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GTI Club Supermini Festa! Under Starter's Orders

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Trailer comes out of the garage

Konami has just released a video for the Wii instalment of its classic arcade franchise, GTI Club.

The publisher is set to publish a version of GTI Club Supermini Festa!, the third title in the series which was released as GTI Club+ Rally Côte d'Azur on the Playstation Network.

The game is famous for its handbrake turns, shortcuts and frantic battle modes; Wii racing fans can pop the cork on the champagne with the confirmation that all the fun will be playable online.

Konami is now warming up the tires for a release during Spring 2010.

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Sean_Aaron said:

This is probably going to eat Need for Speed Nitro's lunch just because of online. Are there any European cars in there other than the BMW Mini Cooper? I'd love to see some French cars in there!



brandonbwii said:

@Super Smash
I'd hope the game isn't dumbed down if it's retail Wii and was a PSN game to start with. Looks cool though. I noticed it's also coming to PSP. I'll be keeping an eye on this.



liammiller18 said:

I can't believe Konami is ripping off Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. That game deserved more attention.



Vinsanity said:

That actually looks pretty cool - I like all the car minigames. Though the game isn't THAT impressive visually, the online stuff makes up for it.

I'm still pissed at the pathetic caliber of kart racers on the console. First off, everyone knows Mario Kart Wii is broken and unbalanced. Why hasn't anyone stolen Diddy Kong Racing's weapon stacking system yet? It totally fixes any and all balancing issues, and they figured it out over a decade ago! Secondly, c'mon competition - no online mode? MySims racing, you disappoint me.

Hoping that the wii version of SEGA Superstars racing is solid...though if I get that, I'll be getting it for PS3, so I suppose I don't care...



JimLad said:

Adventuurrrrrrre RACING!
(Beetle Adventure Racing)
(or should that be Mini Adventure Racing?) ;D



barneygumble said:

@ JimLad
Konamis GTI Club was first (Arcades) , actually games like Beetle Adventure (N64), The Italian Job (GC) and lots others are kind borrowing ideas from Konamis GTI CLUB

@ JebbyDeringer
The Arcade Version had same spinouts, I hope the quality of the Wii Game comes close to the Arcadegame - and as we can see with lots of extra Tracks ( Arcade : 1 Track !! )



PhoenixRising said:

Yeah, but Beetle Adventure Racing actually looks better than this. Is this Wiiware and why would anyone want to play another game that forces them to make use of Nintendo's crappy friend codes? Please Nintendo, just ask EA to release Beetle Adventure Racing on the VC so we don't keep getting these overly expensive half-arsed remakes forced in our faces.

Phoenix is back again!



SNK said:

is this a wii ware game or or do u have to buy it from a store.



gingerbeardman said:

I loves this on the arcade and then later the recent PS3 remake (apart from the fact that the downloadable car pack was never released). I sold my PS3 long ago so I'm happy to buy this again on the Wii, especially with the extra courses and modes. Lots of unlockables. Thank you Konami!



barneygumble said:

The PS3 Car pack was released ( New Mini, VW Polo etc ) but it still has only the Cote de Azur Track Originaltrack which makes at very short but still entertaining game.

Playing on (japanese) Wii - there is a lot of differences to the PS3 Version. The handling is more simple ( or in my eyes more playable and Arcadelike ) but of course the grafiks are lacking the PS3 HD and small details like chairs that can be runover. The Original Arcadegame had a great atmosphere because of the bikes and Coffeshops with chairs, tables and running away passengers - the Wii Version ( and also PS3 ) Version is missing that, which is a pity.

The new Tracks for the Wii Version ( Italy, USA, England, Japan ) are perfect designed like the original France Course. The Minigames ( Soccer, Bomb, Tomato etc ) are a cool Bonus, not my type of game but well "bonus". Great racing game

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