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Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards

Posted by Corbie Dillard

New DSiWare app shaping up nicely.

Nnooo has just sent out the official announcement of their newest DSiWare app myPostcards. You can check out the official press release below for more information on the upcoming title and we'll keep you informed of any new developments regarding the application.

Following the highly successful launch of myNotebook™ Nnooo is pleased to announce the development of myPostcards™ the second title in Nnooo's new myLifeCollected™ range of lifestyle applications for Nintendo DSiWare™

myPostcards is a creativity application for the Nintendo DSi™ which allows users to take a photo, write a note and then share the created postcards with friends via email, traditional mail or even Facebook™. With over 50 different background themes and 12 stamps to apply users will be limited only by their imagination.

"myPostcards allows any Nintendo DSi owner to create a neat looking postcard to record any situation or event and then share it with friends. Once they have made the postcard they can email it, print it out and post it or even upload it to Facebook", said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

Users of myPostcards can take a new photo using one of the two Nintendo DSi's cameras or choose an existing photo from their Nintendo DSi photo Album. They then write a note (or doodle), choose a background theme, apply a stamp and then save the postcard. Sharing the postcard with friends is possible by using the Facebook connectivity or SD card functionality built into all Nintendo DSi's.

"We have worked hard to ensure that users can quickly and easily make a postcard whenever they find themselves in a situation which they simply must share with friends and family. We really like the idea of capturing a moment on camera and adding a note to share with friends. There was always something nice about getting a postcard in the mail from friends and family and we feel that with myPostcards we are providing a more modern take on this great form of communication", said Watt.

Users can unlock new background themes to customise their postcards with while owners of previous Nnooo software are also in for some special themed backgrounds as thanks for their continued support.

myNotebook is Nnooo's third piece of software for the Nintendo DSi™ and the second application in its new myLifeCollected range.

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Objection said:

I'm kind of confused how they are just now announcing this. Didn't we already have an article with a link to a video going through this app?



jangonov said:

I've seen Nnooo on this site commenting before. In case you guys are reading, Do you have any hints as to the next game in your series? even vague answers are appreciated.



brandonbwii said:

I'm hoping for a daily planner. Yes I know we have myNotebook but a TRUE planner with all the bells and whistles would be great as well.

They had a trailer up on YouTube for awhile now. Part of me wants to download this but I also want to know what can I do with a post card app exactly. Maybe nnooo can clue me in. I know DSi is compatible with Facebook, but that would mean everyone would have to go to my page to simply see a postcard saying dorky things like "wish you were here." What's the point of that if it's being posted on my own Wall?



Nnooo said:


myNotebook is for making notes and lists so you can remember stuff, jot stuff down etc

myPostcards is to allow you to make your own postcards. You can save them to the Nintendo DSi Photo Album and then transfer them to SD Card or upload them to Facebook. Using the SD Card you can email them or even print them out and post them (old school postcard time!).

We think both apps are very different and compliment each other well.




Odnetnin said:

I can see the appeal of this, and will probably download it because I'm too lazy to go out and buy postcards and can personalize them with this app. : D



warioswoods said:

"Using the SD Card you can email them . . . "

So, is it too soon to ask what sort of file format these end up having on the SD card, as well as where in the directory tree they end up? The DSi's built-in camera & album stores photos in a rather awkward way for convenient access from the SD, so I'm just curious.

I have to say that I was hoping the email feature was purely in the software, as it would be mighty convenient compared to removing the SD card and using a computer.



KanrakusPizza said:

I asked this question MANY times, but I never got an answer. I was wondering if you can make a postcard, save it to your SD card, put the SD card in your Wii, and send it to friends via Wii Message Boards. Can you do that?



Hardy83 said:

You can save the post cards in Nintendo's DSi photo album, which THEN can be transferred to an SD card, and then you can put the photo on your computer or Wii if you want.

Nintendo doesn't allow third parties to access the SD card in any shape or form.



Nnooo said:

What @Hardy83 said.

The images are traditional JPG image files and are stored in your Nintendo DSi Photo Album in exactly the same manner as any other photo stored there. You can then use the Nintendo Camera Application to edit them or transfer them to facebook or SD Card.

