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Art of Balance Coming Soon to North America

Posted by Sean Aaron

Release date and pricing set.

Shin'en Multimedia have informed us that their upcoming WiiWare title, Art of Balance is coming to the North American Wii Shop on the 15th of February and will be retailing for 800 points.

Naturally we'll give it a full review at that time, but for now you can read our first impressions and feast your eyes on a new video:

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Starwolf_UK said:

15th of February. Nice. All we need now is a European date (it should be possible given Fun! Fun! Minigolf came out in Europe)



Sean_Aaron said:

Hmm, that could be interesting, I do like playing with physics-based toys like Boom Blox and it certainly looks pretty!



pixelpusher said:

Aside the interesting gameplay, this one looks really polished. It's under 1000, so i'll definitely check it it out.



Ste said:

Looks good and like it could get really challenging. I hope the physics engine is as polished as World of Goo. But it would depend on that and how challenging it gets with piece shapes, number of pieces and if they start to use any obstacles, but definately has a lot of potential.



Namo said:

So its a Zen game. Very nice, I think I'll be getting this.

I'm just glad you don't have to twist your wrist to rotate the pieces. That'd be terrible.

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