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Trailer: Super Mario Galaxy 2 + Screenshots

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Direct from today's European Gamers Summit comes a new trailer and screenshots for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sequel to the smash-hit galaxy-hopping original, embraces the gravity-defying, physics-based exploration from the first game, but is loaded with entirely new features including new galaxies to challenge and delight players. On some stages, Mario can pair up with his dinosaur friend Yoshi who can use his tongue to hold items in his mouth and spit them back at enemies. Players can also have fun with new items such as a drill that lets our hero tunnel through solid rock. Super Mario Galaxy 2 will launch across Europe on 11th June 2010.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer:

Nintendo have also released some new screenshots of the Super sequel, check them out in our screenshot gallery.

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pixelman said:

Ooo, that's groovy. I love how it's divided into worlds like classic Mario.



Bigdog said:

From what some people were saying, the level select is because the demo version has no front end. It's just level selects for the demo stuff.

But we'll see. Maybe the hub to the different galaxies becomes a menu rather than that place you start at in SMG1.



warioswoods said:


Ah, I hope you're correct about it being just for the demo. I'd prefer something more in the style of Galaxy's hub system (or even Mario 64's portrait portals) to an old linear progression.



Bass_X0 said:

So just more of the same then. Better but not different. I can't see anything that shakes the formula up enough set by the original game. Yoshi adds to the experience but doesn't look like he is the unique selling point of the game. I do still hope the Sonic rumor will be correct. Whether you're for him or against him being in the game, his appearance would be mindblowing - Sonic, at long last in a Mario game!



bro2dragons said:

this is looking great. this was a game i was going to get eventually, but now i'm mega excited after watching that. one ticket for the hype-train, please.



SuperPeach said:

The cover looks awsome and the screen shots make it look much better than the first one. (I didn't like that one. )



warioswoods said:

Regarding the cover (and the dominant environments in the screenshots), I actually wish it were more "galactic" in nature, rather than the green earth / blue skies look. I greatly prefer space imagery to pastoral landscapes. To be honest, so far I'd have to say that I greatly preferred the look of the first game to these screenshots. :-/



GC-161 said:

"Better but not different. I can't see anything that shakes the formula up enough set by the original game"

^^^^^ If it did that, it wouldn't be called Super Mario Galaxy 2 but it would be an entirely new Mario game, don'tcha think?

The game is a sequel. Because of that it uses the same gameplay mechanics that made the first one work. Why wouldn't it do that? It's no different from what EA, Rockstar or Activision does with it's "sequels".

Anyway, I can already hear IGN and it's followers complaining that Nintendo was "lazy" again. Tsk! Like what the heck have THEY done lately aside from complaining about other ppls good work.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 looks amazing and Yoshi in it just makes thing sweeter.



thelight said:

Roll on june 11th. I must play through Galaxy again soon in anticipation of this. I hope they get rid of the ball rolling sections though as I sucked at those. As for Sonic in Galaxy 2, I am a long term member on the Ngamer forums and I have never known Matthew to BS about anything, so I have no reason to doubt it's true.



JamieO said:

From the video Super Mario Galaxy 2 simply looks gorgeous, on all fronts, from the graphics to the gameplay. I do not remember being so excited about a Summer line-up (including Metroid: Other M and Sin and Punishment 2), Wii owners are spoilt by two 'real-deal' iterations of Mario on one hardware, the likes of which we haven't seen since the NES days (obviously the SNES had Super Mario World 2 starring Yoshi, but GameCube only had Super Mario Sunshine which I still consider to be a completely charming Summer title).
These are good times, indeedy!
Absolutely fantastic 'Live Text' Nintendo European Gamers Summit coverage BTW, thanks to everyone involved at NLife.



Raylax said:

@13: Actually, Sonic's a hedgehog. I know it has "hog" in the name, but.

Woot, roll on Galaxy 2. Also, anyone else thinking that this looks very Donkey Kong-ish? I'm sure I've seen that rainbow bird in DK Jungle Beat, too. Maybe he's making an appearance. Not to mention that second Mario planet in the stock art looks more like Mini Mario's head as opposed to normal Mario's (and we've already got a different Mario planet from last year's E3 trailer). If that is true, maybe this game's gonna run a few crossovers between Nintendo series considered 'close' to Mario (so I'm not saying I'm expecting Samus's ship to fly by at some point, as neat as that would be). And it adds fuel to the 'Sonic in SMG2 rumour' - those two brands have gotten pretty close recently what with all the Olympic shenanigans.



Ricardo91 said:

And to think there's people who think this game won't be worth it. This is going to be a long 3 months for sure.



Smileoscar said:

I think ME2 and FFXIII will keep me busy until summer. Then it's time to dust off the Wii,and have some good 'ol Mario fun.



Ren said:

Yeah I can see it getting mixed reviews from sites that'll say it's too much like the other one (despite it's title being an obvious admission that that is the point). Personally, I'm excited. I'm sure it'll get some kind of hub world even if it's a little simplified. was never able to blow up all the trash in 30 seconds on the first one: totally impossible.
Looks great to me.



Ski_Deuce said:

I'm sure SMG2 will deliver, but I'm also a little concerned about the precedent set by the game. Every Mario adventure title has always shaken up the formula and often shaken up the world of platforming games, and this is the first time where it seems that won't happen. If the Mario franchise is not reinvented in the next generation of consoles, that may be taken as evidence of the series hitting a plateau.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It looks like they haven't fixed the camera so that it will follow behind Mario most of the time during the "running around the outside of planets" sections, although there weren't many of those areas shown in the trailer. If they're not going to fix that big problem with SMG1, I'm not interested in getting this.



yoshdude64 said:

Those jungle stages are REALLY good looking... I also like the map screen. What's with the messed up eastern-dragon-bowser though? Does Bowser decide to morph in this game?



Big_A2 said:

@12.warioswoods: Maybe they wanted to go for a bit of a different approach with the colours and style. It could be a good thing, seperating it from SMG1.



aaronsullivan said:

To the people who didn't like SMG1 or thought the camera should be behind Mario: There's no reason you would like this and, also, I don't understand you.

Someone mentioned Mario Sunshine with warm feelings and I get that. I really liked it back in the day but going back to that game is incredibly painful. It is a laborious chore with moments of potential. I really did like the sunny look with all the splashy water as a theme/setting, though.

This looks like exactly what it set out to be: a sequel to Mario Galaxy, NOT a new step in the Mario franchise. I'm fine with that, myself. We played the original to death thanks to a slightly obsessed 3-4 year old daughter. We completed everything perfectly twice and then played key stages over and over and over and over. Bringing MG2 home will be an event.

As a bonus, the little girl can play now, thanks to New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Lego Star Wars, both fantastically casual friendly with hardcore sensibilities.

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