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First Impressions: Sin and Punishment 2

Posted by James Newton

Blasting, slashing, stunning – trailer inside!

It took forever (well, nearly) for Treasure's seminal N64 game Sin and Punishment to see a Western release, but thankfully the sequel isn't due to take anywhere near as long to find its way to your Wii disc tray, with a European release date of 7th May. When Nintendo offered us the chance to play it with the Wii Zapper on a huge projection screen with booming, bassy surround sound it would have been rude to say no.

Manouevring with the control stick and firing with the pointer, it feels very faithful to the original only far more intuitive: the implementation of the pointer allows pinpoint accuracy and makes picking off distant enemies truly satisfying. Not that your opponents keep your distance; they're more than happy to get up close, but thankfully you can take them out with your sword if they get a bit hairy. There's no button needed to swap weapons - holding B fires, tapping B slices. It's that simple, and although it takes a while to get used to it certainly saves your fingers a lot of strain.

Sin and Punishment 2 is action in its purest form, with swarms of enemies onscreen at any time and a kill counter running into the hundreds every level. The stages themselves encompass everything from derelict city centres crawling with tanks and turrets to underwater ruins and more, with some enormous bosses such as a forty-foot tall robot walker.

Simply put, it's a return to classic arcade spectacle: there's genuinely nothing like this on Wii and probably not on any other current consoles either. A good old-fashioned shoot 'em up, it's a very faithful successor to the original game and certainly has the potential to occupy hardcore blaster fans' itchy trigger fingers for quite a while. Think actions speak louder than words? Check out this incredible trailer, then.

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Donatello said:

Awesome, can't wait. but does anyone know if the game is running at 60fps or 30fps? The Same goes for Metroid: Other M



Dazza said:

Aside from Galaxy 2, this was probably my favourite game from the Nintendo Summit. I got a good 30 mins playing it and I have to say it really does justice to the N64 classic.

Being able to shoot by pointing the Wii Zapper at the screen was much more enjoyable than moving the cursor around in the original. The game is every bit as fast and furious, so it's nice to have a bit more freedom.

The game oozes so much style, it sort of reminded me of Capcom's P.N.03. This is a real arcade style blaster.

It's gotta be a preorder for me!



DarkLloyd said:

super mario galaxy in may
sin and punishment in june
metriod the other m in july

and other games this has to be a dream cuz theres no way epic games after awsome games come out month after month im going to isolate my self in my room



Digiki said:

Aesthetic is still semi-repulsive. (Well atleast it's not repulsive like the original)

Not something I'd buy as I like my games better than good.



KonsumKasse said:

Donatello: According to Sin and Punishment Iwata Ask (Jpn only) they began to try accomplish a running speed at 60 frames per second, when they heard that Super Mario Galaxy ran in 60 fps. So Sin and Punishment 2 runs in 60 frames per second.



gblock said:

SMG2 and S&P2 are must buys. NBA Jam in the fall, great year to be a Wii gamer!



vakama94 said:

damn, this game looks so good and if it has a killer soundtrack, then i might be broke because of the games i want



James said:

@Adam The 2P mode wasn't available to play as they only had enough Remotes for one per station. Shame



Adam said:

Me neither at first, Kid A! I was really disappointed to see on Wikipedia awhile back that it was only single-player. I'm glad I double-checked here though because my interest in this kind of game lies primarily in multi-player.

That's too bad, Pros. I can't imagine it being any worse than wonderful though, from what I've seen. Just wondering.



paulcmnt said:

Wait! Isn't this a rail shooter? The kind people were complaining that 3rd party devs keep making because they are too lazy or something?!



Amorous_Badger said:

Yeah but it's a Japanese rail shooter and therefore Hardcord, Inventive, Mature and Inventive, as opposed to Western rail shooters...



motang said:

Looking forward to this game, but my wallet doesn't like that fact that 2010 has started off to being so damn busy with awesome games coming out all in the first half of 2010.



James said:

@Bestbuck - Nintendo haven't said anything about a bundle but I reckon they'll put one together. It's really made for Zapper



rjejr said:

B to fire your gun and B to slash your sword? I know the WiiMote and Nunchuck stuck in that Zapper dohickey limits your options, but are theere any other options if you decide not to use the dohickey? I thought you would slash the Wiimote for sword but I guess that could really mess up your aim. Either A, C, or Z would work. Still haven't finished 1, guess I'ld better get back to work.

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