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Steve Wiebe Crowned King of Kong Once Again

Posted by Damien McFerran

Although it's Donkey Kong Jr. this time

Celebrity gamer and star of the excellent King of Kong Steve Wiebe has reclaimed the world record for Nintendo's Donkey Kong Jr. coin-op after briefly relinquishing the title to Mark Kiel, who had set the previous high score at a whopping 1,147,800.

Wiebe - who became famous after his battle with gaming legend Billy Mitchell was immortalized in Seth Gordan's aforementioned 2007 documentary film - has set a new record of 1,190,400.

In other words: he's bloody good at Donkey Kong games.

If you haven't seen King of Kong yet then you deserve a sharp cuff around the back of the head.


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Sneaker13 said:

Wouldn't he be tired of this game by now? Or maybe just want move on and play another game. But it still a very nice achievement. Congratz.



Mike1 said:

Who cares? I love how in the King of Kong they made Billy Mitchell seem like this evil incarnation and that Steve Wiebe was this hero. Give me a break.



warioswoods said:

Perhaps he's behind the dearth of these titles on the VC. He's worried I'll knock him off the top of that list.



aaronsullivan said:

When it's a competition you don't really get tired of it. There's always room for a few points more. It's Donkey Kong he really wants to beat the high score on (again) anyway.

And I agree with the article in that King of Kong is a great little bit of entertainment. Sure, it's as manipulative as most documentaries, but we're in a post reality television world. Smart people are hip to that and still go along for the ride for fun.



kaya122 said:

aww from the headline I thought he finally beat out billy micthel again.



fortius54 said:

Guys, if you love video games, you have to see the King of Kong. It is great. I know it paints a bad picture of Billy Mitchell, but I think that's what he wants. It is a great movie and well worth your time. By the way, if you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly.



Sylverstone said:

I thought he beat Billy Mitchell this time... The documentary was really interesting by the way.

I wonder if he's gonna go for another attempt at E3 this year...?



waffles said:

Everybody who hasn't seen the movie WATCH IT! It's on watch instantly on netflix!



A1234 said:

congrats Steve! incredible! Donkey Kong Jr arcade is very hard.



Nintendophile said:

So, am I to gather that Billy Mitchell isn't as much of an a-hole that they make him out to be in the movie? I mean, some of the situations that they record in the film would be kind of hard to put a spin on.



jangonov said:

just so you all know, king of kong is on netflix, if you have that, you can watch it right now on your computer, ps3, 360 and your wii soon



Stuffgamer1 said:

I did watch King of Kong for the first time streaming on my PS3 only about a week ago...amazing movie. However, my knowledge of the situation SINCE then is zip. Am I to take it that Billy Mitchell took the high score for Donkey Kong back from Wiebe AGAIN since the movie released? Looks up Twin Galaxies. Yep, he a lousy 1,100 points.

I'm confused about why people are questioning the portrayal of Billy Mitchell in the film; is there really any way to slant the footage of how he treated Steve Wiebe? He's CLEARLY self-righteous and concerned about his precious high score WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than he should be. Plus he DID go out of his way to avoid direct contact with Wiebe, even commenting to his wife about it in the movie.

So unless anybody can post proof that the guy ISN'T a jerk, I'll just keep believing that, thanks.



JimLad said:

As reward someone gives him a copy of Mario vs Donkey Kong 2
Wiebe: "What?... you mean there have been new games since then!?"



Betagam7 said:

Retro Gamer magazine posted a long interview with Mitchell a while back where he confirmed most people's suspicions that the documentary was heavily edited to make him look like the bad guy.

Meanwhile I guess Wiebe's kids are old enough to wipe there own...selves after going to the toilet these days so at least we don't have to worry about repeats of that shamful scene while Wiebe practised for this one,

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