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Miyamoto Hints Towards Next Console

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo overlord Shigeru Miyamoto reminds us that Nintendo is indeed working on its next machine

As reported by Eurogamer (via Andriasang), Mr Miyamoto has recently been quoted confirming the existence of the next console from Nintendo.

Obviously he didn't go into any specifics as Nintendo will be keeping any new ideas extremely close to their chest. At the same time Miyamoto also confirmed that he is currently working on another MotionPlus game, Nintendo's latest hardware innovation.

We all knew that Nintendo were working on their next console, however varied speculation means it's almost impossible to predict exactly what we'll see and when.

Our current thinking will be more of an iteration on Wii (ala DSi), rather than a radical change. Surely the new console will need to output HD and digital sound, potentially a hard drive and almost certain improved Wiimotes with MotionPlus built in. Apart from that, I don't know if we'll see a massive educated guess puts this down to launch in 2012.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo's next console?


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Machu said:

2010 is so jam packed with goodness we don't need a new console just yet. 2012 sounds good to me. Yay!

Can't wait for more details on this mystery M+ game. E3 can't come soon enough. Wooh!



irken004 said:

Agreed with Machu, there are a ton of good games coming out this year. Push the new console to 2013 for all I care.



KDR_11k said:

No,there will not be a Wii HD. Why the hell does everybody ignore Iwata like he's some clueless nobody? Iwata is the freaking president of the company, he clearly stated that a Wii HD would not sell.



MrPinguy said:

Even if it isn't an Motion based console, I hope it plays Wii games in the same way Wii play game cube games.
(Connect old controllers and stuff to play the old games.)
If this is talking about an home console.



JimLad said:

I'm going to say 11th of November 2011
That's far away enough, if it's more of an upgrade then it could be sooner.

I agree it should have all the things stated above, as well as more power to WiiWare developers (ala bigger size limits). Taking it down the road to a digital distribution console.

Also I am glad motion plus seems to be a big focus with Miyamoto working on it.



Jeroen1 said:

I hope that new Motionplus game has something to do with the previous poster's avatar.



Yosher said:

I'm guessing this new one will come in 2013. End 2012 at its earliest. And that's a good date if you ask me. But we'll see.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm only on board if I can transfer my Wii Shop purchases and game data (all of it) with ease to the new system. Otherwise, no dice.



AlphaNerd01 said:

Even if these rumors had some merit, the Wii is focused on casual gamers - and the casual crowd really has no interest in HD. It's still only a fraction of the market. With that said, where else is there to go for Nintendo? If they're going to stick with Motion Control, how can they improve on the Wii if they don't upgrade to HD?



Hoffkage said:

I dont care.

Bring me the Wii games. I have years to start thinking in a new console.



Supermegaman said:

Maybe if its HD third party developers will make some awesome 'hardcore' games that can compete with the xbox and ps3, then maybe wii will get more purchases because we have motion control. Or maybe they will do something cool! Like mind controled games where you think things and your guy does them!



skywake said:

Nintendo console cluedo!
ok, my turn. I guess major revision.. with improved visuals... in 2012

Personally, I wouldn't buy a Wii that did just HD. I already have a machine to play Wii games and I have a huge amount of WiiWare and VC games I still want to play on it. I know this sounds like I am just repeating what Iwata has said, although I have said this for a long time, but why would I upgrade for just HD? It just seems stupid.

I'm not saying that HD is stupid just that a "Wii2" would have to do more. I just don't remember at any point playing any Wii game where I have thought "this would have been better with more pixels". More processing power? hell yes! better loading times? sure! A better online system? yup. More storage? ... not so much since the SD card update. More Pixels? not once



warioswoods said:

I'm more interested in the Motion Plus support, which does indeed seem to be fundamental to Nintendo's strategy going forward. They wouldn't be releasing the Wii Remote in a variety of trendy colors with Motion Plus included if they weren't trying to get as many Wii owners as possible to make the upgrade. Anyhow, that's the real upgrade that matters right now, not a new console iteration that we won't be seeing for quite some time.



Percentful said:

I don't have an HD tv, so I don't really need an HD wii. Still, A new wii sounds nice.



skywake said:

@warioswoods damn straight. That is the most interesting and significant part of this news.

notices peoples got carried away with the other bit. myself included

The new console bit is interesting but nothing new and not really surprising. I just really hate how people are so irrationally obsessed with HD. Its almost like its the new Megapixel/Ghz race. It has almost become ALL that matters when it should really be just a box bullet point that receives an approving nod.



