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DS2 Rumour Is Rumour No More

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According to The Pokemon Company

Did you scoff at the recent rumours of a DS2 development kit doing the rounds? Well get ready to wipe that smirk off your smug face because according to CVG the machine is very real.

The website has been told by an employee at The Pokemon Company that they have indeed received DS2 development kits - although the tech is still at a very early stage in development.

The source has revealed that the new machine has a tilt function much like the iPhone, but also does much more. The mystery man also excitingly proclaims that it is the best thing he has ever worked with.

DS owners need not be too worried about any recent purchase however, as it is also said that this is the first version of the kit which has just been handed out on a trial basis for developer feedback.

With the unit still being at a relatively early stage, it is not expected that Nintendo will make any official announcement at the upcoming Media Summit.

Of course, the Big N remains tight lipped on the subject.


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Corbs said:

I bet E3 will be a nice place to announce it. We knew it was coming. And I'd bet my Smarties that the GB/GBC/GBA Virtual Console will be available on it as well.



Toon_Link said:

I wasn't gonna get a DSi XL anyway, I'll probably only get this if it has a Virtual Handheld.



Aenaida said:

I'm with Toon Link, although the "Virtual Handheld" (if it ever becomes a reality) must have Pokemon Silver with an eternal battery life in order to earn my money.



grenworthshero said:

Backwards compatibility is an absolute must. I've never had a DS, so I might get this one if I ever get the money for it.



Chunky_Droid said:

I won't be getting an XL, and this thing isn't likely to come out until late next year anyway, but very exciting if this website is right!




Stuffgamer1 said:

@Corbie: I hope you're right in that. I'm getting REALLY tired of waiting for the Virtual Handheld everybody wants but Nintendo won't sell us.



JaredJ said:

I like the idea of a GB/GBC/GBA virtual console. But I would also like the ability to transfer my wii vc titles as well. Although that may be asking a bit much.



Burning_Spear said:

I was planning on buying an XL, but now I have to rethink that. If this is something that is two years down the road, fine. Any sooner than that, and it probably doesn't make sense to invest in an XL.



Rerun said:

I'll still get an XL if the price is attractive and the screen is as good as they say. As for the DS2, it was inevitable.



Crystalking18 said:

DSi, DSi XL, and now maybe a DS2 announced? Didn't Sega do the exact same thing with Genesis, and it it nearly killed the company.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I feel kind of good that I half-believed the rumour.
Then again, I read some news about Pokémon and its sucessor being on the sucessor of the DS, so this is to be expected.



moomoo said:

I hope it keeps the single touch and two screens, but other than that, I'm all up for change, as long as TWEWY 2 is still possible . I hope the L and R buttons actually last the lifetime of the system. Licking gets really weird in public...



nintenden said:

DSi and DS XL are just other versions of a system that already exists, stop complaining about it, Nintendo is just giving us a choice between different versions. This is going to be a true succesor to the DS.

@Super Smash Bros. Fan1999

The tech is still at a very early stage in development.



Ren said:

awesome. this is nice and doesn't keep me from wanting an XL anyway. But then my old clamshell beast still works fine so maybe I should save the money for this. I hope they're stealing interface tips from that ipad thing, be nice to have a keyboard and stuff on a touch screen for the browser, in addition to the usual stuff. We're finally reaching a time when people DO actually want multiple functions in one device so it's all gotta work pretty well.



DK_vs_KK said:

They'll definitely have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm so excited to find out what they're going do with the DS2. There's so many possibilities. Hopefully, it'll be a gaming machine that can out-perform the I-pod Touch at least. I wonder when Sony is going to release their new handheld?



Kirk said:

I'm curious to see how Nintendo is going to make this a more attractive proposition than just buying the new iPhone or an iPad/tablet PC style device or whatever a year or so down the line...



