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Castlevania: The Adventure is Reborn in Europe Next Week

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Get your Belmont on

Good news, vampire slayers.

The release date for Konami's WiiWare undead party Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth has snuck onto the Nintendo Channel in Europe (spotted by Nintendaan), revealing that you'll be able to take on Dracula and his cronies on February 26 for 1000 Wii points.

Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth is the third entry in Konami's retro sequel series and is made in the mold of a 16-bit platformer that is closer in design to Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood than it is to the "Metroidvania" style of Symphony of the Night.

We thought it was pretty fang-tastic when it released in the US and much, much better than its source material. Look for it in the Shop Channel next week.


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SwerdMurd said:

congrats! You Yerps (my new shortened term for Europeans. It'll catch on) finally get to experience the splendor.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Enjoy it. This is a strong contender for my favorite WiiWare release...and I wasn't much a fan of Castlevania as a kid. It makes me want to go back and buy them on the VC for a reappraisal.

I loved this. The difficulty is the fairest kind of brutal.



A-SWE said:

Finally! Feels like ive been waiting forever, now just give me Super Mario Kart and im all set



Digiki said:

Bad news, vampire slayers.

It's a weak Castlevania entry, with a particularily weak soundtrack.



y2josh said:

A weak Castlevania entry is still a good game, Digiki

Bout time Europe got it.



SepticLemon said:

Two words...

About, Time! lols...

I hope to see Trip Beat Void, Master Blaster Overdrive, Muscle March, Pole's Big Adventure and Cave Story soon!



odd69 said:

I enjoyed this game alot, i think it deserves all the credit that it can get. This is actually my favorite Wiiware game besides MM9.



Donatello said:

It is the weakest Classic Castlevania game I've ever played, but it's still great nonetheless. And I wouldn't say the sound track is weak at all. there are a few good remixes. I especially love Stage 3 'New Messiah' it's just fantastic.

And the game keeps on getting better and better the further you get and there are some solid boss battle through out. But it lacks the creative, moody and innovative spark that Castlevania IV had. IV is in another league and to me it's the greatest castlevania game period. And seriously, they should of brang back the controllable dangly whip move from IV! ;p

Anyways, I'd give this game an 8/10
I just wish Konami would of created more stages and put more imagination into it. I definitly had a better time with this when compared to Contra ReBirth.

Actually...II: Simon's Quest is the weakest if you ask me....The Day to night transitions were annoying as hell, some of the bosses were lackluster(the last especially), there were ridiculous and unthinkable moments were you would need a cheat guide just to get past certain spots otherwise you were screwed. At least it had an amazing sound track.



Corbs said:

I think Simon's Quest is the best Castlevania. Had a little more challenge and meat to it. Exploring the towns was fun too. I also beat it back in the day with no help and no strategy guide. Just some serious wandering around and trial and error. I tend to consider Castlevania IV and Bloodlines as the weaker Castlevania releases, much more so than Rebirth. That's just me. I normally stick to the NES releases and the PC Engine Rondo of Blood for my higher end Castlevania experiences.



Donatello said:

speaking of Rondo of Blood, when is it hitting the VC in America?
I still need to play Bloodlines as well...

and IV one of the weakest Corbie? no way! ;p
It had thee best Castlevania Sountracks as well if you ask me...And you cant deny the awesomeness(And insane challenge) that is III: Dracula's Curse which is my 2nd favorite of the Classic Castlevania Franchise. The Original is fantastic as well.

ReBirth while good, wasn't as challenging(although it was near the end) as previous Castlevania games. The only real trouble the game gave me were the last 2 levels. And the environment patterns repeated themselves too much.

On another note out of totaly WiiWare randomness, IGN gave Blaster Master Overdive a 6.5!? what the hell man.



Corbs said:

You're right, Dracula's Curse and the original are top shelf. I just happen to find Simon's Quest the best of the bunch. And I was a little surprised to see the 6.5 on IGN for BM. I expected around a 8.2 or so.



GC-161 said:

Ignore what those two canucks said about this game. They're just pissed because they're hosting the worst winter olympics...EVER. (I kid!)

Nah, Rebirth is pretty good. Try playing on hard mode cuz all the videos I've seen about this game (even on gametrailers) show the game running on EASY mode. No challenge at all in that mode.

The weakest entries of the series IMO are Castlevania 64, Castlevania Legends and Dracula X for the SNES.

And I'm woth Corbie. I beat Simon's Quest without any help, guide or anything at all but several bags of chips and soda. It took me a month (not a real month as in 30 days, but within a month).

And here's a reminder that Reborn or Rebirth does have a LEVEL SELECTION trick that allows you to start at any level that you have previously unlocked or beaten.



Corbs said:

I wasn't counting the N64 titles. And the SNES version of Dracula X is fairly mediocre. I try to forget them, to be honest.



Master_Barney said:


Super Castlevania IV is great, best sountrack, graphics and control over the whip. Simon's Quest the best??? If you would be part of a jury and had to make an objective decision about this matter Simon's Quest would be the best?



GC-161 said:

Legacy of Darkness wasn't as bad as the original game, though. Konami actually fixed several of the issues Castlevania 64 had (craptacular controls and the collision detection system among other things). It even used the expansion pack thingie for high res visuals. Yet it was still plagued with a lousy camera.



Corbs said:

I've been playing Castlevania games for the better part of 24 years. I still remember getting the first NES Castlevania game for my 15 birthday after it had just been released. I've played them all and I can say, without hesitation at all, that Simon's Quest is my favorite.

Here's my Top 10:

1. Simon's Quest
2. Dracula's Curse
3. Rondo of Blood
4. Castlevania
5. Symphony of the Night
6. Castlevania Rebirth
7. Castlevania Chronicles
8. Order of Ecclesia
9. Harmony of Dissonance
10. Belmont's Revenge



Donatello said:

@SatoriSatya....Bah, i could care less about the Olympics. It's not exciting at all to me in the least. THAT's exciting.

