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WarioWare: Do It Yourself - April 30th

Posted by Anthony Dickens

The latest game coming in the WarioWare series on Nintendo DS, WarioWare: Do It Yourself, launches on April 30th

Ever wanted to be a game designer? To see your friends and family playing games that you created? Well, now’s your chance! WarioWare: Do It Yourself, featuring over 90 fantastic microgames to play and, best of all, the ability to create and share your own!

Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, you can share your fast-paced and unique game creations with friends, as well as downloading new ones yourself. In each microgame, you first have to figure out what to do before clearing a number of short games in succession, each one lasting no more than ten tantalising seconds.

What’s more, Nintendo will hold contests called Design Challenge which will enable users to create and upload their own microgames relating to a certain theme. The winner picked by Nintendo, will have their own microgame made available to anyone who owns WarioWare: Do it Yourself.

If players wish to try their hand at game development, they can let their imagination run wild as they start from scratch to create simple and fun microgames for their friends and family to play. From graphics, animation, music and rules, players can design every aspect of their creations. Following the easy to understand tutorial, each step shows players how to build on their original idea to create a fun working microgame. With practice, players can create more complex and challenging microgames!

Not only can players create new and exciting microgames for the first time, now they can also become comic artists and musical magicians. WarioWare: Do It Yourself enables players to draw four-panel black and white comics to share with friends, and to create their own music, either by using the 90 sample songs as a guide or by drawing on their own creativity.

Players who have a Wii can add another dimension to their game. By downloading the WiiWare game- WarioWare: Do It Yourself – Showcase from the Wii Shop Channel. Using your Nintendo points players get access to over 70 more microgames, and can experience the games they created with their Nintendo DS on their TV. The WiiWare game also includes an unlockable multiplayer mode that lets up to four people play micro-games competitively. The player can also play a small mini-game based on Balloon Fight (NES) where the player must collect musical notes to achieve a high score.

There is also a selection of new game modes for players to choose from:
*D.I.Y. Shop - where players can enjoy all of the microgames, comics and music they’ve created or shared, with a capacity to store up to 90 of each type of content

  • WarioWare Inc. - players can take advantage of the tutorial in “D.I.Y. ABCs”, complete microgames just by drawing pictures in the “Job Centre” or learn more about the assembly of microgames through solving riddles in the “Assembly Dojo”
  • D.I.Y. Studio – the main mode for letting your imagination run wild and create microgames, comics and records
  • Distribution Centre – where players can connect to other Nintendo DS consoles, a Wii or to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and exchange and download content.

Put your creative mind to the test and challenge yourself to hours of fast-paced fun when WarioWare: Do It Yourself launches across Europe for Nintendo DS on 30th April 2010.

It seems finally Nintendo will connect up the DS/Wii in a worthwhile fashion - bring on those microgames in April!

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Amazon uk are not listing this game as a pre-order yet.

Thanks for the news bulletins guys.


Any news on picross 3d?



warioswoods said:

They should have included the ability to pull in Flipnote animations for use in your microgames. Even without that minor wish granted, however, this game looks to be a whole lot of fun.



Ark said:

I think by then I'll have had the game for a full year...o_O Doesn't seem that hard to localize this one but oh well, at least it IS coming.



ODOGG618 said:

Oh, big surprise. Nintendo says "Buy this game, then buy it for your Wii to get all the features we didn't include." This game looks lame as hell. What creativity comes from a bunch of crappy presets? What about using objects you draw with the stylus? Boo. "Let your imagination run wild"? long as it's within the confines of what we sell you on 2 different platforms. If people wouldn't buy every half-a** cross promotional game Nintendo puts out we might get some better ones.



MarkyVigoroth said:

looks at screens in English
Hehe... I got a lot of ideas in mind...

ODOGG618-san, you DO use object that you draw with the stylus. There are just tutorial games, template games, and free games.



Starwolf_UK said:

I still have zero appeal for this but for a different reason. Having tried to create games in the past I don't find that aspect fun at all, just frustrating (a case of trying to get the game to behave exactly like your ideas).

I'm still concerned the single-player is half hearted to emphasise the game creation feature (WarioWare games usually have to the order of 200 games this has 90+70 WiiWare only ones). While the prospect of downloadable extras sounds great, limited storage capacity and the release schedule (unless I friend code with someone who makes them 90 to the dozen) means it'll be a while until one regular WarioWare levels worth are openly available to me.



Roopa132 said:

One month after the US? I think I'll import it. I actually hope that it's not DSi enhanced just because of the region lock...

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