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Nintendo Power Unwittingly Reveals Wii 2

Posted by Damien McFerran

...only to discover that it has fallen foul of a cheap Photoshop trick

Those of you lucky enough to get Nintendo Power magazine on a regular basis may have been shocked to see an image in the latest issue bearing the Wii 2 logo.

The photo of a Wii Remote - which was used to illustrate an item regarding Netflix - seemed to confirm the impending arrival of Nintendo's latest home console.

However, don't got calling your local video game store to place a reservation just yet. When Kotaku did some digging, the truth turned out to be far more mundane.

Nintendo Power editor Chris Slate explained that the Wii 2 image was simply a goof-up:

Someone (it may have been me, I don't remember) gathered a bunch of Nintendo-related images from wherever we could find them (such as the web) since we didn't have access to Nintendo's press site at that point, and I think we took the "Wii 2" one without noticing it had been altered. It was forgotten and left on our server, where it later got mixed in with our library of real assets once we started doing the magazine.

"D'oh" is the word you're looking for, Chris.


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DK_vs_KK said:

Phew! I'm glad it was just a mistake. I got my Wii about a year ago, so I'm not ready for a new console to be announced just yet. Hopefully the editors will be more careful next time...



cheetahman91 said:

I didn't even know they had a Wii 2 logo. Probably just a mockup. There's probably some people that don't know the truth though. I didn't even know they had mistakenly revealed it 'till now.



Aviator said:

I only just noticed the two now. And this has been a hot topic on the forum. Nice photoshopping there though.



Dazza said:

I'm gonna start sneaking mockups of Wii HD into Google Images then sit back and watch as hilarity ensues!



Roopa132 said:

I know something like this can easily happen but I still find it pretty nonprofessional to just take pictures from the internet (probably Google Image Search) and use them in official stuff like that.
Reminds me of the IGN watermark on the Okami cover...



Objection said:

Speaking of IGN watermark on the Okami cover...that always makes me laugh. Wish that CAPCOM's replacement cover program hadn't ended so soon, I missed it by a week.



LztheQuack said:

Oh yeah. One small number definitely confirms a new console! I love the internet



LztheQuack said:

Yeah, the IGN covermark was probably one of the biggest blunders this gen (at least on the small scale)



ODOGG618 said:

"Lucky enough" to get Nintendo Power? That magazine is for 10-12 olds. Wii 2? Let's hope Nintendo can do better than that for a name.



HOT-ROD said:

Lol i woulda been pissed if the Wii 2 controller was exactly the same as the original.



Vendetta said:

In a magazine with a circulation of more than 400,000, an error like this has real consequences and should cost someone his job.



TKOWL said:

This is obviously part of their "Quarters for Jetpacks" fund they started about 3 years ago.



Kirk said:

I don't want a Wii 2 when they haven't even got the first one sorted yet.

There's still so much more untapped/wasted potential with the current Wii as it is.



Thomas_Joseph said:

In a magazine with a circulation of more than 400,000, an error like this has real consequences and should cost someone his job.

What "real consequences" would that be? Someone got their hopes up unnecessarily? Oh noes! God forbid!

Honestly, I hope you're being facetious.



BlueFlameBat said:

I don't think the "mistake" is that big a deal. It's not like the article said anything about Wii 2, which I highly doubt will be the name of the Wii's true successor.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ODOGG618: That magazine is for Nintendo fans of ALL ages, thank you very much! My DAD still subscribes, and he's over 50! I got most of my info for both Little King's Story and Zack & Wiki from them.

@Thomas Joseph: In the world of journalism, such errors DO have real consequences up to and including losing readers who've lost faith in the publication.



Altkey said:

I got my Wii for Christmas and I don't want to try to get another one.



Burn said:

Haha, this is exactly like the Okami box art mixup. Stealing pics from the internet? Shameful.



Ian_Daemon said:

Doesn't anyone do quality control anymore? It's no wonder that print media is dying; it's being killed by the people that produce print media.



Vendetta said:

Thomas Joseph, yes, real consequences. In the big-boy world of published journalism, credibility is your stock and trade. Difficult to earn, priceless when achieved, and lost only through embarassment and shame. These clowns just copped to near-felony laziness and unpreparedness to do their jobs - and lost a large amount of credibility in the process - to those discerning enough to care, that is. That's enough right there to fire the person responsible, forthwith. It should be the Art Director, if he has a "the buck stops here" sign on his desk.

And if just one in a thousand (very conservative, given the dedication of the readership) saw this error and deferred purchase of a Wii because of it, that's 400 units unsold, or $80,000 MSRP in product (probably more than the Art Director makes in a year, for comparison).

Furthermore, add in the rumor mill which will increase the effect of each of these consequences, and see just how "real" they become.

Class dismissed.



LztheQuack said:

@V: What do I have to study for the test?

I kinda disagree. While the Art Director may have been at fault, the editor should have spotted this mistake and corrected it. Then again I don't question the credibility of N power over one picture, but that's just me.



Vendetta said:

LZ, this was a biggie. Not some poor font selection or misplaced drop shadow. The next generation of each console, the Wii in particular, is a hot topic. The magazine needed to be way more diligent when it came to this article and its picture.



LztheQuack said:

Ah dang, why did I make an F?!!

I haven't even gotten my issue yet. I'm always behind everyone subscription wise

Anyways, with all the gamers ready to freak out over any small detail of the next gen, I suppose you're right.