What do I care for a bunch of people who train their asses off in which ever support to become the best. I know it's a cultural thing and yadah yadah. but to me that's not entertainment, it's boredum ;p

I'm all about imagination, art, creativity, fantasty ect. I'm a Nintendo and horror movie nut....Sports dont interest me at all, yet i grew up playing baseball and basketball when i was a kid ect. Seriously though i just dont see the appeal watching a bunch of rich retards banging their sticks around while hitting a puck into a net. if you call that entertainment then just strap me to a rocket and send me off to the



GC-161 said:

"i just dont see the appeal watching a bunch of rich retards banging their sticks around while hitting a puck into a net. if you call that entertainment then just strap me to a rocket and send me off to the"

^^^^ Wow, never imagined a Canadian would say that about hockey. No sir, no sir, no sir!

Anywhoo, I really liked Simon's Quest. Despite the fact that Dracula was a joke as the final boss. The difficulty was in GETTING to that last screen with him. Having to solve obtuse puzzles that made zero sense and trying to interpret what those NPC's were trying to tell me.



Donatello said:

Nope, hate hockey and all sports I don't care if I'm canadian, i don't follow the crowd, i like what i like ;p

And what about the GameBoy Castlevania games? I've heard II: Belmont's Revenge is great. Too bad it's such a rare and expensive find.



GC-161 said:

Yeah but reading you say that is like a Brazilian saying that soccer is dumb. It's amazing to find such rare specimens such as you around.

I already mentioned a GB game... Legends. Pretty boring game IMO. The GBA games have that Metroidvania feel to them.. me no like 'em too much.



Donatello said:

I'm not a fan of the Metroidvania Castlevania games either. SOTN for me, was just alright. I got so annoyed with the endless amount of weapons you could get, it just seemed too overwhelming. The Boss battles didn't flow as tight as the classic games either and werent as fun if you ask me. Most of the Music was solid...but eh, the game just wasn't compelling for me and I missed the awesome platforming from the previous games.

Dont get me wrong though, i LOVE Metroid, but Metroidvania style Castlevania just doesn't do it for me. As for Legends that the first GB game which everybody seems to hate. II on the otherhand is supposed to be great.

On another note, which castlevania was the toughest for you guys?
For me it had to of been III: Dracula's Curse.

And yes, i guess i'm a rare specimen indeed ;p
People Watch sports and bet for cash, or play cards for cash....I 'videogame gamble' baby
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and SSB Brawl are my two pics hehe.



GC-161 said:

If I remember correctly, beating Castlevania III with Trevor (and only Trevor) was pretty hard for me back in the days.

The thing about the GBA Castlevania games is that they have you collecting stuff which for Metroid is fine and good but not for CV since that slows you down. I grew up with the idea that Castlevania games were really ACTION games. So I always had a difficult time getting down with those GBA games where you had to explore and find stuff. Maybe it was the tiny screen that turned me off from playing GBA games in general... I dunno. The only GBA game I really got into was Pokemon (don't laugh) and only because I was addicted to collectin' those dang critters.



sugoisabarashi said:

Does this include AU?
(Because Gradius Rebirth and Contra Rebirth where not released in AU for
some reason.)



CrazyOtto said:

Gradius Rebirth IS available in Australia, just not Contra Rebirth. Castlevania Rebirth should make it to AU.



Mike1 said:

The only Metroidvania Castlevania game I liked was SOTN. The others I never enjoyed.



SwerdMurd said:

This new "IV is the best!" kick needs to stop. Atmospherically it was great, but it broke too hard from tradition and wasn't designed around it. Rondo was a much better new generation Castlevania...

3 still wins though, and this game was great. And like Corb, I beat CV 2 back in the day with no help/guides, and I was a child! More proof, as if it was needed, that AVGN, while an amusing waste of time, has the game-playing skills of a thumbless bowl of soup.



GC-161 said:

AVGN was never suppose to be an expert gamer, though. The deal with him James (AVGN) is that he plays a nerd (it's all an act, see) that gets the vapors whenever he finds a crappy game and/or discovers a game with a challenge.



nasachi said:

ahhhh finally, great, have been waiting for this

another must have, 2010 starts so great for Wii-gamers, i need more time to play all those great games



sugoisabarashi said:

@Clinker Oh ok Its just that I thought none of them where
released because I recall looking on the Wii Shop Channel and
not seeing Gradius Rebirth, but my mistake.



primeris said:

I liked Aria of Sorrow. I also liked Simon's Quest, but in retrospect, it does have some seriously dumb flaws. SOTN and other metroidvanias were fun. I'd say Drac's Curse was the best as far as combining fun gameplay, exploration and challenge. Order of Ecclesia failed to grab me for long. I'm not a fan of the cutesy Japanese humor or graphics or cultural references in Castlevania games. It's Transylvania, dammit! Rebirth was fun, but I have to play it on hard mode. Normal was a little too easy...



xesbeth said:

I was a bit disappointed by this Castlevania...not the Adventure I knew and I expected better music remixes like Gradius and Contra rebirth.

Castlevania Rebirth is a nice game though.



jaguarman said:

Good news, back to the retro I have all the castlevania games, and my fave is castlevania new generation on megadrive,is the best castlevania game ever.



SNK said:

its about time this game come out in EU.ive been waiting since it came out in jap on the 27th oct 2009,this is FAB news.




A "hardcore" week next week with this game, bit trip void and dracula undead awakening coming! Not for me, but good for the EU WiiWare service I guess.



Bass_X0 said:

I've had a space free for this game for several months now. Finally I'll be able to fill it.

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