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AlphaBounce Breaks Away On DSiWare

Posted by Trevor Chan

Featuring over 25 million levels? It can't be!?

With puzzle games generally falling under one of several categories, it can be hard for developers to bring something unique to the table. When thinking of genres that tend to offer gamers replay value, puzzle games and RPGs seem like pretty good candidates.

AlphaBounce is based on the popular Web game of the same name. With similar gameplay mechanics to that old Atari classic, Breakout, this puzzle game from Motion Twin and Mad Monkey Studio incorporates RPG-style elements, making it a unique blend of genres.

Players take control of an intergalactic prisoner of a mining corporation as they explore an endless universe, searching for a way back to Earth. Various items will be hidden throughout the galaxy and it's up to you to use these items to modify your spaceship and improve your stats. The game will feature over 100 upgrades for you to equip; that's if you can find them first! There's also 40 different types of bricks to encounter, with different side-effects to deal with. If you manage to blast your way through them, you just might be in with a chance of escaping.

AlphaBounce is currently scheduled for release on the 9th April in Europe and Australia, with a USA release on 12th April. Stay tuned for the announcement of the price-tag, as well as a review just after the game's release. To check out the teaser trailer, head over to the official game Web site.


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pixelman said:

Small potatoes. This had better be 200 points or it won't be worth it.

Wait 25 MILLION?!

Seriously though, is this some sort of joke? Even if each level only took 30 seconds to beat, it'd take over 208,333 hours to beat the game. Are the levels randomly generated or something? o_O



TrevorTheChan said:

I'm assuming the game will employ some kind of algorithm that will generate levels with minor differences; but enough to make them 'different' from each other.



Birdman said:

Even if there's only a ridiculously small fraction of the levels promised (like say, 500 instead of 250,000,000), provided they are all good this will still be a must-buy.



Kimiko said:

AlphaBounce is coming to the DSi? Nice
I've looked at the website before, but IIRC you had to register and buy game credit for the Motion Twin games collection to actually try it. The game did look interesting though, and I still haven't bought Arkanoid..



irken004 said:

Looks nice, and I love Breakout, so this is a win-win game for me

Hopefully, it will be just 500 points or less



willyg said:

The majority of the levels are randomly generated and make up the space between planets.
The only levels that you need to play are the planet levels or levels that contain items and these or preset.
You can play the original at
you have to register however you are given three free plays each day and so you do not have to pay to play. You don't even need a credit card to register. so try it out it is very addicting!!!

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