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Mega Man 10 Coming March 1st

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Capcom's latest retro-fest is almost here.

Capcom has just announced that their upcoming WiiWare release of Mega Man 10 will be hitting North America on March 1st for 1000 Wii Points.

In a new blog entry on Capcom's Unity Blog, you can check out all of the new Mega Man moves detailed complete with screenshots and artwork. Or if you'd rather just check out the artwork, scroll down a little. Yep, there we go.

We'll have more information about Mega Man 10 as it becomes available. Until then, you can check out the brand new screenshots in the gallery below.


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Corbs said:

Here are the official dates for all services:

WiiWare – March 1 st
PSN – March 11 th
XBLA – March 31 st



nintendogamerftw said:

Yes! I got my points ready.
I feel the need to be owned by a Mega Man game again. And only a new one can do that.



vampirelich said:

Ha well I might have to finally dl mega man 9 on psn (since i have a bunch of points saved up) before then.



x10power said:

Nice I am so going to ruin Dr. Wilys plans once again

Now all we need is X9 and X10



Xkhaoz said:

Nice. 4 days before my birthday. Not planning on getting it, but still a good birthday present. Thanks Capcom!!!



Digiki said:

That's cool, maybe I'll have to go through 7,8,9 relatively soon then...



GoldenBanana said:

Looks like Blade Man gives you a weapon that fires 3 blades...... damn!, I thought it would be a cool sword for melee attacks.... anyways..... Megaman is coming soon !! more awesome-retro-platforming-pure fun



suburban_sensei said:

Thats wonderful news! I was going to buy it for the Wii anyways...played the demo of MM9 on my PS3, and couldn't stand it, compared to the WiiMote NES-style controls.



Noire said:

You mean I have only two-and-a-half weeks until I get more classic Mega Man?




Infernape1000 said:

Wow, Final Fantasy XIII, Pokemon Heartgold, Dragon Age Origins Awakening, AND NOW MEGAMAN 10! =D

March is a busy month!



TKOWL said:

Thunder Woll LOL!
Seriously, I will be getting this, along with Sonic Classic Collection.



Mike1 said:

@25. Ezekiel
It's said to have an easy mode. I can't wait for this game!!!



BL_Donth said:

Sooner than I predicted. Very nice.

I was hoping Blade Man's special weapon would be a melee one just like MM5's Charge Kick.

March will be a busy month indeed. There will be something for everyone.



Donatello said:

I honestly dont know how people played MM9 on their Xbox or PS3...both controllers feel too modern and terrible(especially the 360 with the broken d-pad) when playing it.

The Wii Remote on it's side on the other hand is fantastic since it emulates the Nes controller and it's the only way to fly. Anyways, wicked news! Downloading on day one baby. My most anticipated game for this year hehe



Porky said:

@Mike: Im refering to the tasks you have to complete such as, Killing a boss without losing any health. Sure thats not impossible, my example was something top of my mind, but theres alot of challenges that seem impossible.



Donatello said:

heh..good thing i saved an unopened pack of Wii Points...but eh, I always use my Credit Card hehe.
Anyways, am i the only one who's alittle dissapointed by most of the levels in this? they seem so bland and most of the backgrounds are pure black, sporting the same trend as MM9 i see.
I dig Nitro, Pump's and Blade Man's stages look-wise....But the rest seem too robotic and generic(besides Strike Man's). i want something crazy like Air man's stage back in MM2 with those awesome floating red heads....and wait a minute, MM10 doesn't seem to have an Air robot this time around 'or' stage, yargh ;p

anyways, i'm dieing to hear the rest of the music!



Wardy said:

Some of those weapons look like they are from the X Series (Chameleon Sting) and whatever Wheel Gator's weapon is called.



Zork2 said:

It looks interesting. Not sure if I'll get it. I wish Capcom would release some of their arcade games instead.



BlueBandanaJake said:

Crud, gotta get a move on finishing Blaster Master... also getting points... I guess I dont need to eat EVERY day...

Seriously though, I'm pleased to hear of this, bring it!



primeris said:

Still gotta finish Castlevania Rebirth, and Blaster Master: Overdrive...
Happy with the state of things though!
Hope MM10 is every bit as hard or harder than MM9.
And I'm all for the crazy challenges, and the fact that they're totally optional (beat the whole game without ever getting hit?? are you kidding me?)



WiX said:

@Ezekiel: If you're not good enough, why should you be able to get all the challenges? And besides, I think it's good that there is challenges for the more experienced players. That being said, I haven't done all of the challenges in 9, but that doesn't bother me... Oh wait, it does... Well, practise, practise, practise

Speaking of challenge, I hope this time there is more challenge in the normal difficulty setting because there is the easy setting also. I personally think 9 wasn't so hard (even though I also died some (read: many) times during the game). There just were many crybabies When I was a kid, games were hard and that's the way also Mega Man needs to be. Okay, maybe not impossible, but still...

Anyway... Can't wait, I even have some points left! But... Europe follows the next friday, right? RIGHT?!

Oh and you don't need to take my message so seriously... (if you are a crybaby ) No, seriosly, no offence. (or...?)



MeloMan said:

I love how Capcom continues to create the intentionally bad artwork in spirit of the original Mega Man box art... I can't get enough of these.



MeloMan said:

Although, this has to be the sweetest looking of the "bad art", lol, look at Proto!



Kevin said:

Cool the Wii's getting it first. Now most worst fear is nothing to worry about: The WiiWare version being released on the 15th, the day after HeartGold & SoulSilver. I hate it when I get two new games a day or two apart. Now I won't have to focus on two games at once for at least two weeks.



Porky said:

I admit I am not so good at MegaMan, (Losing every time on wily stages) but Im sure even the best of the best MegaMan players had yet completed all their tasks on MegaMan 9; needing only a couple more I suppose lol.



Rerun said:

I'm getting this on Day 1. Last MegaMan I finished was MegaMan 3 back in the NES. I got the MegaMan Anniversary Collection on the GCN but the controls didn't feel right. Getting the B and A mixed up was just plain wrong! I love the simplicity of the WiiMote. Close as can be to the NES controller.



Capt_N said:

1st day purchase. I've reserved 1000 of my Christmas points for this. & this is only 1/6 of games I'm looking forward to this year.

Galaxy 2, Other M, Force Unleashed 2, Shantae 2, & Sonic 4 are the others...

Save your points everyone for the stuff you want...

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