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Australia Gets Black Wii & New Remote Colours

Posted by Trevor Chan

Colour coordinate your console and remotes in a way Bertie Bassett would be proud of.

When the console was first announced to be available in its second colour in Japan, the gaming world (maybe not the entire gaming world) started to salivate at the prospect of owning the Wii in the console equivalent of sexy black lingerie. Likewise when it was available in Europe.

From March 11, gamers in Australia will be able to purchase the Nintendo Wii in the glorious colour that is black. The bundle will include the black Wii console, Wii Sports, and a black Remote and Nunchuk set. According to GfK Retail & Technology, the Wii is the fastest selling console down under with 1.75 million units sold in a 167-week period. With so many gamers, naturally, you'll want to individualise the colours of the Wii Remotes.

From February 25th onwards (that's now), the Wii Remotes will be available in black, blue, and pink. The Nunchuk attachment will also be available in black.


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Gavin_Rozee said:

I bought a black Wii, took it and my white one apart, swapped the motherboards, kept my WiiWare/VC purchases etc.



Donatello said:

BEWARE of the Black Wii Remote. The back part of it isn't smooth plastic like the regular White Remote. Instead, it's a Matte(rough feeling) Finish. Sure the Black Wii Remote looks totaly sexy, but using it feels weird. Hell I dont even use the thing because of the rough matte finish feeling.



TrevorTheChan said:

As I understand, there are currently no plans to release the Wii in black in the US.

As cool as I think things look in glossy black (especially with blue LEDs but that's a whole other fetish), I like many of you already own a Wii. Still good news for those who haven't bought one yet, though. Atleast if my rather "standard" white Wii dies on me, I can take comfort in the fact that I just shrug my shoulders and say "I can get that one, now".



SamsN_ite said:

Think about it, this really makes sense. North America hasn't gotten a Black Wii because they are waiting to announce it for E3. But what's so special about that? Well it won't be any old black Wii, but will be an equivalent to a "Wii Plus". Meaning it will have HD and some other small extra goodie, using the current Wii tech. I know, I know, everyone at Nintendo says that there is no Wii HD....but come on, look at January 2006 when Nintendo denied a remodel of the DS, and oh look! 2 weeks later we get the DS lite. Same with a Wii price drop, they said it wouldn't happen in the near future, and look, 2 months later a price drop. It's coming people Wii with HD output.....NOT the successor to Wii.... just beautiful HD.......



DarkEdi said:

I don´t know why blue/pink wiimote are bundled with white motion plus. They look weird.



Ren said:

I know the stand doesn't match the white Wii either but it should at least be a darker grey if not black. looks so silly with that stand as it is.



Donatello said:

I actuallly want to get that Blue WiiRemote that's coming out.
If it has a matte finish for the back(like the black wii remote) than it's a no go for me.



JayArr said:

@Donatello - After some use the matte finish smooths down a lot and you don't even notice it anymore. Just like the DSi.



Mike1 said:

@4. Gavin Rozee
Why the hell would you do that? Sounds like a big waste of time.



Brennan said:

I want this!!!!! My girlfriend wants a Wii anyways and I already have one. This can give me a reason to get another one!!! Come on Nintendo let's see this release in the US!



motang said:

Lucky! But in all honesty it is useless to me as I can't import my VC and Wiiware games! In my opinion this is really made for new Wii owners.



Pj1 said:

I know Europe has the black Wii and very nice too! but are we getting the blue and pink Wii-motes?

I hope so! I'd like Nintendo to release the black Wii in North America, you guys might get a different colour...



videoqueen1000 said:

i saw online that there are 3 other colors for the wiimote, including pink. it would be sweet if there was a pink console. i am a girl, after all.



NoSeriously said:

Got my pink wiimote a couple of days after I found out they were available. Wish the Motion Plus attachment was the same color. Nintendo took the easy way out with that one. I wouldn't mind a pink Wii, either, if I didn't already have one (a Wii, that is; not a pink Wii).



Saber said:

I think this is not so good idea because most people already have thier Wii's by now and also the color hides the butttons on the Wii remote

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