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Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver UK Date Announced

Posted by Rebecca Gunn

Both UK and US getting Pokewalker

Nintendo Europe has announced this morning that the release date for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver in the UK is 26th March.

In addition they have confirmed that the Pokewalker peripheral is also due for release in Europe (Americans should be getting it too, we would imagine) and they've even been kind enough to give some additional details on how the little device operates.

The Pokewalker has a pedometer in it so you can transport a single Pokemon into the device and take it on a walk with you.

The Pokemon in the Pokewalker will gain experience as you walk, making for an alternate means of training. Once you are finished walking the Pokemon, collected items and captured Pokemon can be transferred back to Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold.

If you know a friend or two also taking their Pokemon for a walk, you can use the infrared port on the device to get gifts from each other. Older Pokefans may be reminded of the Virtual Pokemon "Tamagotchi" from back in the late '90s, so this is essentially a game and a virtual pet in a box (but without the need to feed and clean 'em all thankfully!)

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Will said:

Ah, Tamagotchi, that brings back memorys. Little buggers.



Klapaucius said:

That was earlier than I thought. Oh well, I already imported from Japan. Awesome, by the way



Rensch said:

Thankfuly they are not having us wait for another two or three months like with previous games.



Bass_X0 said:

Oh well, I already imported from Japan.

Pokemon games aren't really as fun as they could be if you can't understand them.



Token_Girl said:

This would be really neat, if I wasn't 25 and could take it out in public without getting snickered at.



MrPinguy said:

I'm not taking the risk, and i'm going to import from US.
I don't want to lose the Game Corner.



RebeccaGunn said:

@Token_Girl The Pokewalker is hardly that intrusive, other people have pedometers and people don't get that bothered about Pokemon. Not in my experience anyways (I'm 21)



Klapaucius said:

@Bass X0
Not a problem for me; I'll still get a UK copy eventually, though. Then I can get all the starters and trade between SS and HG.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'm 21, and I'll be getting it. Probably SoulSilver, because that was my first out of the original Gold/Silver duo.

What's the US date again? I'm sure it was also March, so no need to import I guess.



William90 said:

Neat idea- is it a respone to childhood obesity? I know it is not exactly Wii Fit



Syr said:

I don't care if people snicker at my pokemanz, I've been a pokeholic for over ten years and I don't see myself getting on the wagon anytime soon.

Now, to find a woman who can cope with my compulsion.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'm 26 and I play Pokemon in my lunch-room at work, I'll be happy enough using the pedometer with my Darkrai in it while I'm doing my job



Klapaucius said:

I assume it accepts all Pokemon on it, but havn't had a chance yet to trade from Diamond/Pearl to SS.
Pokemon in the pedometer level up by 1 per day, so in a couple of weeks you could have a level 100



OsoOto said:

After beating Diamond, I've been waiting for this (in the US). March just can't come fast enough!



HipsterDashie said:

To all the people concerned with their age: it does not matter what age you play Pokemon at. Some say Pokemon is a kids game, but in what way is this true?



Porky said:

I have no idea why the few of you are giving out your age in this but no matter what age I am I will always love Pokemon.



Rhansley64 said:

If you hang out with Graphic upsest PC/console or "realism shooter"of course you will be embarrass since your in of environment coolness or street cred or whatever your environment thinks games like Pokemon is "GAY" as stupid as that sounds you are being retard calling people like that even if they are into game your friends while true gamers play without shame on any game even Super Princess Peach plus all my friends (just to let you know i'm 21 years old) 17-24 (in real life not on facebook) are not only excited about the new Pokemon but also will go as for as posting on their facebook for what they called the greatest game ever made or publicly proud of what they bought and that my friends attract more new friends who enjoy the same game as you plus destroying the nonsense or bountry that prevent you from realizing being a Gamer isn't about Blood or Violence is about having fun with fellow gamers both Male and Female, enjoying talking about stuff while playing and noting else.



Adam said:

@20&21 That's easy to say, guys. If you're young right now, by the time you're in your mid-20s, any love for Pokemon can be dismissed as childhood nostalgia. It's like if I bought something with Ninja Turtles in it, whether a game or a movie. But because some other posters here and I were not quite young'uns when the Pokemon craze began, it's considered a bit weird for us to be too into it.

It's a kids' game in pretty much every way. Everything is "safe" and family-friendly. The creatures are overly cutified. And the game play is simplified as much as possible -- not that there is no depth to it.

But that doesn't mean an adult can't enjoy it. Many adults loved Wall E and Up -- doesn't change the fact that they're kids' movies. I still love Red and Blue, and if I get the PokeWalker somehow, I'll definitely use it... I just will try not to let anyone else see, haha.

@Swiket I'm pretty sure girls are just as much into Pokemon, but the age group is definitely right, which is what matters here anyway.



