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GhostSlayer Jumps Out, Goes "Boo"

Posted by James Newton

MotionPlus at the ready!

It's typical, isn't it? You wait months for a first-person, MotionPlus-utilising WiiWare title and then two come along at once. Not long after our hands-on with Rage of the Gladiator, Gevo Entertainment just emailed to let us know about its future WiiWare release GhostSlayer.

Like Rage, MotionPlus is optional for GhostSlayer, adding directional support to your attacks as opposed to the "shake it and see" approach used by the Remote alone. Familiar fighting gaming elements are present too, with special techniques, combo bonuses and directional blocking all available, with the emphasis on stringing together combo attacks to accumulate a high score.

Here's the official trailer to get you in a ghost-slaying mood.

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With different swords to unlock as you progress, a range of enemy characters and an interesting score attack element, GhostSlayer certainly looks interesting, and with a Q1 release date pencilled-in we shouldn't have too long to wait to see whether it cuts the mustard.


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Kirk said:

Looks a bit like Dragon Quest Swords but with a more scary theme/setting.
Might be interesting depending on how well it is put together.



longtimegamer said:

Looks awsome. I love me some horror themed games.

Pretty awsome that this is for wiiware. Hope it doesn't take too long to come out.



motang said:

FPS (S being slasher), looks pretty cool, will keep an eye on this one.



brandonbwii said:

Anyone else notice that there were no hands were visible moving the sword? I guess that makes it easier to implement motion plus controls when you have less to worry about animating or rendering.



V8_Ninja said:

Looks interesting, but not much else. If it is offered at a low price, then I might buy it.



Adroitone said:

My question is, can you control your character? I would like to be able to explore the world also.



EdEN said:

Well, it uses WM+, is on Wiiware and will be released before the end of the year. It will probably be 800-1200 Nintendo Points, so for an On-rails sword game it seems about right.



Gameday said:

aways down to see more gameplay , but i like different games in my collection so ill be paying attention to this more down the road

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