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Dead Space Extracted From Wii?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Full HD version rumoured for XBLA and PSN

Dead Space Extraction was one of 2009's unexpected gems, offering tense action and a polished production values. Sadly the game sold very poorly at retail, which might be why EA is apparently investigating ways of delivering this on-rails blaster to a wider audience.

Kotaku has reported on a survey for "possible incentives" for unlockables in Dead Space 2, including "Dead Space Extraction HD":

One survey's description of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of Dead Space Extraction indicates that any planned port of the game would feature the same on-rails "guided first-person experience" gameplay, pitched as an "interactive horror experience" in "full HD." A tentative price of $15 USD was mentioned in the survey forwarded to Kotaku.

Whilst this will probably come as welcome news to Xbox and PS3 owners and fans of the series it strikes us as a real shame that EA is having to resort to such desperate measures to salvage the cost of developing what was previously a very solid Wii exclusive.

We for one would welcome another "Extraction" style game for Wii, does this shift make it any less likely? Hopefully not.


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Thomas_Joseph said:

DS:E was one of my favorite titles from 2009. Hopefully EA will not forsake the Wii with future titles, though one can imagine they will.



AlexSays said:

Good. They need to make money somehow. Opening up a lemonade stand in front of the studio might have raked in as much cash as the Wii game.

And PS3/360 owners deserve to see the other part of the story. After all, it's their franchise. It belongs on those consoles.



irken004 said:

Speaking of which AlexSays, I'd love a Wii version of LittleBigPlanet. The IR controls would be nice.



Golgo said:

@ AlexSays:

It's not 'theirs' and doesn't 'belong' to them. I bought it on PC so it belongs to me, me, me y'hear?



warioswoods said:

Exclusivity is rarely permanent these days. Resident Evil 4 was a Gamecube exclusive for a while, but of course was eventually ported to PS2 in order to reach a wider audience; even the much-heralded exclusive Xbox GTA:IV episodes will be seeing release on the other platforms soon.

The perks of "exclusivity" are no longer that the game will remain exclusive, but rather that you get it first on your console and, more importantly, that the game is developed from the ground up with your console in mind, which makes all the difference in the case of the Wii.



Sean_Aaron said:

Watch this sell like crap on HD consoles because the simple fact is that most gamers don't seem to want lightgun shooters. This is coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys this game and has a shelf full of lightgun games for the Wii.



SwerdMurd said:

@irken - there aren't any actual facts supporting this, but I was under the impression LBP was developed by someone on the Sony in-house side....but yeah I'm pulling that out of somewhere I'd rather not mention. I agree though--level editors with IR are great.

If I'd gotten Extraction for $20 initially instead of $50, I'd probably buy it on PS3 as well. As it stands, hopefully an account sharing buddy will get it cause I wanna see how the controls work.



JakobG said:

I second irken.
Save for the online-play, I have no idea what Little Big Planet is not doing on the Wii.



Good. Send this mediocre game to where it belongs: to the cinematic boringness of the HD twins so it can BOMB again. I am tired that everybody treats this game like a "masterpiece snobbed by the wii ztoopds". Is a medicre game. Good looking yes but mediocre.

Wii users are not dazzled by bells and whistles but by solid gameplay. DEE doesn't offered that. Is nothing but aboring point and shoot movie.



Golgo said:

As SweetMurd suggested, LBP is a Sony flagship title.
You'd be just as (un)likely to see Mario on PS3.



moomoo said:

They need the money. 15 dollars seems a little cheap, though. It should be 20 or 30. It probably won't hurt sales all that much.



HappyHappy said:

I don't blame them, though I would agree with moomoo about making the game 15 dollars. On the Wii it cost 50 dollars and they are making an HD port cheaper than it needs to be.



brandonbwii said:

Alexsays is right in that the fiction needs to be spread evenly. Unless they had once planed to port the original Dead Space to Wii then Extraction should be on the HD consoles.

I didn't mind DSE being a rail shooter. I didn't like that it was used a way to gauge core interest in Wii. If you went crazy with core titles like Sega then okay, but don't give us one game in one genre and say core games don't sell.

You could also say though, when Capcom started releasing the RE series on Gamecube, it was meant to be a Nintendo franchise and look at what they give Nintendo console owners now. (Yes, I know it truly started on Playstation, but there were various statements on how they were going to stick to Nintendo platforms at one time).



Supermarioman said:

Well I don't know how the sales for the first Dead Space were, but I'm pretty sure Dead Space dosen't have a massive fan-base, so its not likely those players aren't going to buy a Rail Shooter as opposed to their FPS or even get a Wii just to play the prequel. However for all of you who like Dead Space 1 and own a Wii and like Rail Shooters, Shame on you for not buying it, yet....



vherub said:

it's a well made game, hope it gets more sales, I'd certainly like to see more dead space



mnementh said:

i hope it doesn't happen. ps3/xbox360 actually deserve nothing. their franchise? wtf? no. the wii should get dead space and dead space 2 instead.



darklinkinfinite said:

Dead Space Extraction definitely deserves better than what its gotten but at the same time, I really don't know how EA came up with their target figures. From what I've read, the sales figures for Extraction are right in line with what they should be for the console and genre. Take a look:

I personally loved the game but at the same time, probably moreso than the original Dead Space if only because Extraction's focus on the story doesn't leave me feeling like an errand boy 75% of the game. As much as I liked Extraction, there's some definite room for improvement as an overall package.

