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Mouse House Coming to WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Grab the cheese - win the prize!

Big John Games have just announced that their new WiiWare puzzler Mouse House will be coming to the North American WiiWare service on February 22nd for 600 Wii Points.

You can check out a snippet from the press release that gives a bit more information about the game below and we'll have a full review of the game shortly after it hits the WiiWare service.

He’s clever, he’s daring, he’s brave, he’s… a mouse! Big John Games is proud to announce Mouse House, the new puzzle game for WiiWare™ that’s as adorable as it is challenging!

Mouse House is an accessible and fast-paced logic puzzle game in which players lead a lively little mouse on his hunt to collect the cheese in each of 100 challenging puzzle stages. But these are no simple mazes – our adorable hero has to weave his way though a cast of colorful critters including stinger-shooting bees and nasty rats, as well as tricky traps like conveyor belts, collapsing floors and more! A true “pick up and play” game, Mouse House’s combination of simple controls and multiple levels of challenge make it perfect for players of all ages!

"Mouse House is a game that the BJG staff really enjoyed playing. We hope WiiWare™ puzzle fans will find this game as much fun as we have." Ken Patterson, President, Big John Games

Mouse House is scheduled to release Monday, February 22, 2010 for 600 Wii Points™ and is available for download on WiiWare™. For more information and the latest updates visit

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User Comments (16)



TKOWL said:

Looks like a combination of The Adventures of Lolo and ChuChuRocket with added cuteness



brandonbwii said:

Has kinda a Lolo look to it, which is always great. Still I this looks like it would make better dsiware than wiiware.



SuperPeach said:

This looks very familar...Hmmm.
I can't remember what the game was called but I do reconize this.



aaronsullivan said:

Yep, looks like Lolo, which is a good thing. Seems like there is a bit more of an action take on it though Lolo certainly makes you move, too. I'm actually working on a Lolo-ish game, but it looks like there's not much overlap, thankfully. (It's for iPhone/Touch/Pad so don't get excited. lol.)



Mario_maniac said:

I remember playing a game like this on my old computer. Ah, memories. And then there was some snowboarding one where I had to avoid Yetis... I sucked at that game.



EdEN said:

Ok, so basically it's a take on the Lolo formula? For 600 points (and since Lolo III hasn't been released) this looks like a buy next week.

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