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Shadows Come Out To Play Next Monday

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Deep Fried Entertainment gives MotionPlus its first WiiWare appearance

MotionPlus hasn't seen a whole lot of support since it launched last summer; we can count on one disfigured hand how many games out actually use it. Even though the peripheral is supported in a few big names coming down the pipeline, those don't help you now.

But Deep Fried Entertainment's upcoming WiiWare release ShadowPlay does. A puzzle game based on shadow manipulation, players fiddle with common household objects one-by-one to create a cumulative figure on that thar' wall.

It also has the honour of being the first WiiWare game to take advantage of the under-used motion fidelity dongle. And with 100 puzzles, multiplayer support and a FreePlay mode, ShadowPlay sounds like it could be more than just a novelty if you've ever had fun making crappy shadow hand ducks and grass.

Look for ShadowPlay in the North American Wii Shop Channel next week on January 11. Check out a clip of the game in action and the full press release below.

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Deep Fried Entertainment Inc., an independent video game developer, is proud to announce its first WiiWare™ title, ShadowPlay, an entertaining puzzle game that will have you thinking about common household objects in a different light! The game is available exclusively on WiiWare service for Nintendo’s Wii™ system, and will be released January 11th, 2010.

ShadowPlay challenges players by transforming shadows into 100 exciting, unique puzzles. By using the Wii Remote™, players manipulate their given objects one by one to create a cumulative shadow that matches the goal. As more challenging puzzles are unlocked, players will have to find more creative ways to solve problems. You will never look at a slice of pizza the same way again! Winning a round will allow players to advance to the next level as well as score another item to use in the FreePlay Mode where you can unleash your imagination and create your own shadow art. Try creating a bike out of a pineapple or a dolphin out of the shadow of a pear. Family and friends can also jump in to help tackle a puzzle at any time using Local Co-op Mode! ShadowPlay will provide tons of brain-racking fun for players of all ages!

What is even more awesome is that ShadowPlay is the first independent WiiWare game to take full advantage of the Wii MotionPlus™, which means you can experience full maneuverability of objects and have even more fun! Of course, the game still works with the Nunchuk™ controller and will provide loads of entertainment.

“ShadowPlay is a unique game introducing a new way to solve puzzles. Playing with shadows is present in almost every culture in the world, in some form or another, and I think this game taps into a really creative way to express ourselves. I particularly love the FreePlay mode!” says Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, DFE’s C.O.O.

Key Features:

  • 100 intriguing puzzles, lots of unique objects for manipulation and 10 themes with various challenging levels provide entertainment for all players of all ages!
  • Wii MotionPlus compatibility!
  • Local Co-op mode allows for collaborative fun
  • Full manipulation of 3-D objects for complete control
  • Bonus FreePlay Mode where you can create your own shadows!


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Odnetnin said:

One disfigured hand?! Brilliant! And I suppose the big names you're referring to are The, Legend, of, and Zelda?
This game looks very strange to me, so I'll wait to see how it turns out.
EDIT: And extremely difficult too. I can see why it needs WM+ though, which is a good sign.



astarisborn94 said:

I thought it was going to act like an gimmick. Looks like I'm probably wrong. If the game is good, I will so need a Wii Point Card and a Wii MotionPlus preripheal.



NintenFreak said:

this game looks like it could be fun i might download this next time i get a point card (which might not be til next month). and i have two motion+ that a second player could use



Malouff said:

This game kind of looks a little like Neves Plus.
However it looks more complicated because of both distance and rotation to make the puzzle vs Neves rotation and flipping.

I am thinking of just sticking with Neves Plus vs this game.
This one costs more 800pts vs 600pts
It also has less puzzles 100 vs 500+



TwilightV said:

Looks pretty interesting to me. I got Wii SR so I have a Wii M+. I might just check this out...



Kid_A said:

This sounds awesome! Really interested by this concept, here's hoping it works!




Puzzle game = win for me (unless a disaster). The retail wii sector for puzzles is generally awful and thread bare as we know.

You can't tell how good a puzzle game is from descriptions and footage sometimes. You need to have a go first. However, having said that, this "looks" great IMHO



Raylax said:

Did someone make an open-source shadows engine library for Wii games recently? Can't help but notice a heck of a lot of games focusing on it.



Sean_Aaron said:'s certainly got some groovy camera control for a WiiWare game and MotionPlus support gets my interest. How do games like this come in under the radar?



Crunc said:

I don't know. The game doesn't really look like much fun to me. Nice that it uses motion plus, but it seems pretty simplistic and dull from the video.



JebbyDeringer said:

I like puzzle games but this looks pretty boring. I'm not big on copy-cat games though Bonsai Barber isn't bad.

Motion Plus is a nice advancement of the controller though but it's hard to get developers to support it if they potentially have less of an install base.



Crunc said:

It's 800 points in the US, which makes it more appealing, but I need a demo. Come on Nintendo, just give universal demos to us and be done with it. I'm sitting on a boatload of points and I've barely used any of them because I'm always worried I won't end up liking what I bought with them. If there were demos across the board I'd probably have no points left and already have restocked. What are they waiting for?

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