As short as the story was, I felt it was a good length because it was well paced and nothing seemed thrown in there to pad the length. Still, there should've been more to do on the game disc overall. Side missions would definitely have made the game more interesting and still kept the converging/diverging stories feel of the Dead Space franchise. They could have added a few short bonus missions following Weller's security guards as they made their way to the shuttle bay or following Vincent's team (who made a brief appearance in Extraction) as they fought their way through the Ishimura (maybe re-enacting some scenes from Downfall), or maybe even a short segment playing as Nicole.

As it is now, the only thing to do after the storyline is some shooting in the challenge maps or read the original Dead Space comic which was released before the first game and was included twice over with the Limited Edition of Dead Space and available for free online. Extraction could've, at the very least, included the Dead Space Extraction comic that came out a few months before the game.



Chrono_Cross said:

So Wii owners pay $50 for the game in retail with no HD and PS3/360 owners pay $15 and get HD?




Starwolf_UK said:

To be fair the game flopped at $50 and can be easily found for less than $30 (which is still isn't selling great at). Still I'm interested to see how the port is (and of course, the sales figures; it would be curious to see where the problem is; the audience or the game).

To be honest the main problem with the game is it is a light-gun game that comes a bit short on the action instead focusing on the story (which is great for one time but after that you can see why games like Ghost Squad, House of the Dead are more appealing).



Ristar42 said:

I found it a bit boring... Nice concept though, now port the original to the Wii, eh EA?



KrazyKain said:

ah, a sad state gaming is, when a great game like this wont sell, until they re-release an identical but shinier version of it.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Well, there's a shock...

I bet it's only a matter of time before Silent Hill: SM gets ported to the HD consoles as well, after all "it's their franchise"...


Also, what Xkhaos said...



BlueFlameBat said:

Isn't a pointer or gun peripheral essential to the enjoyment of this game? I think PS3 has one for a Time Crisis game, but what does Xbox 360 have? Even if I get Natal, I don't want to use my finger as a gun barrel. I'm sure as hell not buying a game where I have to use control sticks to point a cross-hair unless it's a free-roaming FPS.



ejamer said:

LOL at everyone begging for Wii exclusives. Outside of first-party titles, the days of exclusive gaming are (mostly) dead. Who cares what other platforms a game comes out on, as long as it is accessible to fans?



AVahne said:

hmmmm, lets see, so HD owners gotta buy a light gun peripheral now to play it, or is the game going to go lame and use the analog stick? an analog stick for a light gun game is just retarded



DarkLloyd said:

well if its going to be in digital form then i may as well get the physical copy for wii



AlexSays said:

Nah it belongs on the HD consoles (oh and the PC! lol).

That's where it reviewed the best, that's where it sold the best, and that's where it was first introduced.

The Wii got a 'lite' version of the game to test its waters and it failed. Now the developers don't have to feel bad about enhancing the game and giving it to other people for a cheaper price.

I also agree with the laughing at Wii owners begging for exclusives. That and people saying 'oh but the Wii controls!'.

Oh and I hope everyone here realizes LittleBigPlanet is a Sony game. lol



Gabbo said:

From where I sit it looks to me like the vast majority of Wii releases are exclusives. And I would imagine that the vast majority of them will remain Wii exclusives.



Brainhost said:

Seriously, it is a terrific game. Why is no one buying this? I just do not understand.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

its sad that we are slowly losing everything we have (atleast most third party games) dead space NMH possibly NMH2 and just about anything else M rated and it really sucks because it seems like most wii gamers are not going for the big veriaty that we have.

i just hope TVC stays with us because pretty soon ( hardcore gamers are gonna have to turn other than the wii soon



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

if they could put cod 4 and cod waw on the wii the exact same as they are on the other systems why not do the same with dead space.

they even did it with RE4 ! whats the problem
the wii can get what the other systems get too!



warioswoods said:

The game certainly won't be the same unless they use similar IR / pointing tech on the other systems. The controls on this one were satisfying in a way no rail shooter I've played has even approached, down to little details like merely needing to turn your gun sideways (ie. gangster style) in order to use the alt fire for each weapon. Very smooth and intuitive throughout.



Willy105 said:

Developers seem to be digging their own graves. They are even starting to refer to the HD consoles as wider markets.



AlexSays said:

Well it's wider than the Wii's if that's what you're talking about.

The Wii has the second largest user base this gen.

Sure that gap is closing but if you factor in Wii owners lack of a proclivity for buying games the other market might always be bigger.



Nightsky071 said:

I don't blame them, High voltage just made The grinder go to all the systems. Its not a bad move though, I wish Deep Silver would have been able to put Cursed Mountain On the other two consoles before they got shut down.

People will complain about wii not getting good exclusives but how can they when Nintendo has pretty much oriented the Wii being for children and Non-gamers. So many wiis have sold yet not used. I've gone to friends houses who have a wii............... As a shelf item pretty much, they prefer the other two systems. I of course play my wii, but complain about it having almost no games. The only reason I still have it is for Moster Hunter 3. Thats bout it.

And I mean, why not put on the other consoles. Better graphics, online, etc. They may not have wii controls but that doesn't mean they can't make their own guns for the systems. They just gotta price the guns and stuff low. I mean duck hunt did it, so did Time crisis



Chatham said:

This, along with announcements for The Grinder (multi-plat) and No More Heroes Paradise (360/PS3 'sequel') marks the beginning of the end for the "Mature"/"Hardcore" titles on Wii save for a few first party offerings.

Sony's Gem/Wand (whatever it's called now) judging by the tech demos I've seen would work better than the Wiimote with this kind of title.

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