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Two More WiiWare Demos for Lucky Japan

Posted by David Snoddy

Phoenix Wright and Pokémon for Japanese Wiis

It appears that Nintendo are continuing to back the new WiiWare demo service, as they have added two new titles: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Aim! Light Adventure Team and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Although different in nature, both titles offer a massive amount of entertainment, whether it be rescuing those in need using a crack team of Pokémon or battling through a gruesome murder case whilst shouting 'Objection!'. Which, for those of you who haven't played Phoenix Wright, is immensely satisfying.

However, there is already a demo out for the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, making it an interesting choice, as we wonder if the gameplay is all that different. Nevertheless, it is good to see Nintendo backing the WiiWare program, which is something none of us could ‘object’ to. [Groan - Editor]


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ReZon said:

Take that!

It would do Phoenix Wright a lot of good to have a demo released in NA and EU.

Pokemeh... does Pokemon really need more advertising?



Link said:

Phoenix Wright is definitely a good choice as it has never gotten the publicity it deserves.



BleachFan said:

Phoenix Wright demo is a must.
In fact, it was the Apollo Justice demo on the Nintnedo Channel that got me hooked on the whole series!



Sneaker13 said:

I would love a Phoenix Wright demo. I'm still in doubt if the graphics look good because I think this will be a cheap and lazy port.



Curt said:

A Phoenix Wright demo would be nice... but seriously, does pokémon really need even more publicity?



Yasume said:

I got into the Ace Attorney games the same way as BleachFan. I played the Apollo Justice demo, bought Phoenix Wright the day after that, the sequel a few weeks later and eventually played through the whole series in a couple of months. It was the demo that started it all...



Porky said:

Hopefully Nintendo will make a section for Demos on the Wii Shop Channel because we don't want a Top 20 be filled with all Demos.



Buster13 said:

Add another slot to those who got into the series thanks to the Apollo Justice demo.

A more permanant demo could really do the Pheonix Wright series some good.



Starwolf_UK said:

Of all the games they could add a demo for they add a second demo for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (I know it is a different version but surely from one demo you would know how the other two games play...I guess if they play differently enough having demos of all 3 would be handy in making a final decision).

I wonder how far the Phoenix Wright demo goes. I know the Apollo justice demo ends partway into the first case (Ace Attorney Investigations does similar). so that is what I would expect to see.



Objection said:

Hey, look, I'm in the screenshot! (The guy in the bottom fourth holding a wiimote and looking way too serious.)



Neo_Yor said:

I also played the Apollo Justice demo and became a fan of the series ^^. Although I prefer to play it on the ds, there's no harm trying the wii demo =P.



edhe said:

It's not a matter of publicity, as I'm sure pokémon fans know about the new game (and the same would surely go for Phoenix Wright too), but it was the demo of Bit.Trip Beat that encouraged me to buy it (and I couldn't really care less for it before I tried the demo) - They introduce people to the game and how it plays.. Same goes for Pokémon Rumble (to some extent - my brother asked me to buy it with him in the end), and Final Fantasy CC: MLAADL (which I'm teetering on.) I welcome demos. The more the merrier.

I just wish Nintendo had thought of them earlier.



NintenDaan said:


All 3 versions have, so far i believe other Pokemon and a slightly other story. It's nice that they let people try out multiple ones

Will check for you the Ace Attorney demo, give me some time (since the demo doesn't have a English option).

BTW guys, this doesn't mean the demo's are here to stay. The demo's will remain on the service till the end of January! We can only hope...



JimLad said:

Damn, nearly celebrated until I read the last three words in the title.
Well, it still means we'll probably be getting more demos too at some point, so... celebration!

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