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Extreme Hangman Breaks Sales Records

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How do you spell "best selling North American game"?

While some studios are struggling to reach Nintendo’s download sales targets and actually make some kind of profit from DSiWare development, Gamelion Studios are having no such trouble with the platform.

Extreme Hangman, the developer’s first DSiWare production, has shot to the top of the sales charts since its North American release, and more than that, the game has been downloaded more times than any other piece of DSiWare software on sale in the States, beating heavyweights such as Bomberman and Dr. Mario.

The news has come to Nintendo Life directly from the developer, with a press release proudly exclaiming the achievement.

Extreme Hangman has sold more units, in just a matter of weeks, than any other game on the same storefront... the success is attributable to having the right title targeted at the proper demographic group of casual gamers.

Gamelion Studios are forbidden from revealing actual numbers, making it impossible to tell if sales records have been completely smashed or just pipped, but the developer is more than pleased with the results and have of course pledged to make further investment into DSiWare development.

Extreme Hangman will be released in Europe and Australia during Q2 of this year.

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Dazza said:

This is encouraging news for DSiWare developers. I wonder what other factors helped them to achieve such great sales? hehe



Birdman said:

This beat Mario vs. DK in a couple of weeks?????!!!!!????!!!!?? Wow, this just shows how dumb some people are, buying a virtual hangman game.



rosemo said:

@Birdman13: I agree. I am genuinely surprised by this. I have had no desire to buy Extreme Hangman at all, but the game is probably not target to me I guess. I just hope this doesn't encourage developers to bring out "Extreme Dots and Lines" instead of something more creative.



rosemo said:

Question for the author: You said that some studios are struggling to reach their download targets. I did not know Nintendo had download targets. Have some studios mentioned they are having trouble turning a profit? If so, which ones?



Birdman said:

Rosebud - Probably the smaller indie ones with games that never cracked the top 20 or had games that came out and faded into obscurity before people got DSi's for Christmas, like Powerhead games & Glow Artisan, WayForward and MFC, Teyon with Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter, etc. The list can go on for awhile.



0-Watt said:

I think it doesn't mean it has beaten everything LTD but, rather, beaten all other games for the last couple weeks.



primeris said:

sigh... EXTREME hangman...
Not a title I'd buy.
Unless it comes with noose add-ons to spice up multiplayer action.



Wildvine53 said:

I was completely surprised by this game. My cousin downloaded it, and we had so much fun playing it, I downloaded it as soon as I got home



jdarrell said:

I'm not *extreme*ly surprised. I think I saw even Arcade Hoops near the top of the charts for a long time. And didn't the calculator and clock apps do ridiculously well in Japan?



Mr_G said:

i downloaded the game cause i had 200 points left and couldnt decided on anything else. the game sucks! it doesnt deserve this kinda sales. I mean there is ridiculous load times everytime you have a new word. that is pathetic for a dsi game



piguy101 said:

How the heck did a "pencil and paper" game break the sales records? Does that mean it sold more than Internet Browser or Flipnote?



cheapogamer4life said:

Lately 200 point games have been taking over Dsiwares top 20 chart so im not really that surprized by this. Still happy with Bookworm for the Dsi so I wont be downloading this title. Great news for Gamelion though......



ToadFan said:

Ya you must be right . 200 points is the cheapest price for a dsiware game .



PhazonBlue said:

I find it interesting how nobody posting here, or anywhere it seems, has the game, yet it has sold more than any other game on the DSIware service. Something is not adding up and I would take this news with a tall glass of salt.



Token_Girl said:

Hopefully Ninty and 3rd parties will be more likely to want to price games more cheaply seeing how well these 200 points games do. Hopefully the added sales volume will make up the difference in prices for many games.



Nnooo said:

I think this news report/press release is very misleading. There is no way these developers can know if they have outsold everything else in the store to date. Instead we presume they are saying that they are the best selling title in the store currently.

This is great news for them However I do feel we should point out that myNotebook was number 1 across ALL DSiWare stores in the 3 weeks before Christmas and is still in the top 10 or 20 in most stores too. I therefore don't think it is very likely they have sold more (in total) than Mario VS DK, myNotebook or many of the other titles which have been in the top 20 for months.

Anyway congrats guys for making it to the top of the charts. Looks like a great little title.



Kirk said:

I'm not at all surprised.

I don't think enough developers have yet figured out that the casual market really is a HUUUUUUUGE opportunity for all kinds of game experiences and all types gamers if they just tap into it properly.

Games like Peggle, Zuma, Brain Age, Brain Training, Nintendogs, Wii Sports, Extreme Hangman, Doodle Jump, Farmville. Bookworm, Plants vs Zombies etc etc etc are making the smart developers out there a LOT of easy money.

Some developers are trying so hard to make all these really "sophisticated" high budget epic games when in reality they just need to make a handful of decent casual game, that are not crap, and they will make far more money far more easily.

The thing with the games above is that they are all actually really good games and capture the essence of great game design in that they are easy to pick up and play but often hard to master, they are not over-designed or confusing and it's easy to work out what to do and actually get into the games, they make you feel happy, they are actually a lot of fun, they are mostly very cheap, and anyone can enjoy them.

I've just started to realize that this pure, good old fashioned, and simple fun is what's been missing from so many of the more so called "hardcore" or "core" games for such a long time now. It never used to be like that in the days of the NES and SNES where games where often both "hardcore" yet at the same time pure and fun and uplifting, instead of being all monochromatic, dull and depressing/pessimistic, and lacking any real soul and sense of adventure or fun.

I think there's a whole lot of people out there who long to just have fun and play and get in touch with their inner child to escape the seriousness, responsibility, and pressure of the real world for a few minutes.

Playing the games above beats playing the likes of Gears of War any day in my book.



Yanagi said:

Hangman? Seriously?!

I'm not trying to downplay this title, or anything, but this is a game you can play with a pencil and a piece of paper for the cost of, well, a pencil and a piece of paper.

If this is the #1 downloaded game on the DSi, they must be doing something sublimely right or there is something seriously wrong with a lot of DSiWare titles.



videoqueen1000 said:

well, to my opinion, i think it will be fun. it may be fun when you are waiting in a huge line, in your car, on a plane, or anywhere you can squeeze some gaming into your life.



beedria said:

This game is so hard. Some of things on here I wouldn't have guess. But the game is still pretty awesome.

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