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Big Nintendo News Incoming

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But what could it be?

Sometimes it seems that looking forward to upcoming games is more exciting than playing what’s on the shelf. The anticipation of a new instalment in a favourite franchise is enough to drive many to stalker like tendencies as the internet is scoured for any nugget of new information. Nintendo knows how crazy we can all get, and on February 24th plans to show the world something big in its Q1 Media Summit.

Perhaps Sonic could be confirmed as a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy 2? Could the new Zelda really be shown as a first person adventure game? Will Nintendo finally explain what the heck Metroid: Other M is all about? Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll all be blown out of the water with an announcement of something completely unexpected.

We all have our dreams, and with nothing more to go on than “something very special lined up”, we are all invited to speculate what it could be... what do you hope for?


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Objection said:

Well, E3 is a long wait, so I look forward to any and all announcements then. (PSSST, Starfox Wii, please!)



TwilightV said:

I just know it'll be something huge. Maybe they'll even do something nice like they did last year with the Virtual Console Arcade launch!



pixelman said:

I'm excited! Hyper! Wooooo! Heart beating crazy!!! better not be the Vitality Sensor.



Natie31 said:

If its the Super Mario Galaxy 2 it comes out in Dec. they should announce it then, they are working on a new Mario DS game hope they announce that!



madgear said:

The virtual console arcade announcement was a year ago? I was so excited about that and all I've got out of it is Golden Axe. Where's Final Fight, Street Fighter 2 and TMNT eh? eh? It's been a year!



Snipes said:

I'm hoping for more controller (Not motion) centred gameplay on some of the new games.



theguitarhero said:

I know this sounds overly fanboy-ish, but if the next Zelda game really is a first person adventure I'll never play another Nintendo game again. There is absolutely no reason why it should be an FPS of any kind.



NFreak007 said:

Whatever it is, the internet is bound to hate it, just like it hates anything that any company announces no matter how good it is. Unless it's something REALLY bad I'll probably be pleased. Shame I'll probably be the only one...



Snipes said:

@brandonbwll Yea I kinda agree.... Lately Nintendo has failed to impress me with their new outcomes. It gets over-hyped and then makes me regret buying it because of its actual quality.



Caliko said:

@Chrono Cross

You missed his point. He means he isn't a crybaby like most of you.

I remember everyone bashing Nintendo when they announced MoptionPlus and now everyones cries because there aren't enough MotionPlus compatible games....



Chrono_Cross said:

Release dates for Galaxy 2, Metroid, and even Zelda would be very nice, lol.

None of us are crying. This is freedom of speech and anyone who has joined this site can say what they want to. If you have a problem when people say what they want to hear, then you should really get over yourself.



warioswoods said:

If Miyamoto would walk out on stage and punch a floating question block in order to kickstart their big reveal, I'd be giddy.



JebbyDeringer said:

Well I'd rather a 1st person Zelda over another Twilight Princess. Last thing we need is another Zelda following the same formula. I don't care where the camera is as long as the game is really good.

I predict a sequel to Gyromite or Battle Clash.



Reala said:

Freedom of speech does not mean you can say what ever you want to here, people get edited and even banned for saying things which go against the rules here, like any other site or business you cannot just say as you please, freedom of speech doesn't cover such things.

Back on topic I expect we will hear more from whats confirmed, more teasers with not a lot of new content I'm guessing, most likely have to wait for E3 for that.



tweaker said:


Agreed. It seems like every day, people swear they're going to stop watching a certain TV network because they canceled a favorite show, or boycott a movie company due to a decision on their part, or stop doing business with a console manufacturer because they mishandled a favorite series.

What is the point of that? And no one ever follows through on threats like that. Review sites exist for a reason. Watch or buy the things that are good, and forget the rest. Encourage good production values by buying well-made products, even from people who did poor jobs in that past. Butthurt accomplishes nothing.


Mine too.



Aronos said:

Pikmin 3 ???
Please, oh please, oh please!!!!

Or, F-Zero. I will be happy with either of those, or both, or anything! lol



jcgamesx said:

umm... Pokemon 5th gen has been confirmed.. ( so this could be the announcement. I hope..