V8_Ninja said:

DS2, DS2, DS2! It's driving me insane! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

People, Nintendo's next handheld console won't be the DS2. I know you already know that, but I have some weird relationship with this idea that makes me want to outright DESTROY anyone that uses that term. I'm sorry, but it's just some weird issue I have.



BL_Donth said:

@23 TWEWY 2 is possible? That's awesome!

Well, looks like my Lite's successor won't be a Dsi.
I'll get a DS2 if it even exist.
Anyone else thinks it's the Big N's Feb. 24th announcement?



warioswoods said:

As I've always said, the DSi will certainly have at least 2 years as the primary Nintendo handheld before a new model shows up. This latest news just seems to confirm that the DS2 is a long ways off; I'd say about a year and a half from now, but maybe just over a year (DSi's 2nd anniversary) at the very soonest.



LoopyLuigi said:

of course those of us with a PSP have been able to emulate a portable VC for ages now..... but in other news, it would be awesome to have a new nintendo portable, since the DS is showing its age already, especially compared to the iphone and psp. I just wish the DS's buttons were bigger, i have always found them to be too small



Ch3p3 said:

if they show the new console at the E3 2010, maybe will be the beta version like that happened befores with the DS, btw this will be dead of the iphone!!!! yay



Donatello said:

Everybodies guessing it will have GameCube-like graphics. On the other hand, High resolution graphics and Motion Sensing controls have been confirmed. nintendo Will most likely incorperate 2 Widescreens as well. A Virtual Hend held store would be fantastic as well for GB, GBC, GBA, Game Gear and even NeoGeo Pocket games ect.

I just need to get my damn DSLite back from my buddies place. I havent played it in a while. Will be skipping the DSi and DSi XL though



TwilightV said:

There's an article at GoNintendo saying a magazine from Japan is starting a rumor of a Virtual Boy 2 that will be a peripheral for the Wii. For now that's just a rumor, but if it were true i'd think i'd died and gone to Heaven... <3



TheLonelyGamer said:

I knew this whole DS 2 thing was a rumor.
That's a good thing too, because I just got a DSi for Christmas of '09.



aaronsullivan said:

Right. Not available any time soon and especially not being announced in a week or two. Did anyone think they weren't working on a successor to the DS though?

I'll be looking forward to seeing what it is. E3 announcement is not impossible, but Nintendo could probably wait until 2011 pretty easily. In fact, maybe the virtual console for the DS is the big 2010 feature to keep people interested until 2011 and the DS2. Let us speculate. lol.

Very interested in what there is besides tilt. Hmm...



Slapshot said:

Im betting it wont release for at least 2 years. Im betting November 2012, if this is really the first proto of the system.



Objection said:

Christmas 2011 is my prediction. It needs better graphics, no friend codes, faster online, backwards compatibility and GBA VC. Otherwise I'll stick with my current DS.



Xkhaoz said:

OH COME ON!!!! Okay, not that I'm not excited for this, it's just that I bought a DSi in June and know I'm saving up for a PS3. []TOO MANY THING'S TO BUY!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!![] Real Monsters, lol



TingLz said:

Oh no. Nintendo is working on their next handheld!! This is so surprising. Seriously, did people expect Nintendo to start working on it after the DS's success ended?



ckites said:

Every time i buy a Big N product they like to find another way to "make me" shell out another few hundred on a product that they will replace in a few "months"! [I bought a DS Lite, and four months later the DSi came out!] i wish the Big N would STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i guess they like money! My money!



nothankyou said:

This is kind of dumb, scince DSi- ware is finnaly rolling. I dont wanna cash in another 300 bucks so soon.



Percentful said:

ckites wrote:

Every time i buy a Big N product they like to find another way to "make me" shell out another few hundred on a product that they will replace in a few "months"! [I bought a DS Lite, and four months later the DSi came out!] i wish the Big N would STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i guess they like money! My money!

No one makes you buy them. If you feel you have to be up to date with your electronic devices, that's your fault. I do agree that it is a little early, though.



