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Mario & Sonic's Winter Olympics Outing Shifts 6M

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Quite possibly more profitable than the actual Olympics

The real Winter Olympics in Vancouver may be watched and beloved the world over, but you know what else is beloved all across the globe? Video games, and especially ones starring Mario and Sonic. Combine that with the Olympics and hoo-boy is there money to be made.

Sega and Nintendo would like to remind everyone just how much money they're raking in thanks to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games on Wii and DS by announcing that the game has now sold over 6 million units worldwide since its release last October.

How great is it, asks Sega? So great, says Sega:

“The original Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was a huge success for SEGA,” commented Mike Hayes, CEO for SEGA America and SEGA Europe. “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is one of the leading third party games for Wii and DS and we were confident the title would have longevity within retail. The start of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games is a perfect time to ensure SEGA is at the forefront of the consumer’s mind when it comes to recreating that Olympic Winter Games feeling in living rooms everywhere.”

Because nothing says "international competition and sportsmanship" better than a weird blue hedgehog, a pudgy plumber and a menagerie of weirdos and freaks of nature.

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V8_Ninja said:

The Real Question;

"Is over 3 billion dollars enough to make a game where Mario and Sonic don't compete in Olympic events but fight evil?"



LinktotheFuture said:

I like both the summer and winter mario and sonic games for Wii, and hope they make another one for the next summer games.



Objection said:

@V8-How are you getting 3 billion? 6 million copies times, let's say an average or equivalent of $50 would be 300 million...which is, icnidentally, the amount of money NBC is losing hosting the Olympics on US television.



Cipher said:

It'd be great if they did another one for London 2012. It'd sell like hotcakes here!



Terra said:

Not surprising in the slightest. These games always sell greatly.

@Cipher - You're probably right



No surprises. Is very fun and has lots of fun games. The multiplayer is very well done and the cast is attractive to the mainstream audiences. And is just plains works. Not to mention the Winter games happening at the moment, which lifts the momentum.



edhe said:


But why can't the "Official" (or realistic) games appear on the Wii as well?



nintenden said:

Mario sells, it would have sold as mutch without sonic in it, sonic is just in this game to fill up the roster of characters and because it is developed by SEGA. They didn't call it Sonic & Mario's Winter Olympics, which is very wise of them. This game is mediocre but has a strong and wide appeal.



The_Fox said:

You can make a cross over game version of "Everyone Poops" with Mario and Sonic and it would break the million mark.



retrobuttons said:

OMG you said poops, is that allowed on Nintendo Life? Anyways, this game is probbably fun for casual gamers and I'm glad there are games they can pick up and play.



M00se said:

how did this game sell? it sucks as much as the last one?!?!?!?!?! this is what nintendo should push AWAY from the crownd and bring int their AAA titles!



the_shpydar said:

Wait, this game has Curling? I didn't realize that, i may have to immediately buy another copy (got one a while ago for my sister's kids).

I love curling. And no, i'm not Canadian, so i realize that's weird.



mnementh said:

Sega should now publish MadWorld2 !! They're rich because of Wii, time to be more bold.



Sylverstone said:

Well, great for both companies. Those commercials for the game just keep popping up throughout Olympics coverage and I'm sure most people would love to snag a copy right now.

And the last statement was pretty funny. Now that's what I call the Olympics!

@Cipher: I sure hope another Mario & Sonic Olympics crossover will be ready for London 2012.



Octopod said:

@Egg Miester

Do you mean that you think curling sucks or do you mean the way it is done in the video game sucks or not done well



RyuZebian said:

The best thing with the video olympic games is that there's no casualties... Plus it's interactive for the viewer! Sure, you can cheer all you want on the skiers on TV, but you can't tackle them like you can with your friends who are about to win!



warioswoods said:

I'm starting to come around to the realization that the Sonic-in-Galaxy rumor could well be true.



sonic_brawler95 said:

I've been playing the DS version of the Winter games a lot lately, and I gotta say, I never knew how awesome it is. Bobsleigh FTW!!!



Capt_N said:

Gotta get this eventually!

@V8 Ninja: I wondered about a more traditional Mario/Sonic gameplay crossover. & even some gameplay where Mario is very fast, & Sonic is platforming...



rhythmheavenfan said:

I didn't like this game at all. Glad to see Nintendo seeing large sales, but I just didn't like it. Maybe it's just because I didn't give it enough of a chance, but then again, I didn't give it a chance because I didn't like it.



Incognito_D said:

I have the first one and don't like it so I'm giving this a miss. The best game of this type I enjoyed the most was International Track and Field on N64. That was perfect...apart from wrecking your controller and hand

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