Thomas_Joseph said:

Heh, thanks for the "lesson", but color me unimpressed. I guess when you work in a field that truly has life and death implications, a superscript 2 found in an image really doesn't amount to a hill of beans. If the worst result of this winds up to be (in your scenario) a whole whopping four hundred units unsold, I guess I wind up being even further unimpressed. I mean, say it ain't so! Plus, this talk of "near felonies" blah blah blah ... if it's a crime, that's one thing. But if by "near felony" you really mean "not a felony but let me exaggerate it to make it sound more important than it really is" take it elsewhere because I see no point in twisting knickers over something which turns out to be a non sequitur.

Should they have been more diligent? Sure. Should people get the ax because of this? Heck no, that's patently absurd.



VegimightSamich said:

like this is why unsubscribed to NP. Did anybody catch the review thay had of SSBB, they said that they did'nt get around to playing the online. I was like are you kidding me. The job is to review the game nothing else and they could'nt handle it.



Moco_Loco said:

Silly Nintendo Power. Didn't they know that the true name of the Wii's successor is Mii N U?



Vendetta said:

Thomas Joseph, are you hiring? I'm pretty good at what I do, especially when I'm not too lazy to do it - promise! I'm usually punctual, except when I oversleep. And I'm very, very focused, so long as I'm not distracted. And let's not forget how well I exagerate - oh, wait, you haven't seen me do that yet - I'd hate to impinge upon your patent.



Thomas_Joseph said:

Vendetta, you can't patent histrionics. Which means you're out of luck.

Sure, there are a handful of places I expect* perfection, take surgery for instance. I DO NOT expect in in a photo shoot of a video game system however. Is that crazy of me? Hardly. I prefer to call it "practical".

*Not that you get 100% success rates, which is why doctors take out malpractice insurance ... but unless they're doctors of death and kill more patients than they save, even they don't get fired. Individuals are fallible, it's part and parcel of living life. If everyone adhered to your rules, it's likely that no one would be working, including you.



Vendetta said:

Thomas Joseph, yeah, that's why I work for myself. My boss can be a real jerk sometimes, but at least he's always right.



ToastyYogurt said:

Wow, I was going to post something about this, but I guess I get to save my breath, for once. I was pretty sure it was a goof-up!



Slapshot said:

@Vendetta.... honestly man, when the media is so swayed in this world now I do find this error to be quite minor, though I do agree with you that it prob cost Nintendo a few consoles. Im sure the next Wii or whatever is pretty close around the corner anyways. Nintendo Power over the last few years have been running multiple page articles of Shovelware, and OverHyping games that even in Preview you could tell were trash and no suprise when they either didnt get reviewed or got a mini review. The magazine has become nearly worthless, and my 10+ yr subscription will not be renewed, especially now that the DS releases have dwindled down to a trickle.



Vendetta said:

Slapshot dude, you're making my point. This kind of half-assedness is what causes readership to plummet.



Thomas_Joseph said:

There is no such thing as bad press.

This little snafu got Nintendo Power magazine a bunch of exposure for free, and I don't think it will really impact them negatively in the long term. I also doubt it really is going to cost Nintendo any console sales (and I would doubt Nintendo would even notice if it did).



Phobos said:

Phew! Good! I was panicking that this was coming out way too fast! Be a little more careful, press people.



Ren said:

ANy nerd who is that excited about buying a "Wii 2" and somehow doesn't already have the current Wii would figure out pretty quick that it was a screw up and go ahead with their purchase. I don't get the silly argument of "lost sales".
Also it's not really that uncommon to pull internet images to do mock ups as long as the final work has been checked and cleaned up (replaced with legit, licensed photos) before going to print. Why is that such a monstrous blunder?
Why is it that internet trolls like to charactarise anything from a company or official product as something made by robots that should be held to supernatural standards, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when theres any evidence of Human involvement. Magazines and games are made by people like you and me, mistakes happen I don't see the big issue as long as it's nothing horribly bigoted thats retracted and called a "mistake".



jangonov said:

@Ren,it is a monstrous blunder because the editor DIDN'T replace it with a legit licensed photo. Sorry, but I am with V on this one. Doing a google image search for magazine photos is just sad. Mostly because I SAW the original photo used before in the magazine. This shows that the computers at the office's of Nintendo Power are unorganized, and unprofessional.

I am not mad at them because they accidentally "announced" a new console, but because of the unprofessional demeanor of the company as represented by their publication. I know it was a mistake, but it was avoidable.



Wolfcoyote said:

@Burn - speaking of the Okami Wii fiasco, I never did get the cover replaced. I'm keeping the game - it might be worth something someday.

But yeah, while I don't see much in the way of consequences for NP, someone had to have known that something was wrong what that image was placed in the build. How many times do real editors pore over every single inch of every single copy and negative before it gets finalized and sent off to the printers? Over a dozen (by old EGM standards anyway). I never was a fan of NP and have only purchased two magazines, the one with Pokemon Yellow (1999) on the cover and the one containing the Shantae: Risky's Revenge feature (2009).



Slapshot said:

@Vendetta.... because I have a opinion is half-ass.... nice!

Anyways, I got my copy of the magazine today in the mail and couldnt help but laugh when I saw the article because the Wii2 is big and plain as day, little hard to believe they missed that one.



Slapshot said:

@V.... dang I got Vvvvvvedddd lol. Sorry, that is one thing I hate about forums/text sometimes Its easy to misunderstand someting lol. Sorry man. It was a bad screw up on the editors, but honestly ever since Future took over the mag..... it just doesnt suprise me.



psychoboo13 said:

Two points on this:
1. Having once worked at a video game magazine, it is actually extremely hard to get through a game completely and write an intelligent review about it while struggling to meet a deadlline. Give them a break for the small mistake.
2. Nintendo has ALWAYS made new, innovative consoles, even the super nes was completely new compared to the nes. I highly doubt they would make a wii 2.

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