Phobos said:

Huh? Satoru Iwata just said there isn't going to be a Wii HD console. What's happening to the world? Listen to HIM! HE's the president of Nintendo. Unless he's got an unpublished second thought on it.

Anyway, if this really is coming out, I'm not at all edged by the fact it's out by 2012 - or early 2013, knowing Nintendo. Plenty of other things for this year, and possibly next year. I'm already set on those. It's just an iteration of the Wii with more high quality features and built in MotionPlus, eh? Not anything absolutely mega-blasting new? Well then, by all means, let's wait the two years.



aaronsullivan said:

Hmm... the context of the original quotes I saw somewhere else made it seem he could have been talking about the pulse sensor thing. Seriously.

Also, OF COURSE they are working on hardware! It takes a long time. They've been in R&D on Wii peripherals since before the launch of the Wii and the work on what will be interesting in the next console has been going on for awhile. Remember, the Wii remote was originally meant as a peripheral for the Gamecube.

If Miyamoto is talking about new console hardware, I'm glad he is in on the process early on.

The great software lineup this year is going to fizzle out early next year and the other consoles will be pushing their motion control devices. 2011 would be a great time to announce a new console. (Actually 2010 would be better, but that's not going to happen.)



JakobG said:

No way.
How about a (free) hardware update of the current Wii instead?
Plus, we don't need a new console to get Wiimotes with MotionPlus built in it.



Nintendo is always working in new hardware. This is nothing new. They are not that dumb to ditch a current and extremely succesful product yet.



Egg_miester said:

well there s always a team working on a new console once one is made so theres nothing new with that i am expecting around end of 2012 or summer of 13
as for the system its self most likely it be in hd or maybe vr



RyuZebian said:

Yeah, 2012 does sound good. But I really hope that they'll let you transfer your VC and WiiWare games in one way or another. If Nintendo would make a Wii HD, then I hope developers would make ports of their previous 360/ PS3 games for it... Although my friend has a 360, I've missed out on lots of great games!



Vendetta said:

skywake wrote:

I just don't remember at any point playing any Wii game where I have thought "this would have been better with more pixels".

But there are a bunch of times when I've been played a great looking game on PS3 or Xbox and thought "this would have been better with motion controls." Nintendo can leave that to Sony and Microsoft with the Wand and Natal, or they can do something to capture that market. In my opinion, if it weren't for the global recession, I'd say they'd already taken too long.



Jeroen1 said:

Dammit Westerhive, why do you have to remind me of the long-lost DKC series again? I'd even buy a port of the mediocre DK64 on the DS, to show my support.



mnementh said:

HD IS stupid. I can hardly see the difference. better hardware in general to get more of the newest 3rd party games will be good. but for now there are enough games.



Caliko said:

"Mr Miyamoto has recently been quoted confirming the existence of the next console from Nintendo."

Where's the quote??



Supermarioman said:

JimLad: That would be a great release date , becuase thats would be my birthday!
But on topic I couldn't justify a new console at this point, I actually wish that video games would be crap for a year so I could actually buy all of those games that are on my list. Plus 2010's already got me in the hole with my parents once (Just $20). I Have a lot of games I need to catch up on PS3 and Wii and a lot to buy that are coming out this year, so in short a new console would be too much to handle at this point, I say let it come late 2012 and let us all hope that they don't make 200 awsome games in between now and then for our wallets sake.



Donatello said:

I hope to god it's 3D....apperantly this new 2010 3D shutter glassesusing twin HDMI which supports full 1080p HD in each for gaming and movies is incredible and easily beats out Imax 3D according to an Article written by an IGN Gear head. Sony and Microsoft are heading in this direction....if Nintendo doesn't i'll be insanely pissed. Oh well, I could always get a PS4 to go along with my Wii2. Anyways, here's what I'd love to see for the Wii2....

1080p Full HD Games
5.1 DD SS
Hard Drive
Compatible with GCN and Wii titles
Transfer VC/WiiWare titles to it from your Wii
Next Gen Graphics
Advanced Motion Controls
Something mind blowing from Nintendo



MarkyVigoroth said:

I hope the consle come very late... I really like my Wii, which I got 2 years after launch, and I do not want my Virtual Console to be for naught!

