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New Trademark for Eternal Darkness

Posted by Todd King

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for this Gamecube classic? spotted the re-upping for the trade mark of the highly lauded GameCube title, Eternal Darkness. That means ... what, exactly? Nintendo is considering a new title for the Wii? Can you imagine motion control to deal with Sanity effects? Or is this just Nintendo squatting on the trademark to keep it eternally in the dark? The conjecture can drive you insane.

Like Kotaku says, maybe the big N will reveal something at their media summit next week. That is doubtful, but thinking about a new title like this from Nintendo, with an M rating like the original, can send shivers down your spine.


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Cipher said:

Is this a new trademark or a renewal of the old one? Luigi's Mansion was a new trademark rather than a renewal, if I recall correctly, so... who knows. Hopefully these are new titles because Wii needs a "second generation", I think.



kevohki said:

If they simply make a shoddy New Play Control port instead of a proper sequel, consider me angry.



Varoennauraa said:

Thanks. Even hearing about a slight possibility of getting a sequel for ED, makes me happier than couple of moths full of real games on every system combined. Now I can start dreaming of mad nightmares again.



V8_Ninja said:

I'm not sure that would be considered "something very special". While I know that some people would go crazy (no pun intended), it's not really something that Nintendo would use for an epic reveal.



Egg_miester said:

if it is a new onme it wont be made by Silicon Knights they said that nintendo doesn't care enough about storys in games so they wont be working with nintendo again
and with working with microsoft and selling out that doesn't help



advance_melee said:

Wow i totatlly forgot about this game. I remember how amazing it was. I hope they revive the series, man.



Gabbo said:

After looking at it myself, it appears N's prior trademark expired in December for failure to renew. Just two months later they filed this new application. I'd chalk this up to poor trademark portfolio oversight and not any new forthcoming game.



GoldenBanana said:

Eternal Darkness come back ! Take away my sanity again =p (one of the coolest games I´ve played)



Objection said:

I'd really like to see something done with thevtitle, whether it be an updated port or a new game/sequel.



OldBoy said:

Great game. Unfortunatly I think that rather than a new game Nintendo is just protecting the name and trademark so the game can't appear on another console. I'd like to be proven wrong but I won't be getting my hopes up



Falsocc14 said:

I'm thinkin' they're gonna involve the use of that little finger-sensor track the player's heartbeat/pulse and have that reflected in the game. I'm sure many of you have already thought of that...but thought I'd post it anyways.



Chunky_Droid said:

I loved the original, as much as I'd like a new one, I have serious doubts Nintendo will ever revisit this.

Give it to Konami to play with!



JackMack said:

I never played the first one but I might hold off on playing the GC version if this is a "New Play Control!" revisit... but yeah, It probably isn't.



childofacid said:

The secret ending was a bit confusing. Maybe Mantorok will be the villian. Either way I think Vitality sensor would be perfect for this game.

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