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BAFTA Awarding Miyamoto With Fellowship

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Let's hope it doesn't go to his head

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced this week their choice of the next honoree of the BAFTA Fellowship award, and it is none other than legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and more fun than a monkey barrel could ever dream of being.

The Fellowship is the esteemed Academy's highest honor and isn't strictly related to video games, but Miyamoto will be presented with the award during the GAME British Academy Video Game Awards on March 19.

Miyamoto expressed in a statement that he's pleased as punch, but acknowledges that he is but one man on a team of many:

I am very grateful to be able to receive such an honorable award from the British Academy. Our video games cannot be created by one person; since Donkey Kong until the most recent New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I have been working closely with a number of friends for three decades in order to develop fun and enjoyable games. I would like to receive this honorable award on behalf of all of these dependable colleagues.

What a stand-up guy. So think we, and so thinks Academy chairman David Parfitt:

The Fellowship is the highest accolade the Academy can bestow on an individual for their creative work and we are honoured to have Miyamoto with us to accept his award.

With previous honourees including Hitchcock, Kubrick and Pinter, it is only fitting that Miyamoto be recognised alongside these other pioneers for his groundbreaking work. He helped to develop an entire creative industry and is still a major force in its continuing success.

Congratulations, Miyamoto!


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Machu said:

Snubbing Avatar, now this, I like how bold the BAFTA's have become. Go Shigsy!



Slapshot said:

He dang deserves it, heck this site wouldnt exist if it wasnt for him, and he is a pro to give credit to all the other guys who helped him out, but back in the days of Mario and Donkey Kong it was a very few of them and he was a mastermind in developing games. Great job Miyamoto and Great job on still providing great new way to keep gamers playing even today.



Nightsky071 said:

Lol. he gets the award on my Birthday. How funny.. March 19. Lol

I hope it doesn't go to his head either. Creator of Donkey kong, so where the effe is donkey kong country 4. why do I have to see mario, zelda, and metroid games over again. Sure their great to play, a couple times. but they get old. Super mario bros wii was good, but the fun doesn't really last long. once your done with the game thats it. I admit he does make really great games.

But i don't feel repect for the guy who says he doesn't listen to the fans. Their the reason he still where he is.



Ren said:

well deserved. Any goof who likes to argue that video games are not art need to have a look at his resume and wonder what might have happened after Atari without him. Up till even now he's pretty much propped up this entire industry with his creative genius. Cheers to that.



Slapshot said:

@nightsky..... um Donkey Kong Country 4 would be a RARE game NOT a Nintendo game. Miyamoto created the original Donkey Kong, not Donkey Kong Country... that was a spin-off.

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