Kawaiipikachu said:

Hopefully a DS successor as the DS been around for 5 years & the DSi can only fool so manu customers .



warioswoods said:

@34, @41

I may be the only one here, but an announcement of Wii Music 2 (or Wii Music Plus) would be a dream come true. That being said, it's not very likely, which is bad for me but great for the rest of you.



Corbs said:

Gotta be the Virtual Console for DSi. GB/GBC/GBA games galore!



Starwolf_UK said:

Monster Hunter 3, DSi XL, a surprise (may be big or small), possibly another system menu (4.2 did come out a while ago).

Nintendo of Europe is also doing one pretty shortly after. For some reason Nintendo of Europe likes giving more of a spotlight to WiiWare and DSiWare (pretty ironic considering European releases on both these services) so I expect that for Europe.



Jave said:

@Corbie @Gavin Rozee

Man, GB/GBC/GBA games on the DSi is something I've been waiting for so long. I don't want to get too hyped, though.

As for DSi XL, I suppose they could use Super Game Boy styled graphics with borders.



warioswoods said:


Since the dpi is lower on the XL, it's actually closer to the original low-dpi Game Boy experience.


Yeah, I wish they'd quit tricking me into downloading highly original and entertaining games for a fraction of retail price.



V8_Ninja said:

I'd bet the successor to the DS, since I don't think a Pikmin 3 reveal or Metroid: Other M gameplay revealing would be described as "very special".



MasterGraveheart said:

EarthBound on Virtual Console!
The EarthBound Trilogy for DS!
Final Fantasy VII makes it's Nintendo debut!
Nintendo has purchased Sony Games!
Nintendo has purchased Team Sonic from Sega!
Star Fox returns for Wii!
StarTropics returns period!
Kirby Wii!
The wedding of Lloyd Irving and Sheena Fujibayashi! (It's gonna happen, folks, lol)
Princess Peach is pregnant... with Luigi's child! (Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!)
Alton Brown stars in a FPS remake of Burger Time!
Pikachu is the new emperor of Japan!



astarisborn94 said:

I have an moderately high expectation for the Media Summit. I'm expecting more information on games we already know about (And finally some on Pikimin 3 and Golden Sun DS). We could also see a couple of new games announced there, according to the Media Summit of October, 2008.

@edhe: While I do think it's likely that we might see it on the VC, I don't think it's big enough to be reconfirmed to the public just yet. And beside, unconfirmed legal issues. However, I wouldn't rule this out yet since the Media Summit isn't as important as E3, but still, the chances of that happening is very slim.

@mastergraveheart: This isn't E3 2010, so I think you're expecting much beyond what Nintendo would ever offer outside of E3. The only games that have a slight possibility is an Earthbound on VC release, Kirby Wii annoucement, Startropic return, and a Star Fox Wii confirmation. Even then, these are really a strech.



Altkey said:

I hope it's a big update for the DSi like a DSi message board or Virtual handheld.



TheLonelyGamer said:

I know what's in the box, cookies.
Just kidding! Anyway, I am very curious about this secret!
Whatever it is, I hope it's not Sonic in SMG 2 or Zelda in first person.



Yosher said:

If it's a portable VC, I sure hope they don't make you pay for titles AGAIN if you already got them on the Wii. Like, I already downloaded Super Mario Bros. on the Wii; I want to get it for free on the DS if it becomes available.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I'm hoping they'll announce a new Yoshi game, a true sequel to SNES Yoshi's Island that can compare to its quality! The DS version was ok, but a bit of a disappointment in that aspect. A new game starring Yoshi alone would be more than welcome too, as long as it's not overly cute again like Yoshi's Story was.

Other than that.. well, I'll just let myself be surprised and see what they'll announce. For now, I won't expect anything. I've put my hype up too much already only to have it blown down by disappointment. So, we'll see!



AVahne said:

Another new game in their franchises? or more games for a lot of their franchises? Like maybe, Fire Emblem, Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin, and KIRBY? or maybe they'll show The Last Story early, or show more of the generation 5 pokemon?



Adam said:

I have been informed by an historically reliable inside source that all first-party development teams have cancelled their current projects to combine into one super team which is working on Devil's World 2, DSiWare, ETA: Q2 2011.