Ren said:

some of you complaining about this being too early are the same people who went out and bought the DSi just after getting a lite. Would this coming out in a year really stop you from getting it? No, and thats what they want. It's not like it won't be mostly backwards compatible anyway.



TingLz said:

The thing is everyone is freaking out that it might come out this year, which cannot be possible if this article is 100% true, unless Nintendo is a miracle worker



mastersworddude said:

Im a expecting a late 2011 release because the next generation of pokemon is coming this year in Japan and is confirmed to be on the current DS.



Rensch said:

Will Nintendo finally drop cartridges? It sure is not gonna be a download-only system since the PSP Go was a major flop.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Great news! It's about time. The DS is a really great handheld but it's already 5 years old. The DSi is only an uninspired update of the original in my opinion. It doesn't add much extra value instead loosing the backward compatibility.

I would expect of a DS2 a Virtual Console (with Gameboy, GB Color and GBA games), backward compatibility to DS games, really improved graphics by current standards (Nintendo should not save costs on the technical side again like they did on Wii) and the option of traditional controls (since I fear there will be cameras and motion controls included).



3230ru said:

I dont think "the best thing " will come too soon, maybe next year. And as soon as I already have DS, DS lite and DSi, I will definetly buy DSi XL while waiting for DS2 just to have full collection )



AWriterWandering said:

Rensch wrote:

Will Nintendo finally drop cartridges? It sure is not gonna be a download-only system since the PSP Go was a major flop.

I actually hope they stick with game cards. Optical is a battery hog, and digital distribution doesn't let you share or sell your games.



Nightsky071 said:

so many people seem happy. I'm not, the DSi pretty much just came out and now a new hand held is coming out. This is news, good and bad. I hope it doesn't come out too soon.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nintendo is going to have a hard time topping the success of DS and Wii with any successor hardware; I'm interested to see what they come up with, but they really do need to take into account the ability to transfer online content if they expect to get most people to upgrade.



SanderEvers said:

Apple releases a new iPhone / iPod touch EVERY YEAR. The DSi is nothing more than an upgraded DS Lite. Ofcourse Nintendo comes with a successor. I hope it does GC like graphics and has multi-touch.



Smileoscar said:

I just got a PS3 last christmas. Don´t make me want to wish for a new handheld now Nintendo. I want to be able to wish for something else than just videogames for once!! >:C



3230ru said:

maybe such short periods between releases of Nintendo handhelds are because N is not really sure about what customers need in its next handheld (I mean different aspects like camera etc.) so they upgrade DS step by step checking out the reaction, and also because the market is developing so quick today especially in the sector of mobile devices. maybe this step by step tactics is a "shelshock" reaction after GC crisis. their uncertainty could be also based on the fact that after all this years of GBC(A) success N finaly has strong competitor(s) in this sector...



cheapogamer4life said:

3 things the next Nintendo handheld system needs to have
1. online leader board for every game
2. some type of video player
3. Virtual console



TingLz said:

@Sean: Well the DS managed to outsell the Game Boy Advance, which at the time of the original DS's release people thought would have been impossible



ToastyYogurt said:

Let's SO hope that this isn't a joke! (It might be, though, as a second party is probably the least likely to spread a secret like this).



jhuhn said:

Well when we get DS2, it will be difficult to have DSiWare games transfered to a new system.



Capt_N said:

A portable VC would be nice indeed. If N decides to go such a route, I wonder if:
1. It will be a Virtual handheld, able to transfer games to/from a N console(Wii, &or w/e other consoles may come from them)?
2. For emulation it will have legacy (actual Gameboy) hardware in it, software, or a slight mix of both, like firmware? Or if each d/l will, much like the Wii be it's own "emulator" of sorts? Such a thing would be wasting memory, when 2 better methods exist:
1. The system(/handheld) itself has all it needs in terms of software, &or hardware built right into it, for complete emulation, &/or
2. A master emulation app/program is in the hardware, &/or software, but each rom/game image d/l would contain, not an entire emulator, but a configuration file(s) of sorts to better tweak the onboard emulator to more better suit the particular game, & to more accurately emulate it(the game).

