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Earthworm Jim Wriggling Onto DSiWare

Posted by Luke Westaway

Details unearthed on Gameloft's upcoming remake

Nintendo Power has revealed that developers Gameloft will be bringing its remake of classic platformer Earthworm Jim to DSiWare. Having already released the title for the iPhone, the download-crazy developers have set their sights on the DSi, and have revealed some interesting information on the game itself. Details are still thin on the ground, but we hear that:

  • The game will feature a brighter colour palette;
  • There'll be redrawn sprites and improved sound quality;
  • Some original music will get the remix treatment.

The game will feature an easy mode, which reduces the damage Jim takes, slows down enemies and provides hints on the touch screen. Gameloft has stated that it wants everyone to be able to finish the game and has promised that it won't be straying far from the original title, understandably keen not to disappoint fans.

Perhaps most exciting is the news that players will apparently be able to score bonuses throughout the game by mimicking Jim's facial expression, which presumably will be recognised by the DSi's camera. We recommend trying to pull an expression like the one seen in that image above (preferably in the privacy of your own home) at least four times an hour to build up the muscle strength required to hit that high score.

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Roo said:

Just remember the poor quality of the GBA ports, folks.



A-SWE said:

if they do this good I might get it since i find the PC control so-so.



Crunc said:

Gameloft's games always feel like they took a "that's good enough" approach. At least all the ones I've tried.

And, on a relate note, this another port of an iPhone game. This has to be embarrassing for Nintendo, which as I recall, stated in the past that the iPod touch/iPhone were not competing with the DSi. Now not only is DSiWare getting titles ported over from the iPhone, but so is WiiWare! Ouch!




But how's that competition? Its not Nintendo themselves who have physically ported them, its the manufacturers who are offering the game on the dsi as a dsiware version.



deadly_by_design said:

Isn't a remake also coming to WiiWare? I'd rather wait for that.

I was disappointed after buying EWJ for PC on It was a great deal with getting both games for $3.99, but the controls just aren't doing it for me. My Logitech Rumblepad 2 is a great controller, but the game doesn't have the most intuitive button-mapping setup.



GreenSpleen said:

The original EWJ was one of my favorite console platformers. I would love to get this one for my son, hopefully it turns out well.



Link977 said:

Is it me or has it become obvious that gameloft only gives us remakes? xD



SmaMan said:

Yep, remakes and "sexy" games... and that's about it.
Remember, Gameloft is first and foremost a mobile phone developer... and in my opinion such developers need to stay on mobile phones and not try to bring their junk to other, more established mediums like Nintendo's video game consoles. But alas, people still buy it, so they won't stop.



motang said:

Been holding out buying this game on my Palm as I know it will be better on the DSi, because of the physical controls as opposed to touch screen counterpart.



brandonbwii said:

Am I the only one who's actually seen screens of the game? It's really more of a port than a remake. Gameloft had to redraw the sprites basically since you can't emulate on the DSi, but overall it looks very faithful to the SNES version. Also say what you will about Gameloft but they have some quality animations in their games. I doubt the whole GBA abomination will repeat itself on DSi.



Funem said:

Would love this to be good but I played the PPC version and that wasn't very good control wise... hope there is improvement for the DS Version

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