HipsterDashie said:

@ Swiket

You say the main demographic is 6 to 11 year olds, but that shouldn't have to mean that anyone outside of that age group is then excluded.

@ Adam

It depends where you place the young-old boundary. I'm mere months away from legal adulthood, well into my University application, and currently hold a part-time job. Regadless, I wouldn't consider myself to be young.

I fail to see what the issue is with the safe, family friendly values Pokemon puts across. Are these values that we should forego as we grow older, in favour of more "mature" things such as the violence you see in games such as Call of Duty of Grand Theft Auto? And I would argue that the games are not overly simplified. For example, it requires careful planning in order to construct a team that is not too heavily weighted towards one strength. Failure to do so can see you struggling to cope at certain points in the game where you have the disadvantage. The backstory in the Diamond and Pearl versions (which can be read at the Canalave Library) which is clearly based around old tales or lore were quite refreshing, in my opinion, and offered a different way to look upon the Pokemon world as a whole.

I thoroughly intend to by HeartGold and SoulSilver, and I will proudly wear my PokeWalkers. One has to understand that maturity is not measured on how many violent/sexual/derogitory games one plays, but instead when one reaches the point when they realise that they have the right to enjoy whatever hobby pleases to them, without the opinions of others dictating what you may and may not enjoy.



Starkiller said:

Imagine, you're running, it falls out of your pocket, goes clunk, your pokemon's gone!
Still, it seems cool.



Klapaucius said:

If you pockets have zips, then no problem
Actually its surprisingly sensitive. You can put it in your backpack/handbag for the same effect as having it in your pocket or clipped to your belt.



XCWarrior said:

Considering I'm a big time runner, I can't wait for the pokewalker. I'll be gaining exp like crazy with this.



TJ_Spyke said:

"(Americans should be getting it too, we would imagine)", kinda old news. Nintendo of America announced yesterday morning that we would be getting the Pokéwalker.

Klap, Nintendo confirmed in their press release that you can take along any Pokémon.

Gavin, the North American release date is March 14.



Adam said:

@Ezekial, I never said it would, so um, good for you? I will always appreciate it to some degree, myself.
@Swiket, I know, but I'm not getting the game.

@SoulSilver, you act like the only options are completely safe or hyperviolent. There is a lot of middle ground between kids' game and GTA. As for the age issue, if you're only just applying for uni, then you were definitely young when Pokemon came out, which means it's no weirder for you to like it than for me to like Ninja Turtles, as per my example, because people will assume it's a nostalgia thing.



Big_A2 said:

I guess this means Australia will be getting it around the same time, and if not, before Europe.

This Pokewalker thing has to be the greatest idea ever to get kids (and me) to exersise. No more complaining about how much I have to walk around at school from class to class. Exept if when the thing breaks your Pokemon is gone with it. Then there's no way I'm taking it anywhere.



BlueBandanaJake said:

So at what rate do Pokemon grow with the PokeWalker? Is it like 1 exp per step you take? Someone mentioned a limit of 1 level per day? 1 level per day is kinda weak :/



JimLad said:

You know what, they should introduce something similar to that Pokéwalker for World of Warcraft.
Get some of those lazy baztads moving again.
...World of Walkcraft




Pokemon Platinum is superb. I'm not sure I'll be getting this right away considering my finite games budget though.

I think n-gamer have reviewed it and say the pokewalker is a good idea.



Klapaucius said:

May have been me. I only swap Pokemon once a day and they always gain 1 level. I'll try swapping a few times and see if they gain 1 level each time. It could be levels are gained simply by the action of 'trading' between the game and Pokewalker, rather than from the steps through 1 day.

"I think n-gamer have reviewed it and say the pokewalker is a good idea."
They did, but they got some details of the Pokewalker wrong (presumably because the reviwer doesn't understand Japanese). They said that the Pokemon and data might be lost if the Pokewalker runs out of power, but it says on the Pokewalker instruction sheet that even if it runs out of power the data is safe. I think the memory chip is much like that used in the DS carts themselves.



GamerZack87 said:

Neither can I! I mean, remakes of my favourite Pokemon games ever? You may as well post a sign that says, 'NintendoPurist, Insert Money Here'!!!!

I wonder if I should choose CHIKORITA this time around. I never did pick the little guy, mainly because I spent most of my time raising a CYNDAQUIL. I remember I actually went through my most recent playthrough without ever evolving my CYNDAQUIL. He was still formidable aganst Leader Pryce's lackeys! And he helped me nab a DELIBIRD and a JYNX with minimal fuss! Ah, the memories...

BTW, my first playthrough saw me with a female TOTODILE. It was only later on that I saw the joys of raising an echidna whose quills were constantly ablazing!

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