However, I'm hoping this is not true and that Odnetnin's guess is in fact correct.



Kurona said:

Starfox & Kirby for Wii would definitely be awesome. I would love to hear about a Pikmin 3, too. Starfox.... drools



ToneDeath said:

I'd like Starfox and/or F-Zero for Wii, and maybe even Balloon Kid DS (though that wouldn't qualify as huge).

A safer bet though is Wiilax (Vitality sensor & Mii's).



Sylverstone said:

I'm for the return of Star Fox on Wii, and some updates on Kirby Wii, Other M, Zelda Wii, and a possibility of a DSi VC/VH.



suburban_sensei said:

I'm not going to get too worked up over this "big" Nintendo news. Call me cynical, but it's just setting yourself up for disappointment. I hope it's not Sonic in SMG2...that just sounds odd to me.



Percentful said:

A DSi update would be nice, but I really don't have any idea, and I'm just going to wait for the news.



aaronsullivan said:

All future Nintendo games exclusively 2D gameplay and 4-player cooperative!

My real guess is Metroid Other M or Super Mario Galaxy 2 releasing sooner rather than later OR an upcoming WiiWare release from Nintendo in one of the major franchises.



SilverBaretta said:

I want:
Link's Party Crossbow Training (with a full adventure, different weapons, and mutiplayer, co-op and competitive.)
Pikmin 3
Kirby Wii (This has been on death row for a while, though)

Also, why would a first-person Zelda be bad? It would be an FPA (First-Person-Adventure), not an FPS. And the camera would zoom out during certain times. Think 007 Quantum of Solace style gameplay but an adventure game instead of an FPS. Innovation, right? Isn't genre creation innovation?



jhuhn said:

Maybe we'll see Virtual Console games on the DSi Shop channel and able to play games from the SD card on the DSi if there's at least 130 blocks of space on the DSi console. There's also a possibility we'll see Nintendo arcade games on Virtual Console arcade, including Donkey Kong. The other option could be the agreement with NETFLIX.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Hoping for Virtual Handheld, but not really expecting much of anything. Pessimism avoids disappointment!



Arkia said:

@84: You know, it's kinda funny. I remember hearing about how people said first-person was going to ruin Metroid back before Prime was released. We all know how that ended.

I still can't see them making a first-person Zelda though, but it would be very interesting.



Corbs said:

If they make Zelda a first-person game, I'm off the Nintendo bandwagon for good.



NotEnoughGolds said:

They will have a playable demo of Zelda, followed by this astounding surprise...
Zelda will hit store shelves on Monday! (after the summit, so March 1)



Caliko said:

@warioswoods you're not the only one!!

Most people who bash Wii Music don't know how to play. I should really show you some of my songs. I've made some INSANE remixes. I'm hoping they bring a MotionPlus compatible version.



M00se said:

nintendo will release like a stupid game or the vitality sensor plus. hopefully its the dsi vc or starfox wii!



Nintendokid said:

I hope it's Wii No Ma cause many people say that it's coming this year.But what ever it is I can wait!!!



MmBuddha said:

If the Zelda team has faith in the game being first-person, then I have faith in them. The best Zelda games have always been the most daring ones that have broken away from what came before.



PopeReal said:

Zelda needs something new either way.... and if its a black Wii I am buying one, call me milked.



JackMack said:

A new Donkey Kong game for Wii (Country style of course) would be the best news I could imagine (multiplayer would rock!). An FPA Zelda would be an interesting change of pace, though I'm imagining the new Zelda to be like Majora's Mask in terms of innovation. The new Kirby and Starfox games would be nice but I think that they should focus on the games they've already announced. Oh, and hi, I'm new.



Objection said:

I think the new Zelda should be playable in both perspectives! 3rd person (as we know and love it) and FPA (for those who like innovation and a new look on the long-running series. As already mentioned, it worked with Metroid.)



pinta_vodki said:

erm... Conker's Bad Fur Day on VC?

but I guess it'll be that new motion plus title Miyamoto is working on besides Zelda.



RevolverLink said:

For the love of all that's holy, Pikmin 3!

