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BIT.TRIP RUNNER Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out that platforming action!

Gaijin Games has just announced that they now have an official YouTube channel and to kick things off they've uploaded the brand new trailer for their upcoming WiiWare title BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

You can check out the full trailer below and don't forget to keep an eye on their YouTube page from time to time to see what other goodies they decide to unleash.

You can also read our first impressions to get even more pumped for this retrotastic game!

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Maxsh said:

Anyone else notice Meat Boy around 1:29 on the video? Seems like Gaijin are returning the favour.



Dazza said:

Yeeeaaahhhh bwwwooyyyy... this is looking like great fun. Can't wait to play it, you're a lucky man Sean!



mushroomer said:

Why didn't they just let us here the in game music so that we can understand the game mechanics? Thats the whole selling factor to me. i want to hear the gameplay music and see how the jumps and ducking sync with the rhythm.



Ren said:

holy moly! That looks amazing. I had no idea it would go that fast. Looks awesome. be nice if the fools at Sega could take a hint from this kind of game and make a fun Sonic game. I always hated even the original sonic games because I expected something more like this from what people had told me, but alas it was just cheesy boss fights and creatures with some short bursts of speed.
I need to start a pennie jar for WiiWare games or something, theres too much good stuff to keep up now.



Machu said:

I was intrigued by the concept, nothing more. Now though, I can't wait to run full speed through a trippy bitty delight. Yay!



luke17 said:

The other Bit Trip games seem reaaaaally boring. THIS one, however, has caught my eye.



Namo said:

@11 LOL

I can't wait for this game! Any info in the tubes about a release date?



Chrono_Cross said:

It looks sooo addicting! This is my most anticipated Wiiware game as of right now(Cave Story just doesn't appeal to me at all.... I said it.).



Kokstra said:

Wow looks nice, and fast! And the song playing during the credits sequence of the video is totally awesome too!



Larkin said:

This looks amazing and it has blackout city which is my favourite chiptune song at the moment



JakobG said:

Wow, it blew my expectations.
I wonder how they'll include the 8-bit submissions they asked for some weeks ago.



Is incredible how wiiware started a bit mediocre but now lately is getting lots of great games coming and available. This one looks very fun and interesting,



Paperclip said:

Holy crap. This looks like the best Bit. Trip game yet. I cannot wait

Oh, and the song at the end is called Blackout City by guest artist Anamanaguchi.



Brainhost said:

Anamanaguchi's Blackout City at the end is a nice touch. I really dig the fact that they're the guest artist this time around. They're the first one I really care for.



Ravage said:

That looks much better than the first bit of gameplay footage we saw.



naut said:

drools This looks insane. And please let that song at the end be in-game.



Fuzzy said:

Yes this looks awesome. Now I need to go off and try and finish Beat and Void before this comes out.



Vinsanity said:

Haven't been impressed by any of the Bit.Trip titles yet, but this one is getting my attention. It's clearly had more effort and talent put into it than all the other games in the series combined. It's got a slick new/retro feel, some awesome arcadey twitch-action gameplay, and some amazing chiptunes. I may not give a crud about all the other games these guys make, but right now, I'm thinking I'll have to download Bit.Trip Runner when it comes out:)



Carlos27 said:

From 1.04 the background become too load and confusing... you cant differentiate the obstacles from the enemies, from the background animations. That is my only complain



Sean_Aaron said:

The Anamanaguchi track is also the music at the title screen - almost makes you not want to start the game!



Namo said:

I've watched this video 25 times or so. I. Cannot. Wait. ANY! LONGERR!!!!!



Mange said:

Is it only me who thinks this looks like the worst game in the series? I like both Beat and Core, have not played Void yet. Will get it eventually, pretty slow eu release date for Void. As I soon will have half of the series I will probably get the second half too.



Sean_Aaron said:

Apparently when Nintendo reps visited Gaijin to play it (presumably part of the approval process?) they couldn't put down the controller.



Namo said:

The president of Nintendo America is a gamer himself, so that comes as no surprise ^^



timp29 said:

That looks intensely fast. I mean beat made my brain hurt because it didn't really let you drop your focus... this looks more intense.



rhythmheavenfan said:

Looks very fun, but I didn't know that it was going to scroll THAT fast. I hope there is a demo on the Shop Channel when it comes out so that I can test it first and see if it is too intense for me. Although, I am a HUGE fan of the first three games, so if I can survive those, I can survive this one, too!



SandMan said:

I hope that was sped up...
If it wasn't, this is going to be one hell of a hard game...




mcrim said:

I have been playing games since the Atari2600 days and if you are into retro games,You have to get this!

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