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Rumored Zelda Wii Details Spill Online

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Nuggets of rumored goodness hit Japanese forum

The rumor mill has been cranked to the max as the Nintendo corners of the Internet are abuzz with supposedly leaked details on the next Zelda game.

Zelda Informer (via GoNintendo) is reporting a handful of leaks coming out of the Japanese forum site 2chan (of which 4chan is a rough equivalent) regarding Zelda Wii. The details are not huge, bar one or two tidbits that might be considered spoilers, but what's there is certainly enough to get tongues wagging again!

According to the leak, the game will allow you to choose to be a right- or left-handed Link. So far the team has allegedly finished gameplay and basic mechanics and are currently working on polishing the story and characters. The source also describes an innkeeper in Link's home village whose son looks up to our green-suited hero.

The source then spilled some beans on the woman featured in the artwork for Zelda Wii revealed at E3 last year. Her name is said to be either Adelle, Adella, or Aderu, and she is allegedly not the Master Sword as some have speculated. The character apparently will not be with Link for the entire game either. The 2chan source also suggested that the Master Sword isn't even in the game, instead replaced by a weapon with unlockable abilities that is also used to communicate with Adelle/Adella/Aderu. Oh, and time travel is supposedly back in too.

While it is entirely possible that all of this is a load of bull, it's important to note 2ch's track record when it comes to leaks. The forum was the first to break every Kingdom Hearts game, information on Metal Gear Solid 4 as well as Resident Evil 4. So there is some precedent, but again, like with all rumors take this with a healthy dose of salt.

That being said, let the speculation begin anew!


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TingLz said:

Don't know about you, but I hardly consider a Japanese forum a good source. And why is it so important that Link should be left-handed?

Anyway, I'm excited about the game, but I'll wait until official details are announced



V8_Ninja said:

Already knew about this, but it still intrigues me that Nintendo would take out the Master Sword and (possibly) Hyrule but add time travel. Or maybe it's me.



JebbyDeringer said:

4. Left handed link means that left handed players can change the hand they hold the sword (wiimote) in.

Other sites were commenting on how it was looking like a Majora's Mask sequel which could be a good thing. MM was very unlike TWP. There was a ton of character development and side quests both which were completely lacking in TWP.

The information sounds logical in that it has already been mentioned that this Zelda would be different. I look forward to it as I am edging closer to the end of TWP. I may go back and finish Wind Waker finally too before this release.



TingLz said:

I meant those traditionalists who whine about Link being right-handed (even though technically TP Wii was mirrored). I see how it could be important now that there's an option to be left-handed.

I hope it will be like Majora's Mask too. It didn't feel as generic as Ocarina of Time did



motang said:

Sounds pretty cool, and with 2chan's track record I am willing to bet that majority of it might be true, can't wait to play this game!



aaronsullivan said:

This is just a carefully controlled "leak" by Nintendo, isn't it? A few details to chew on to get people talking and some free advertising. Softening the blow to the speculators that are convinced the girl IS the sword. Also warning diehards REAL early about "controversial" stuff like being able to choose handedness and the lack of a true Master Sword. It's more like a trial balloon than a leak.

I don't mind being used though. I always love discussing Zelda games. This is insta-buy for me and my daughter unless there is something dramatically wrong with it.



aaronsullivan said:

P.S. it even mentions THREE possibilities for the name so the designers can see which one people respond to the most. Let's help them out. Chime in with your favorite name for the mystery girl.

I prefer: Aderu



LinktotheFuture said:

To me Link has always been right handed, since in The Legend of Zelda, the sword is used by the "A" button, which is on the right side.



aaronsullivan said:

Really, no favorite name for the mystery girl? Also, Link is a different person in almost every game. So, it doesn't matter what hand, right? Link has always been a silent avatar for the real-life player, anyway.