Or Last Window going global. That'd be pretty sweet too.



thaantman said:

Smash Bros DLC or a permanent wiiware demo service. Also release date for Galaxy 2, other M and sin & punishment 2



Shane_Gill said:

We all know Nintendo like to over emphasise things. Remember when the amazing hardcore gamer announcement at E3 was Animal Crossing Wii?

Yea...don't expect much. Maybe galaxy 2 playable and a Pokémon announcement.



kevohki said:

To Nintendo: Star Fox Wii. Any other announcement you can stick where the sun...



SamsN_ite said:

Yeah!!!!!!!!!! STARFOX WII!!!!!!!! go nintendoconnect!!!!!!!!!!!!! but come on Nintendo, make it in-house!!!!!!!!!!!!



GoldenBanana said:

Totally agree with Objection_Blaster .

I think Zelda can´t be entirely in first person view, it wouldn´t be very much "Miyamoto" to not see Link´s whole body often. Everything about Link´s looks it´s too emblematical for just seeing his arms all the time.
Link is like Mario and Samus, it isn´t himself without his signature clothes and hat, it wouldn´t feel the same, some "link with Link" would be missed =p.
It has to be something similar to what Nintendo did with Metroid Prime but with more emphasis in third view rather than first, maybe switch to first view for "z targeting".
Remember Samus has a signature helmet, and arm, it felt right to see through her eyes and watch her Power Beam often, but Link is "more him" from a third view.

Hope you get my point, I tried hard to explain myself good in english =) , spanish it´s my language. (from Uruguay, South America). I come here since the begining of this site, it´s my trusty site =) , I think most of us are sincere and "true from the heart" Nintendo gamers, that´s what I love from "nl".
Finally posted something, uuffffffffff feel relieved =p

( hope the surprise it´s a new F-Zero !!! I need a deep, challenging, cool, high-speed racing game for my Wii.............. Mario Kart´s not enough for that .... and Yoshi´s Island !!!!!! ... pray it´s not something for "family and everyone play Wii Sports sort of thing".......... it´s very probable, "too" many "hardcore" things announced lately....sniff )



timp29 said:

Reggie and Shigeryu are going to elope to the UK and get married and elton john will sing at the ceremony



JebbyDeringer said:

Reggie just called me up and told me the's Starf-0. It's a cross between Starfox and F-Zero.You race on land, sea, and air oh and they added weapons.



brokenpavement said:


I'm still waiting for a new Animal Crossing. The Wii version was just the DS version rehashed on a home console... After putting hundreds of hours into the DS title, the Wii one was an enormous disappointment to me.

In my dream world, Nintendo announces an online system similar to Steam where I can access my Wiiware titles on a friend's console as long as they are logged into my account. That way I can show people that there are a lot of great titles that you can't find in retail stores (and so I can laugh at Muscle March wherever I go).



PHANTOM93 said:

I personally believe that it will be the reveal of the new handheld.

Less likely/bizzare predictions:

ending of friendcodes

importing vc games (that you already own) onto dsi (in a manner similar to how we get demos from the nintendo channel, just that it would be done on the wii shop channel probably)

Wiiware/vc demo channel (because making them their own apps clogged the top 20 chart)

online enabled pictochat

flash support for dsi browser (least likely in my opinion)



LightSamus said:

i'm hopefully 90% of these coments are troll cause some idea sound like they are from 12 year olds just screaming MORE MORE MORE without even thinking an idea over.

To be honest I'm not sure what to expect but I do agree with some saying that it won't be 'big' cause lately Nintendo are just disgraceful with their decisions and games. It's losing respect of many fans and unfortunately gaining new "gamers". pftt.



JimLad said:

I just hope it's not another DS,
...unless it's the actual successor (even then people won't be ready for it after the amount of re-designs recently)



RyuZebian said:

Lots of good things coming out this year. It could be anything! But hopefully it's about Zelda Wii or Golden Sun DS!



LittleIrves said:

@Warioswoods and Caliko:
Count me in on the Wii Music fandom. Holy wow that's a cool experience. An utter shame more musicians haven't found it and gotten their creative hooks into the creation mode. I've gotta check out this thread and exchange some Friend Codes...
And for the Media Summit: Mario-nette w/ Motion +?



brandonbwii said:

@Chrono Cross
Wow! Chrono, no need to be so cross. Lowered expectations is always best. That makes it more difficult to be disappointed if the announcement isn't mind blowing.



