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Dave Perry May Know Truth About 3DS

Posted by Luke Westaway

Industry veteran hints he's familiar with new tech

File this strictly under "rumour," but industry stalwart Dave Perry, famous for Earthworm Jim, has dropped a hint on Twitter that he may know something we don't regarding the mysterious Nintendo 3DS.

Perry recently tweeted that he was:

Excited about the Nintendo 3DS. I've got the Fuji 3D Camera with the same tech. It's cool and I've been wanting to see it used for games.

Everyone and their mum has been speculating about the kind of tech the 3DS will be utilising when it finally rocks into shops, but perhaps Perry, with his wealth of industry contacts, knows a bit more than most.

That Fuji 3D camera he mentions is presumably the FinePix REAL 3D W1, which uses the 'Parallax Barrier System.' A few days ago we reported that several industry experts had claimed that this was the technology the 3DS would employ. Although Nintendo themselves have yet to make any announcements, it's looking more and more likely that Parallax is the future of 3D handheld gaming.


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Omanamona said:

Uh, guys? Dave Perry is not the creator of Earthworm Jim. Its Douglas TenApel.



Roopa132 said:

Omanamona wrote:

Uh, guys? Dave Perry is not the creator of Earthworm Jim. Its Douglas TenApel.

Nobody said he was the creator...
He formed the company that made Earthworm Jim.



CheifThunder said:

Dave perry,the english man who turned stateside,em.
It could be true seeing he is part of industry.
It would be good if he brings MDK,MDK 2 to the 3DS.



mnementh said:

from a fujifilm 3d camera review:

"But the amazing bit, the bit that you’ll want to show all your friends, is that you can see the photos popping out of the rear LCD in proper 3D, without any need to wear stupid glasses. That is the wonder of a lenticular screen"

"And I turned it off and on again. And again. A 3D logo kept popping up on (or out of) the LCD and I had to keep doing it to persuade myself that it wasn’t my imagination."

Damn, that sounds good.



mnementh said:

the camera sells for $800 i think... this means that there's no way the DS camera will be 3D and I can't see the whole thing costing less than $500 if you think about it.. they have to price it no higher than $300 to be successful..
and on the other hand " Quality of 3D effect on many resulting images is so-so or gimmicky" - another review.



motang said:

From what I heard on the 1Up's 4Guys podcast, they said that people thought the original DS back in 2005 was suppose to be 3D, as Nintendo works closely with it's hardware partner Hitachi (I think), and that Hitachi was working on "glass-less" 3D technology back then dealing with parallax 3D. But if they were working on it back then, it must have been expensive and Nintendo would have never gone for it, fast forward 5 years later here we are and Nintendo made the first move to usher 3D into gaming. That's Nintendo they have been and always will pioneer the video game market!

EDIT: Forgot to comment on Perry's words...LOL! I think he might be on to something, and Pretty it was good knowing you, the knock on the door you here is the black coat Nintendo people.



Anotheralex_x said:

If the camera supposedly cost around $800 for its 3D technology then why would nintendo make a product too expensive for the average person? Maybe different technology will be used for the 3DS.



StarDust4Ever said:

" forward 5 years later here we are and Nintendo made the first move to usher 3D into gaming."

Ummm, try 15 years ago (10 years before the DS came out). Nintendo dabbled with 3D, creating the Virtual Boy (think big goggles, red monochrome, and eye fatigue) , and it was a huge commercial failure.

I'm just wondering how well these new displays will work



Ravage said:

Awesome, but it is still going to be another year or so until it comes out



aaronsullivan said:

I wonder if only one of the screens will be 3D. It would be difficult to stay in the sweet spot of two separate screens with an adjustable hinge. /

Also, a camera being $600 (not $800, btw) says little about the price of the new 3D screen. That camera also has to take 3D pictures at 10MP, has a bigger lens, a flash. Plus, Nintendo can make a deal with a manufacturer based on expected sales that dramatically surpass what that camera can expect to sell.



Tri4ceHolder said:

Yea I just wasted $170 on a dsi and now they just come out with somthing else. Now all the new fun exciting games are going to be for that when I don't have it. Thanks Nintendo.



Nintendoftw said:

Tri- how was that money wasted? Especially when the 3DS si coming out in 2011 in Japan? and we know that we will have to wait a year for evevrything on the system to eb translated.. Which means 2012. WTH is that money wasted?



Toddr said:

I was watching Electric Playground today (it's a Canadian game review show) and they were reviewing the DSi XL. At the end, he said to save your money because the 3DS is going to be coming out in next year. It sounds like it may be coming out sooner than you think.

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