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5th Hanabi Festival Inbound

Posted by James Newton

Featuring the mighty Castlevania Rondo of Blood!

While we speculated on the return of the Hanabi Festival recently, Nintendo were busy putting the finishing touches to the fifth instalment of their import spectacular, due to launch this Friday.

Kicking off with the fantastic Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and taking in IronClad, Milon's Secret Castle and, er, Lode Runner, there's plenty of good stuff lined up for the coming weeks. We'll be sure to bring you a review of Rondo of Blood after it hits your Virtual Console smack between the eyes and if you haven't already read them be sure to check out our reviews of Ironclad, Milon's Secret Castle and Lode Runner which may (or may not) get you excited for these games.

Here's the official press release from Nintendo to gear you up for the imminent neck-nibbling:

Hanabi Festival, Nintendo’s celebration of Virtual Console gaming, returns starting on 12th March – with an all-star line-up of classics never before seen in Europe.

Named after the infamous Japanese fireworks festivals, this year’s Hanabi Festival will light up your Wii with an explosive array of games.

Hanabi Festival is a feast of gaming fun and this March there is something for everyone to get their teeth stuck into, featuring the action adventure epic CASTLEVANIA RONDO OF BLOOD.(Turbografx)

Previously available only in Japan on the PC Engine system, CASTLEVANIA RONDO OF BLOOD is the legendary and beautifully rendered tenth instalment of the famous Castlevania series.

We will continue in the following weeks with more classics appearing in Europe for the first time, including the action-packed fantasy, Milon’s Secret Castle (NES), IRONCLAD (NEOGEO) and Lode Runner® (NES).

No official pricing has been announced yet but you smart cookies know what to expect from Hanabi by now.

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User Comments (46)



Corbs said:

Nice to see Rondo finally making an appearance on the VC. Bout time!



Golgo said:

I've been wanting a new Castlevania but have been dithering lile a fool. Adventure Rebirth on Wii looks great but I haven't got time/patience right now for the 'start again from beginning every time' idea. Is Rondo of Blood better than Castlevania IV on SNES...and also, does it allow saves/continues? Thanks for info.



Terra said:

While there's a nice selection there, I hope that's not everything they have lined up



Yasume said:

Is it really only 4 games? The previous Hanabi Festivals always had 7 or 8 games.



Golgo said:

@Croz: actually it means, 11 o' clock on Thursday night (for UK), if one is super keen...



Mario_34 said:

Ironclad is the one i am looking forwad to the most, I hope that Orgre Battle 64 come out as well



Croz said:

Even though VC's been slow over the past couple of months, we've had some quality games lately, Shadow Dancer, S&K and if Rondo comes this Thursday night at 11pm (thanks Golgo), I’ll be very pleased, and never say a bad word against the VC again.



Bass_X0 said:

I think they would have revealed all the games in this press release, not just some.



Porky said:

This is bad news! Uk may get that castlevania game friday and NA may follow Uk and release the castlevania game for the 350th vc. I want Kirby Super Star!



Shiryu said:

About time, I will finally experience one of the greatest games ever to bear the "Castlevania" name in the closest possible way to it's original! I better hurry up and finish Rebirth, then.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Only 4 games? A little disappointing! I will download Rondo of Blood of course, unfortunately not interested in the other games though.

At least the Hanabi festival brings us more releases as usual this month. Nintendo (Europe) should definitely support VC and WiiWare equally again. One VC release every second week comparing to three WiiWare releases every week is just a punch in the face for every retro fan.

I hoped Super Mario Kart would be released before the Hanabi festival. Can't wait any longer!



cr00mz said:

how is rondo of blood compared to Super castlevania IV? Does it add something new to the castlevania formula similar to Symphony of the Night? or is it a straight up old school level based casltevania?



Bass_X0 said:

Does it add something new to the castlevania formula similar to Symphony of the Night?

SotN was the first of its kind for the Castlevania series.



ReZon said:

I'm glad you guys are getting Rondo - very awesome!

I hope NA isn't too far behind with Rondo... I put points on the Wii within days after the ESRB that are exclusively for Rondo.



Supermegaman said:

Does america not have one of these festival things?
Well, Im happy that Europe is actually getting some VC support at least



Rerun said:

I'm happy for the EU folks that are getting Rondo of Blood and Ironclad. I hope we see an NA release soon!



Bass_X0 said:

so this game is somewhat similar to Super Castlevania IV?

Never played it but I assume so.

Does america not have one of these festival things?

Nope. America does still get import games but they are at random intervals.



Rapadash6 said:

Ah, so this game being our 350th seems even more likely now. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer for Kirby Super Star but with games like this one Sonic and Knuckles and Final Fantasy II getting released, there's no room for anyone to really complain.



FonistofCruxis said:

As there are normally 8 hanabi games we'll probably get ogre battle 64, final fantasy, final fantasy 4 and princess tomato in the salad kingdom.



Bass_X0 said:

we'll probably get ogre battle 64, final fantasy, final fantasy 4 and princess tomato in the salad kingdom.

I doubt it. Large numbers of Hanabi games were back when we were regularly getting around two VC games a week. Since we're only getting about three games a month, four seems likely. Unfortunately.



jaguarman said:

The best castlevania game coming this Friday,this game has the
best music EVER..................



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Ironclad is definitly my buy here. "with more classics appearing in Europe for the first time, including" doesn´t exclude the possiblity that a few more games will come, but yeah, probably not as many as earlier Hanabis. Still hope for OB64.



Chozo85 said:

This is good news. I've been eagerly awaiting Rondo of Blood ever since it was OLFC rated. Its one of the only Castlevania games I haven't played. The fact that we are guaranteed virtual console games for the next four weeks is also very pleasing, Those depressing Fridays without a new Virtual console game seem to be over. For now.



jaguarman said:

I believe Chozo this is the best castlevania game on 16 bit world,has the best grafx,music and atmosfair.



Sneaker13 said:

BTW, it would have made sense if they released Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom during this festival.



blackknight77 said:

Fear not North American gamers both Castlevania Rondo and Ironclad are rated by the ESRB which means they will release these titles probably sooner than later.



StarBoy91 said:

And no, I'll only call it by it's original Japanese nomenclature (the localized one is okay, it's just I like the Japanese one more).



D00M said:

So no one else is pissed at the fact they release Rebirth and Rondo within two weeks? If I had known I would of only had to wait a week for the far superior Rondo I would of saved my points, I think thats kinda a dirty trick on Nintendo's part.

I love Castlevania to the point that it's my favourite game series, but Rebirth is not worth the points, far too short and not much replay value, it would of been far better suited to the DSi.
Now I'm going to have to wait frigging ages to get any points again >

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