Sockapal said:

Wii sports Winter Resort, basking in the powdery snow and shadow of Mount Fuji, featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu! Motion plus, Wii-Speak, Balance Board, nunchuk, Light sensor bar, all required, but sold separately!



mushroomer said:

Swerd_Murd and Donatello think Kid Icarus.. I Third this. With motion plus, it could be a masterpiece. Archery in Sport Resorts as well as Pinball Pulse The Ancient Beckons as well as Smash Bros Brawl would be great prep for this game. KID ICARUS PLEASE!!!KID ICARUS PLEASE!!!KID ICARUS PLEASE!!!KID ICARUS PLEASE!!!



SamsN_ite said:

love the enthusiasm, but Star Fox Assault is an ABOMINATION. horrible dialog ( I admit star fox 64 had some too ), crappy mechanics ( single burst shots instead of the SNES/64 standard triple-burst lasers and not to mention the arwing felt like I was contolling a paper airplane ) and ground missions!!!! Garbage!!
What we need is a prequel/reboot of the series! One that tells James/Fox's stories!
A game where "story mode" first player is fox, this person signs on to Nintendo WFC right away at the opening screen, then they start to play story mode, at any time, up to 3 people can join during story mode, slippy, peppy, falco right? Ok. when everyone plays, they see their own screen, and generally not the other characters too much. Like, think of a square. This square represents fox's screen or example playing regular starfox 64.... Then when other people come on, one "square" turns into 2, or if there are 4 people, then 4 "squares" now form together to form a giant "field" of one giant square.
Here's the cool part. Scenario: one enemy base has a giant shild. To destroy the shield slippy or someone has to be in aquas to destroy a remote generator as well as falco who is in sector z perhaps to destroy the shield's satellite. HERE IS THE KICKER! for peppy and fox to destroy the shield, they have to activate a type of switch to let player 4 (slippy) who is underwater, to access the generator. In which falco (player 2) has only a minute to destroy the satellite in order to destroy enemy signal. In which fox and peppy HAVE to destroy the now unshielded weapon, or it destroys the great fox. And this is all happening in REAL time with 4-player online co-op.... Communicating with a headset....a SICK online with team leaderboards, perks, etc.  
No, not Assault though. 



ReddLionz said:

Since they probably just pulled in the results for the WiiWare Demo Service, I think that they are going to announce a permanent demo service that works like the DS Nintendo Channel one. At least one new game every week to try out.



Ristar42 said:

They are spending 5 mins improving their emulator so Europe no longer has to endure 50Hz VC games



Noire said:

It's going to be Golden Sun: The Adventure ReBirth, which is a WiiWare sidescrolling action/platformer featuring Jenna killing things with a sword in an attempt to seal away the Dark Prince Alex and save her stolen love interest Isaac.

my wishes shall never come true



brandonbwii said:

I'd love to see Kid Icarus updated to Mario 64, Oot and Metroid Prime proportions. I think at best though, we'll get one of those remakes or reimagings before we get a true 3D Kid Icarus game.

I stick by my prediction of Wii Relax with Sensor. They have yet to officially announce a new game in their "Wii" brand and I highly doubt we'll go a full year without one...or two.



Octopod said:

It's gonna be the next generation system, where the only control input is eye blinks and involuntary toe movements. And the pic at the top is what it looks like it plays N-discs which are the size of a DS card and hold 5TB

called it



ckites said:

NEW Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only thing besides super star cheap prices!!!!!!!!!!!!



Token_Girl said:

I'm guessing it'll be galaxy 2/other M release dates along with more footage or a playable demo. It's not going to be anything as exciting as a new console/handheld, that'll wait for E3.

Other possibilities:

  • SD card storage solution for DSi
  • Vitality sensor game
  • Zelda trailor (will most likely be at E3)
  • Pokemon announcement we already know about

Seriously guys, this isn't that special.

@142: if it were a starfox game like that, i would literally die with excitement. That is totally where the Starfox franchise needs to go! Probably won't be possible until next-gen when hopefully Nintendo's consoles get full online experiences.