If the aforementioned included tilt function is what I think it is, I have a feeling many games having a Kirby's Block Ball type of control scheme will come into existence. Interesting...

Depending on how big a hardware progression this DS will be from the current line, will most likely be the deciding factors on how N lets transfer of dlc go, imo. Then again, I could be wrong.



KiroX777 said:

if only nintendo did this early then we wouldnt feel like we wasted an entire gaming generation with the wii. ds2 WILL get 1080p im not saying it might because i know it will! nintendo wont be THAT stupid and pass up the best stuff again. im sorry i have been a big nintendo fan since SNES (i was born 1993) but after nintendo changed the name from revolution to wii that started my hatred towards nintendo. (wouldnt it be cool if the next nintendo console actually has the best of the best stuffed into it? then they can change the name from wii2/WiiHD to Revolution that would be cooool, plenty of people would definitely buy it just for that reason alone) all wii games and stuff went downhill and kiddie and boring i cant stand nintendo idk what the hell happened over there. but all nintendo does is hype things up then give you a piece of crap and make money off it. its like nintendo is a con artist and just doesnt give any crap and just try to make money off you. i respect companies like Mitsubishi that put effort into their products (TVs) they put the best of everything make sure you get everything you need their newest tv has EVERYTHING every feature is something that cant be topped. even includes 3d mode so you are ready. why cant nintendo have that mentality? they just only care about their money they dont give a shxt about their fans (their real fans that stuck by them for so long) other wise brawl would be soo much better and more for the hardcore players (the actual fans of the series)



AWriterWandering said:

It wasn't changed to Wii. "Revolution" was always just a codename... in other words a place holder they used until the actual name was decided on. Many previous Nintendo consoles had codenames. For instance Project Reality, Project Atlantis, and Dolphin were the N64, Game Boy Advance, and Gamecube respectively.



Capt_N said:

Project Atlantis just sounds so cool...

On another note:
N's march-to-the-beat-of-a-different-drum(sometimes their own) mentality has both worked for them, & against them in the past. I don't know how they will approach the hardware/internal software specs of their next console, & handheld. I could be wrong, but I seem to recall N being a bit here, & there during development about the Wii's hardware, & about it being a competitor against the other machines, then settling on saying the Wii wasn't going to compete in the hardware-arms race. Imo, N likes to settle for functionality over high-horse-powered tech, this gen anyway. Probably if they started to see fall-off of sales of both hardware/software, then they might try to compete in hardware again. Then again, this is all just my opinion, not fact necessarily. So I could be completely wrong.



Dsiwarehunter said:

Too many DS stuff! I can't keep on upgrading! What happens to my Dsi ware when this comes out? : (



Namo said:

Careful, if it functions TOO much like the iphone, we're screwed. Why?

There'll be a new one every week.
Drop it and you need a new one.
Get it wet and you need a new one.
Finger grease will seep in through the screen and kill the internal machinery (Yes, that happens.)



mushroomer said:

okay, i have a new business model for nintendo. in game advertising and free games. imagine you buy a ds2 in the summer of 2011. you open it up and you see that there is about 10 games on it for free. but here is the catch. you click the NES version of Super Mario Bros, or so it seems but everytime you hit the ? block thinking a mushroom will come out, instead the McDonalds "M" comes out and everytime a player collects an M, McDonalds pays Nintendo 10cents. Each level could be a different company or the whole game could be McD's exclusive. And that is what makes the game free for us. What do you guys think of this business model?



TLink9 said:

Here is there plan
1. Sell as much DSiXL as possible
2.Wait till sales die off and announce DS2
3. Repeat with slightly better versions to take money.

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