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GhostSlayer Slicin' and Dicin' WiiWare Next Week

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Gevo Entertainment has revealed to Nintendo Life that its upcoming supernatural slasher GhostSlayer has been given a North American release date. Players will be able to go blade-to-ectoplasma with the ancient spookies on February 22nd.

Players take on the role of a GhostSlayer to fight off the hordes of the Ghost Queen in this MotionPlus-enabled rail sword-fighter.

Until then we've got a new gameplay video, and be sure to check out our interview with the game's producer, Lim Ming Jie, for more info.

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V8_Ninja said:

" this MotionPlus-enabled rail slasher."

All my hopes are diminished by those 6 words.



irken004 said:

If it's cheap then I'll consider a purchase. And I'll wait for the review.



longtimegamer said:

Sweet! I hope it's good. Unfortunatly, my fiancé asked to take the wii that week (birthday).



vakama94 said:

well if its good i might give it a try since i want some motionplus games



bro2dragons said:


ranting over, do you guys know if motion plus is necessary, or just featured? i am going to be very wary of this game, regardless, however, not because of the on-rails aspect, but because that was the single most unimpressive video i've ever seen. looking forward to the review.



BlueBandanaJake said:

I'll be waiting for a review, but I do hope this turns out to be a good one, it looks nice from what I've seen so far.



Malouff said:

How does this game end up getting released before "Rage of the Gladiator" by Ghostfire games?



Hardy83 said:

Yeah, I think people take the on-rails thing a bit too seriously and have no idea what they are talking about, considering some of the best games are "on rails" like Killer 7, Sin & Punishment and any side scrolling shooter where the camera is constantly moving really.

This game looks good.



Hardy83 said:

Also, I really REALLY hate how Nintendo makes companies put that damn WiiWare logo and rating thing at the beginning for a whole 10-12 seconds, that's just a ridiculous amount of time to have a stupid logo and a rating.



odd69 said:

I much rather this be a first person adventure where i have full control over my character than a Guided experience anyday.This does look great though



Ren said:

yeah it really annoys me the way people arbitrarily complain about "on rails" around here. A game in a vehicle on rails is one thing but operating a person on rails can't be dissmissed until it's been played. But I won't even get into it anymore, it's not worth it.
I don't know what to think about this, though. Looks like it could be a little slow; and whats with the invisible arms and hands? Hopefully the mo+ sword fighting gets intense enough to make it a fun, cheap, diversion.



Donatello said:

The best on Rails Experience for the Wii is the HOTD 2 & 3 Collection...HOTD 2 is a classic. and the IR with the nyko perfect shot is dead on like the arcade. HOTD Overkill was totaly mediocre and a dissapointment in comparison. I hated Umbrella Chronicals, but i kind of want to check out Dead Space Extraction



JimLad said:

A lot of people don't like having no control over their characters movement, you can't change that.

This game might be better than it looks, but that trailer does it little justice.



Sean_Aaron said:

Have people not played the fencing bits in Wii Sports Resort? Lots of fun and no control over the character, but I guess if you don't like that then you're not going to like this or Rage of the Gladiator or Punch Out! right?

@bro2dragons: according to the interview MotionPlus is optional, though I would expect it's a better experience.



paulcmnt said:

Why do I get the feeling you'll be able to waggle your way through this game from start to finish?



Vendetta said:

It has a "tech demo" look to it, in my opinion. Kind of like the slicing challenge in Sports Resort, except with creepies instead of household items. So production values, audio, and soundtrack (if any) will make or break this game for me.



Ren said:

the killer 7 kind of discussion is just what I mean. "on rails" can mean many things when you're talking about moving around as a person. the point is if you're doing all kinds of things with upper body sometimes it makes sense to limit your movement to occasional direction choices and focus the game on battle action.
The HOTD games you're focus is to blast things fast and accurately, not find stuff and sneak around in closets so thinking about where to go would just bog down the experience.
I guess if you must have control, you must have control. I actually feel the same ( or opposite) way about all rpg's. I won't play them because I hate wandering around blocky landscapes for hours with occasional breaks to meet up with pre-placed figures on a screen that determine fights by number values. Nothing is more boring to me.



Donatello said:

For me, Umbrella Chronicals was a total half artichoke attempt by Capcom.
The IR was clunky, the hit detection was horrid, the pacing was bad, the slowdown was terribly annoying at times, runs at 30fps and lower, the boss battles(take the Tyrant for example) half such a tiny Dead Zone when trying to take them down which because frusturating, it gets boring fast...actually for me, once I hit Racoon City(RE3 Nemesis Scenario) i was getting tired of it. And really, the outside areas of the game were the weakest, they look awful too. The Experience was just so mediocre for me, it's a poor man's Resident Evil/On Rails/Light Gun game.

Although, Darkside Chronicals looks better....I'm just alittle iffy on it though, i may give it a Rental. But knowing me I'll for sure buy Dead Space Extraction.

And really, I dont know which game I found worse....HOTD Overkill or Umbrella least Overkill doesn't have fake Widescreen Bars and sleep inducing gameplay, but Overkill isn't so pretty either, especially when it came to the weak sauce Boss battles.. Both games are letdowns, and I didn't really have any fun playing either of them.

Again, HOTD 2(especially) and 3 for the Wii own both games. IR is dead one 100%, both games run at 60fps, solid graphics(2 may be dated, but they're still decent) fast arcady gameplay, great Boss battles ect.



VegimightSamich said:

oh hell yeah i thought that this was still a ways off. I can finally use my Wii M+ on something aside from wii sports.



XCWarrior said:

I hope its at least decent. If it has an online leaderboard for scores and its $5, count me in. I want more WMP games, and I for one like on-rails games, though they have no business costing $50 EVER.



Vinsanity said:

I'm hoping for the best. But it'll have to be REAL good to be worth the price NOA will probably give it. They've been overpricing a ton of Wiiware games lately.



CanisWolfred said:

Looks pretty lame and methodical to me. I know other people have tried this before, and few have turned out all that good, yet all of them look better than this.



Objection said:

@Donatello-Gonna have to mostly disagree with you. While it could be argued that UC and DC have pacing problems (anything else wrong in UC was mostly fixed in DC) and Overkill didn't have the best engine. I found any one of the three far more enjoyable than HOTD2+3. It has about 2 hours of content with no save points and ridiculous bosses. I almost enjoyed HOTD3, but dying at the last boss and being forced to play the last hour again really puts a bitter taste in my mouth.



Sean_Aaron said:

Big fan of the Chronicles games here; I certainly didn't have issues with UC - mostly I liked them because they weren't regular Resident Evil games! This could be good; I'm prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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