonus nerd points.



turtlelink said:

Never did get the first one. As ling as this has a good campaign, wii speak, and no friend codes, its a buy for me.



motang said:

Cool, bring it on! Who says Wii doesn't have "hardcore" games, 2010 is one awesome year!



siavm said:

This is the year of big hyped games from last year that didn't live up to are exceptions given sequels that make the first games look like beta test. Conduit 2 sounds way better than the first and Scribblenauts 2 sounds way better than the first one too. I also should include Red Steel 2. That one blows the first out the water.



Imerion said:

Oh yeah! So much good news today! Really liked the original and the sequel seems to have all the things the original was missing. This will be fantastic! Especially multiplayer spltscreen co-op! More Wii-games need that.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

SWEET! Day 1 purchase!

It looks like High Voltage Software will be getting a lot of my money. This and The Grinder (360 & Wii). Keep up the quality titles.



Ravage said:

You know what would make it more unique? If it wasn't in colour. Honestly though, I enjoyed the first one and hope for a much more solid second.



brandonbwii said:

Funniest thing you've said in long time (and that's saying something), although I doubt you actually ever played the original (you've been down on it since it was first announced).



JimLad said:

Two words I don't like seeing in reference to a FPS: 'purchase' 'upgrades'
It's not that big of a deal I suppose, I just don't like it when shooters try to be RPGs. I also don't like that people have to unlock power ups to be fully capable in an online match.
The class system sounds good though, kinda like Team Fortress 2. And that 4 player map is looking great, I just hope they add bots and all the modes to the local multiplayer as well.



Tate24 said:

i like sounds of (perks) and upgrading suits and that its defo buy 4 me when comes out!!



ReddLionz said:

You know what I really want them to improve on in Conduit 2? I think the game's online matches need to load a heck of a lot faster. It would take around 4-5 minutes or so to get a game started, where as in MW for the Wii it takes about 10 seconds.



JimLad said:

With respect to Sega for picking the game up, I can't help finding it a shame when an online Wii game isn't being handled by EA. Their online service is so much better than Nintendo WiFi.



Snoopy said:

sounds promising. the online class system actually sounds amazingly fun.

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