(I also REALLY hope that "Donkey Kart SmashBound Island" gets fully released well before the release of the new console, even if only to placate the so-called "hardcores"...)



Kevin said:

As long as they give us an option to transfer VC and WiiWare games I'll be happy. I personally don't care about the new system right now. I want to enjoy the Wii and not worry about new systems coming out until we know what year they'll be released is officially announced.



Sonic1994CD said:

I hope this has the wiishop just like the wii did and you can copy vc games on the new system.



BlueFlameBat said:

I really hope Nintendo doesn't decide to make her next console simply a Wii with HD support. I think Nintendo should make her next system a powerhouse that can at least come very close to matching PS3's and XBox360's successors and continue supporting the Wii long after her successor is released.



The_Fox said:

Lets's put it this way: If the new Nintendo system doesn't have a way to translate my VC games I won't even consider buying it.



Sprace_Bot said:

it could be cool, but not everyone has an HD TV. like a few other people i know, i just got my wii not too long ago. i would kind of suck they already went on to a new system and stop making things for the regular wii. the same thing happened with the first DS, the DS lite came out and accessories for the regular DS just disapeared.



LinktotheFuture said:

I am excited that Miyamoto is working on another Wii Motion Plus game, we need a lot more Motion Plus games.



SepticLemon said:

Wow... my (Non)Professional PhotoShop skills get on the front page... (Fells all warm and fuzzy). At least back then when I came up with that logo I was thinking that the next machine would just be a "Wii 2" or "Wii XL". Now that I look at it, with the many revisions of the DS, and Sony always making a smaller model of their machines, it's very likely that Nintendo might "Lite" the Wii with a new revision, possibly an even smaller and thinner system with HDMi output with a descent upscaler on it, but that's the most that we'll expect from a "Wii 1.5", and sure it won't be marketed to those who have one, it'll be marketed to those who haven't got one and HDTV users.

IMHO though, what ever Nintendo's next generation system might be, it's more likely that it won't be called "Wii", it'll have a new name like "Unite" or "Together". What ever it will be, that will be the system that will be dramatically different.



fxtek76 said:

Big N does seem to barely upgrade the handheld systems but I really believe the next system will be a totally new system not just a Wii.2.



Gum said:

the next console will NOT be the same thing with all those little changes. Once the new system comes it, it will be a successor, not a coexisting one.



Donatello said:

Ya...Miyamoto's next 'MotionPlus' Title is SPAN
I actually think it looks pretty damn awesome and i'm excited for it.

But really, hopefully he's not talking about Span Smasher. Because I want more! yargh maytee! ;p



AVahne said:

Iwata said that the new system won't be as simple as a "Wii HD". I highly doubt it would just be like the DSi. It's going to have something new and will be a true successor, but it'll probably come 2014 or something



Linkuini said:

Hey, if HD graphics will make the lag in online games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, go away, so be it. If not, it can fall in a ditch.

There's only one thing I want from Nintendo's next machine, whenever it comes out: better online options. I want it to go online, I want it to keep running, and I want Nintendo and third-party publishers to go nuts with it. Modern Warfare 2 nuts. LittleBigPlanet nuts. Heck, Mario Kart Wii nuts! If it doesn't, it will sit on the shelf while I play the rest of the games already on Wii. Only improvement I can justify spending more cash for.



mushroomer said:

This is the first time Nintendo has to really think about backwards compatibility. Because all the nongamers like my parents who bought this system are probably not gonna go for a new system all together. Unless they have some sort of killer new technology like the wiimote. The only think I can imagine is some sort of 3D device that makes you feel like you are really in an environment. Like a 3D glasses that you wear and also has motion detection. Like a VR helmet or something. Look left and you see left etc.. Can you imagine how awesome that would be? Holding a 2 wiimotionplus controllers in each hand and needing to look 360 to find the monsters that are trying to catch you? Now that would be willing a purchase..



BlueFlameBat said:

I'd much rather Nintendo make a more expensive system with high-end graphics and sound (among other things) than a system that could only be compared to PS3/XBox360 or even PS2/XBox. Not all of the Wii fans would buy it for what it would have to cost, but that's why Nintendo should continue to support the Wii after the successor's release instead of suddenly stopping support for the Wii to pull the Wii's customers to the new system.