JimLad said:

For vs multiplayer, they should definately draw from SF Assasult though, and refine it into Nintendos own Halo.
I'm kind of glad there hasn't been a Star Fox game yet actually, because if it comes now (Miyamoto still mentions the idea from time to time) it will have the experience of 3+ years Wii experimenting and development behind it, as well as the possibility of Wii Speak.



NotEnoughGolds said:

I said it before kind of jokingly, but I think it will be an announcement that one of the anticipated games (Zelda, Metroid, SMG2) will come out much earlier than expected.



SamsN_ite said:

Yeah, I would agree. They would have to REALLY pull it off perfectly though..... But I can really see that idea working for sure. It's just so frustrating that the characters controlled horribly in Assault multiplayer, but hey, tighten it up, add some balanced ship/walking mechanics and you have yourself a winning online multiplayer......Heck let's just make one our own!



Vinsanity said:

Sonic in Mario Galaxy 2 would blow my mind. It would definitely rock my world like Yoshi in Mario 64 or Luigi in Galaxy 1 (which I never DID get...damn game is too hard!).



shadowAOD said:

I think if the wiimote would be used for aiming and turning (while A is pressed down)
while the nunchuck analogue for moving, that would likely solve their
on foot mission problem

btw samsN.ite thats a pretty cool avatar you have there, the drawing reminds me of gurren lagann



EdScissorshands said:

I'd be horrified if they announced a first person Zelda, I bought a Wii rather than an Xbox 360 or PS3 because I am sick of the amount of FPS after FPS games available for the other consoles, A FPAdventure Zelda would just be a bit like a Medieval Metroid Prime, which might appeal to some of you but I want Zelda not Metroid - I played MP3 for a few hours but couldn't get into it at all. Maybe it'll be a bit more over the shoulder view (but still in 3rd person) like Gears of War or maybe just up a bit closer, like Links Cross Bow Training.

Anyway, hopefully Zelda Wii won't be in first person view just like it's obviously not true that Sonic will be in Mario Galaxy 2, certainly not as a playable character anyway - that would be ridiculous.

I'm hoping the announcement will be Star Fox Wii like many of you out there, I'd like to see a new Ninty console on the way too but I can't imagine it's going to be a new handheld (they've only just updated the DS recently and I think they' will be concentrating on the DSi Store to compete with the iPhone more than anything) I'd love to see a proper succesor to the gamecube - Nintendo have got away with using the technology from the last generation of consoles for over 3 years with the Wii and made a buckload of cash by innovating with the wiimotes etc. so they could be in the position to release a new console soon which is much more powerful than it's rivals, with at least 2-3 years before Microsoft and Sony could respond (especially Sony - the PS3's cost so much to produce they'll have to sell them for years before they can afford to put out a new console), Ninty could then keep on selling Wii's to casual gamers and sell it's new powerful machine to the more hardcore gamers out there and clean up, Here's to hoping anyway but I expect the announcement will be something far lamer...

...Like Mario Paint Wii ha ha ha ha



Poohee said:

I'm guessing Nintendo will finally announce that the DSi will get the virtual handheld that they rumored in March.



rhythmheavenfan said:

Pikmin 3, Starfox Wii, or new Donkey Kong game that is a throw back to DK64 would be great, although they won't announce anything that big probably until E3.



SamsN_ite said:

Hey thanks, it's probably my favorite picture of Fox. They could have MULTIPLE control schemes that could work many ways, and I agree that a Wiimote and nunchuck would be great as well, I just hope they give us a lot of control options to choose from, when they release the new Star Fox Wii of course. And I think it would be a GREAT title to test the DLC waters with too....



shadowAOD said:

I'm thinking they might still be looking for a different developer
for the series,I'm hoping konami or capcom make the next one



Crystalking18 said:

There may be a release date for Super Mario Galaxy 2, Zelda Wii, Metroid: Other M, or even for Last Story. I would like a VC for DSi, but it may not happen. I hope that they announce Earthbound 3, or something like that, or even Pikmin 3. But, I would absolutely love to death if they made Viewtiful Joe 3, or had a release date for Okami DS and Professor Layton 3. Hoping!



KiroX777 said:

there bringing back the "wii would like to play" commercials we all love

i dont see what can be bigger than that

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