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Eduardo the Samurai Toaster Soundtrack Set Free, Is Toasty

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Includes new bonus songs not in the game

Along with a relaunched Web site for the rather good WiiWare release Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, developer Semnat Studios has made the game's full soundtrack available for free.

Composed by Raymond Gramke, the album includes all nine tunes from the game as well as seven bonus tracks too hot for original inclusion.

We rather liked Eduardo's 2D pastry shooting escapades when it was released last summer, so we heartily recommend snapping up the soundtrack. Can't beat free, eh?


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Machu said:

So I can have a free soundtrack, but I can't buy the game.




EdEN said:

The release in Europe is on hold since the sales here haven't been enough to make up for development cost, translation work, etc. It costs money to release a game in Europe and submit it for a PEGI rating.

Still, the soundtrack is available for download to all.



HOT-ROD said:

I got a good few hours of joy out of the game. The music was pretty tight. Free soundtrack makes me happy =D Anything with the word FREE makes me happy =D



Porky said:

I guess my purchase of this gem still didn't help Europe at getting this



odd69 said:

I enjoyed the game,art style and the music. I wonder why they cut this music from the game?



Vendetta said:

Hold up, hold up... I downloaded this soundtrack back in JUNE of last year. Direct from Gramke's site. And I even posted links here on the forums - again, back in the day. AND, didn't we just hear about Semnat Studios closing up shop? Or am I losing my mind (again)?
I'm guessing they have a NoE release up their sleeves.



vakama94 said:

good thing, i think more wiiware developers should make the original soundtracks of many games



Semnat_Daniel said:


Yeah Ray had some of the tracks available on his site, but this is a more complete collection of the music he made for us. We thought it might be good promotion to get a few more sales out of the game, and to give Ray's great work some more exposure. Any WiiWare devs out there looking to hire a composer, contact Raymond Gramke.

No NOE release, sorry guys. Really wish we could but it's beyond our means. We have a little 99 cent iphone game coming out next week which we'll have a site up for on launch day (the 15th), but yes there won't be any more games from Semnat Studios, though I am personally still pursuing projects.


The cut tracks were cut due to space.



Vendetta said:

Thanks for clearing that up, Daniel. Good luck with your projects! I hope the iPhone app is received well. I'd be personally interested in learning how that goes.



Starwolf_UK said:

@nintendogamerftw. No. Not even countries in the same region (like US > Canada) which always causes problems for Secret Santas...

It is cases like this that make me wonder why Nintendo was thinking region locking the Wii Shop. I mean WiiWare is meant to attract small publishers who can't afford translation and ratings yet NoE enforces these things...



EdEN said:

You CAN gift games to other countries in the same region... but still need to jump some hoops. If you want to gift from US to Canada or Mexico, BOTH consoles need to be set to the same country and that's it. Still, you MIGHT lose your Nintendo Points in your account if you keep going back and forth on the country setting (didn't happen to me, but some have said it happens).

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