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Prince of Persia to Include SNES Remake of Original

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Exclusively on Wii

While Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands on Wii won't look as good as the HD versions, nor feature the studly Jake Gyllenhaal, it'll be bringing along a little extra sumthin'-sumthin' that may sway retro game fans its way.

At the Nintendo of America Media Summit today, Ubisoft revealed that the Wii version will exclusively feature the full 1992 SNES remake of the original Prince of Persia.

Oh, and there's some sort of "first in franchise history" co-op too, according to this press release snippet:

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands™ from Ubisoft will launch May 18 on both the Wii and Nintendo DS platforms. Boasting amazing graphics with fantastic action and puzzle-solving game play, the Wii version will be the first in franchise history to feature a two-player cooperative experience. As an added bonus, the Wii version of the game will exclusively include the 1992 Super NES™ version of the original Prince of Persia game.

Guess we can count on that one not hitting the Virtual Console.

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evilralfwiggum said:

Any game with an old game on it is relevant to me interests I would get the game (for cheap) for this reason alone. Hahah.



Bigdog said:

Yeah, definitely need electricity to keep the wii going... but food... that's debatable.



timp29 said:

The snes version was probably better than the original as it had about 10 new levels and an improved final boss fight.



Drake said:

Yeah, the SNES game is actually the best version of the original Prince of Persia.



StarBoy91 said:

I looked up that the SNES game was done by the same man behind Karateka. I'm interested in trying SNES Prince of Persia.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I would not use the word "exclusively" since there's already a remake of the first "Prince of Persia" game on PSN and XBLA available. But it's a nice bonus feature for the Wii version of course. Although I'm probably not gonna buy this on Wii anyway.



Ren said:

There are lots of remakes of it, sure, but the snes version is by far the best of the lot and I think it's fair to keep it "exclusive". Really great to hear this. After today the Wii has just dug itself at least another year of shelf space in good gamery.



Burn said:

Has anyone read the Nintendo Power article on PoP: FS? The "multiplayer" isn't much more different than girlfriend-mode in Super Mario Galaxy. How disappointing :/



Rerun said:

It's great when retro games get released with new titles! I wish they did the same with Boy and His Blob.



Shiryu said:

With all due respect to 360 and PS3 owners that will get the 2.5d remake instead, we got one hell of a sweet deal on the Wii. This is my favorite version of the game, surpassing even the original. Im sure we will get the censored version (the japanese intro had the prince being explicitly tortured by 3 guards). Stunning music! Konamy and NCS did an amazing job bringing this to the Super Nintendo, im happy to see it again.



mnementh said:

looks like an awesome game. proves that all multiplatform games should be on the Wii. They're actually usually better than the other versions (Force Unleashed, Ghostbusters and others).



mnementh said:

@Rerun - I haven't played it, but isn't that the same game and you can switch between both versions all the time? that's what i saw from the trailers.



Ricardo91 said:

That's cool, but it's not stopping me from getting the 360 version. I already have the original PC version on Sands of Time, so this won't really be necessary.

@Mnementh. Monkey Island: Special Edition letas you switch between classic and modern graphics. Perhaps you were thinking of that? And no, the Wii ABahB is not the same as the NES version. They're completely different games.



tassakos said:

if this press release snippet is official (about co-op mode) why is this game still listed as players: 1 in the game overview.
great news though, although i don't like non exclusive (nintendo) games



timp29 said:

My only gripe with the 2d prince of persia games is that you can't lose a sword fight if you have any timing on block attack cycles. Also, in prince of persia 2, was there any way to get the 'flame' without dying?



Jave said:

I wouldn't call the SNES version a remake of the original. The levels are designed from scratch and they're different entirely. Some of the early ones are similar, but it's an 100% different experience.



Namo said:

Oh, no, no, that makes sense. Release it on disc rather than virtual console. Yeah, uh huh. I see.

Anyway, the SNES remake was helmed by Masaya, the crazy guys behind the Cho Aniki series.



SanderEvers said:

SNES version was the best PoP. Though I also loved the original PC version of the game (it was the first game I ever played)



Fuzzy said:

Good news. The old game was great. Hopefully the new one is great too.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I would have preferred a Virtual Console release though since I will not buy the Wii-version of "The Forgotten Sands" (or any other multiplatform game).



DaveOwl said:

The SNES POP to me was the best out of the lot - great work by Konami. Won't be buying any new versions of the game though, only slightly interested in the XBLA remake of the game which doesn't seem to be as good as the SNES incarnation.

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