Old_School said:

So yet another WiiHD post of speculation. It seems these news posts seem to re-occur about every two weeks. It seems that news posts stating that every exclusive Wii title is going to be ported to the HD consoles due to the fact the developer does not think that Wii has the hardware to fulfill their needs.
The posts usually seem to build a tremendous amount of Wii hate and WiiHD love and yearning. One day official Nintendo reps state there will be a WiiHD and then a few days later Reggie makes a press conference to state there will not be a WiiHD. I really hope this type of journalism dies off as it is unattractive and unappealing.



ToastyYogurt said:

This is pretty interesting. I think 2012 would be just the right time for the new consoles to start rolling out the front door. I wonder what we'll get 2 years into the future



Mach-X said:

@49 actually moving to HD would slow things down more, due to the need for more processing power, unless they significantly upgraded the CPU/GPU. I know people say 'blah blah blah' mhz means nothing, but 733mhz + HD do not mix



Thomas_Joseph said:

Wii/DSi connectivity would be cool. Using the DSi as a controller of sorts for the Wii would be pretty cool given the proper setting.



SanderEvers said:

@Thomas Joseph, you can already do that in Pokémon Battle Revolution. (Though that game really isn't great)

There will be no Wii HD. It's simply NOT possible. Given the architecture of the Wii. Everything the Wii outputs is loaded from the disc that you inserted (or program that you launched) so the games must be in HD as well, which wouldn't make them Wii games anymore. (As they wouldn't work on Wiis) The next Nintendo console will NOT be a Wii but a .... (fill in later) that displays games created for thet console in resolutions up to 1080p. It MIGHT have backwards compatibility with the Wii (and GameCube) but I don't see it to be likely. Because I think that Nintendo's next console will only have downloadable games.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

i agree with every comment in some way or another

to me HD wii would need to do more than that to get more sales. when the new system does coem oput its just gonna be a up graded wii just like the wii is a ( up graded gamecube)

still love nintendo but i hope the new system doesnt come out tull atleast 2012-13



retrobuttons said:

I don't care if they bring it out tomorrow or in 2012, if it has HD or not. A new Nintendo console is always interesting to me.



NotEnoughGolds said:

Anyone saying that HD is worthless or unimportant, or isn't much better than SD, clearly does not have a nice HDTV.
I love my 46" Samsung, I wish Twilight Princess was in HD, and I really hope Nintendo pushes an HD console as soon as possible. The tech is really cheap now.



LightSamus said:

i never seen a N64 2, or a Gamecube 2, so i don't think Nintendo will be lame enough to call it Wii HD or Wii 2. (grants their was the Nes and Super Nes but since then they grew the F!@# up and got creative.)

I'm honestly hoping it to be 1080p supportive, but i didn't see a Playstation HD or an Xbox HD so including in the name would be a silly idea.

As much Nintendo want to define themselves, they have gotten their motion sensing ideas stolen by both Sony and Microsoft so i think it's time for them to bite back and make their next hand-held more like a media device with music and movies so piss of Sony lol



JimLad said:

Just because Iwata has said there are no plans for a powered-up HD console, doesn't mean he won't announce it at some point.
Of course he's going to dismiss the idea until he's ready, or else it costs the current console sales and support.

The graphical output from the Wii is adequate enough for me, but if they don't beef it up next generation, they are going to LOOSE even more third party support (is that possible?)
That is one of the biggest things that needs to be rectified in my opinion.



Pj1 said:

I'm not that bothered about upgrading my Wii so that I can play blue ray or any thing like that, this should be done when they do a new console. I'm hoping that you will still be able to use wii-motes on the new system and that they won't alter the VC service too much. I reckon Nintendo started work on the new console after the launch of the Wii, also I think they have a department devoted to it but it's under tight security...

I'm very interested to see what they come up with...



Ridicus said:

I think the next nintendo console will almost be eyetoy like with a camera and all that stuff



ffXoverlord said:

I totally think that the new console should be just like the wii but with a new controller and better graphics,

since I really love those gamecube and ps2 controllers I think it should be one of those just cut in half and motion controlled with some new buttons too

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