Klapaucius said:

"it still intrigues me that Nintendo would take out the Master Sword and (possibly) Hyrule"
Nothing wrong with taking out Hyrule - actually I hope its not set there. Majora's Mask and WW are both awesome and not set in Hyrule like OoT and TP

The three different names for the girl are probably simply the possible transliterations of the Japanese (ADERU - アデル?I havn't seen the original forum post).



Ren said:

Why is this exciting? Still doesn't really say anything about the game. I get this: you have arms that you can use one of, someone in it has a name, theres an innkeeper. you have some kind of Weapon. Yay.



Smileoscar said:

"The 2chan source also suggested that the Master Sword isn't even in the game, instead replaced by a weapon with unlockable abilities that is also used to communicate with Adelle/Adella/Aderu"

Funny how I thought about something very similar like this could be there reason why Link doesn't have his Master sword,and now it might be true!



Raylax said:

This is worthy of a news article why? It summarises basically as "Link /might/ be ambidextrous, there /might/ be some random NPC innkeeper, and swordgirl /might/ not be the master sword and /might/ be called Ade-something."
Even if these things were officially confirmed it's still hardly big news. It'd be like Miyamoto jumping onstage in E3 to announce that the next Mario will feature a hill with eyes in the background of some of the levels. And that it will feature mushrooms at some point.



childofacid said:

You also forgot to mention 2Chan reported that this Link is the Hero of Time from Majora's Mask. And the girl talks to link through his new sword. Sounds like the Wii-remote speaker might be put into some use and maybe voice overs.



AVahne said:

A new Sword eh? thats not really new to the series, but if the sword get it's own level up system....hmmmmmmm



VegimightSamich said:

for the people who say "why is it important link be left handed." its not its just another option that lets you costomize your Link, which im all for.




Im here to report that Nintendo has leaked that Zelda Wii is going to include enemies you can defeat. I also saw that there are dungeons in the game. DO I get my own news article now?



Kid_A said:

I can see the sword with unlockable abilities happening--like having the bow, the hookshot, and the boomerang rolled into one.



JimLad said:

I would also like to report a leak, that rupees will be the source of currency, and certain doors will require keys to open them.



Rapadash6 said:

The only interesting rumor there is this Link being the Hero of Time. All the other stuff seems just kind of obvious. The wait just to SEE this game alone is excruciating and that's not accounting for the wait after we see it, which is always even worse. >_<



john6391 said:

People who comment on "why it's important that Link is left handed?"obviously don't know their Zelda history. Link has been left handed since the very first game back in 1987 (how many of you were born yet, I wonder). The reasons for this is due to the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto is, in fact, left handed (for the casual gamer, Miyamoto created Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, etc). Had it not been for the wii remote, Link would have continued being left handed. While this might seem like a minor detail to the casual gamer, true Zelda fans will appreciate this addition.



Oscarsome said:

Did nobody else read that there's (well, might be) time travelling in this game? Seems like OoT...



TingLz said:

@john: He was technically left-handed in Twilight Princess, it's just that the Wii version of the game was mirrored because of the Wii Remote being in the right hand.

I love how people never mention the handhelds for ideas.



MrPanic said:

A good source so I'll believe it. Can't wait for some more time-travelling.



LightSamus said:

@john6391 I 100% agree with you, and being a lefty myself it was a bit annoying when they mirrored TP of the reason 'it will feel wierd to shake the wiimote right-handed and see a left-handed Link swing a sword" err what about me Nintendo? I mean to me it'd be like changing Marios hat to Blue and saying it's because 75% of the world likes blue better then red! (Hyperbole, obviously lol)

But I love the idea of choosing handedness, specially since this is Wii Motion Plus controls.

Time travel is a bit dodge, many of my friend complain WW and TP didn't have time travel being that they had only played OoT, it would be unlike Nintendo to throw in time travel just to make those fans happy.

I love the idea of this girl NOT being the master sword, all the ridiculous "proof" of people going into insane-crazy detail about why she MUST be the master sword just frustrated me, seeing them being proved wrong would be ever so sweet lol

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