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US Pokémasters: Preorder Now, Get Ho-Oh or Lugia Figures

Posted by James Newton

Legendary Pokémon spotted at US retailers

The hype machine for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver is certainly kicking into action now, with the news that select US retailers are offering Ho-Oh and Lugia figurines to preorder customers.

If you want Ho-Oh, put your name down for HeartGold. Lugia fan? SoulSilver is the one for you. Here's what Cammie Dunaway had to say about the figurines:

These unique figures are our way of thanking Pokémon fans of all ages for the enthusiasm and support they have shown for the series. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions include new features and enhancements that players will instantly appreciate, and we think these terrific figures will help to get fans even more excited about what is in store for them on March 14.

If only you could somehow cram the figures inside your DS it might make the inevitable hair-tearing capture attempts a little more bearable.


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Rapadash6 said:

These figures plus the Pokewalker accessory almost make me want to get back into this series. ALMOST. Personally, I just can't take more of the same gameplay. It's far past due for this series to make a major change and until that happens I won't buy anymore of these games.



Expa0 said:

Gah! Lugia figurine is so much better that it's not even funny, though I still prefer Ho-oh much more.



gblock said:

If you're in the US and you want the figures, but not the games, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Pre-order and pay for the games (when they release)
Step 2: Pocket your figures
Step 3: Proceed to your local Wal-Mart, say you got them as gifts and get store credit.

Won't have cash, but you'll have Wal-mart credit (which is just as good) and your figures :0)



Crunc said:

Are any retailers other then Gamestop offering the pre-order figures? Gamestop is charging $5 more for the game then anyone else.



Pupil_of_Life said:

Why would I want to spent five extra dollars pre-ordering a game for a motionless figurine when I can wait until release day, go to my local Wal-Mart, and buy the game with the included accessory and the figurine and maybe some other bonus gifts at no extra charge? When Platinum was released in the United States, they had a bonus pack at Wal-Mart that contained the then-pre-orderable Giratina figurine that was promoted in commercials and got a free DS Lite case that could hold three extra DS cards, all at no additional cost.

Also, Platinum had a soft release a day before the official release at Nintendo World in New York. Not only did Nintendo heavily promote the game there with demos and a bunch of carnival-like games, the bonus pack for the game during that event had the Giratina figurine and the DS case with a special changing cover on it, also at no extra charge.

Too long, I didn't read it: The figurines are not worth the pre-order. Wait a bit and you'll be rewarded better.



ueI said:

How much does the game cost? I didn't know gamestop charged more.



bluecat said:

Ummmm Gamestop, Target, and Toys R Us are all charging $39.99 for HG/SS.

Walmart is asking for $39.96 for HG/SS. Woo hoo, 3 cents!



Altkey said:

Ya! finally it's coming out!
And Gamestop had it for $30 but now it's forty.



Phoenix_Dark said:

the idea is that these figures are meant to be hand crafted. thats why it costs more. "Its the thought that counts "

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