Using the image on the SD Card (in the same folders as the rest of your DSi Photo Album photos) you can print or email it out.

Hope that is clearer



SanderEvers said:

I still don't buy that Nintendo doesn't let third parties use the SD slot, infact there is a Non-Nintendo DSiWare app that DOES use it.

FlipNote Studio

Which was only released by Nintendo. And developed by Hatena.
(Ofcourse it's possible that Nintendo has some killer API's that third party publishers can't access)

Infact, it really doesn't make any sense to me. Why'd they add a SD card slot in the first place if they weren't going to support it ?



Kirk said:

Why not just take the same pictures with the built in camera and then write/draw your message on them directly instead and send these ones directly from your DSi to other DSi users, or to your friends Wii, or post it on the likes of facebook from within the software?

I don't have a DSi so is there some reason this is not just as good an option?

I am missing something here?



brandonbwii said:

Isn't the point of postcards, though, is to send them to people when you're on vacation or out of town for awhile? It doesn't seem like too many would have immediate access to a PC that way. At least not conviently.

I liked to think of it as just having more postcard options. Some naysayers said the same thing about myNotebook when they had Flipnote Studio. You're right though, in some ways this sounds like downloading yet another clock app. The postcard look does look nice though and it frees up the entire image. That said, the dsi already offers a couple of cool looking postcard like frames anyway.



Kirk said:


Just out of curiosity...

Is it actually possible just to take a standard photo on DSi then write a quick message on it and send it directly to your mates DSi from within the DSi app (when he is not standing right next you, as in he is somewhere else in the world with his DSi) without any problems or is there some reason this isn't possible?



SanderEvers said:

They should at least let you send a postcard through WFC, or isn't that available to 3rd party developers as well. (Which is absolute nonsense as well)

I like the pOp game, but it been a steep hill down for Nnooo since it. Which is really sad, as I love to play indie-games.



brandonbwii said:

You can do that with any photos you take, kind of like Nic Watt said. You can transfer them locally or use your SD Card to trasfer them to PC or Wii. That is if that's what your talking about. Yeah, it's quite easy.



Kirk said:


So there's no way to transfer photos you take normally with the DSi camera (with or without this app) non-locally, as in across the world to another DSi, without actually going through a PC?



brandonbwii said:

No. That's really irks me too as Nintendo doesn't have true servers in place and the dsi doesn't even have a system code. Only individual software can access the net.

It's hard to say downhill since all they really have created is pop on multiple platforms. As far as I know their only other project was myNotebook. You should also listen to one of the podcasts where they discussed why myPostcards doesn't support WFC.

That kinda comes with the territory with DSi.



Kirk said:

Man Nintendo is tool!

Still, that being the case, I don't see the point in this app at all over the built in photo software.

If I have to go through a PC anyway then Christ I might as well take photos with my mobile phone (since I actually carry that around with me at all times unlike my DS), load them onto my PC and quickly write in a message on Photoshop, and then then send that instead.

Or I could just save myself all the hassle and send my mobile phone image of said tourist attraction as a text message directly to all my friends since they all have mobile phones anyway, just like me, and they can actually receive pictures from anywhere I choose to send them without any problems whatsoever.




brandonbwii said:

Yeah, pretty much. Nintendo has me wrapped around their corporate finger though. So I actually use my DSi more than a phone. Therefore I actually own quite a few apps that some would consider shovelware because anything portable is a good time waster. LOL!



brandonbwii said:

What I still don't understand though, and I hope Nic Watt will return to read this, is why Nintendo won't let them use friend codes. If we're all friends, doesn't that make the kind of content you exchange a bit less significant?



warioswoods said:

I'm still a bit confused about the photo storage. I understand now that the postcard will be saved to your DSi photo album, from which you may then moved it to the SD card, etc. What I don't understand is that a single postcard would consist of a full photo as well as a text image, so how is that stored in the DSi photo album without either splitting it into two images or compressing it within a smaller resolution?



Nnooo said:

Ok I think some of you are being a bit harsh but then that is the nature of the internet

We are bound by the limits of what Nintendo will and will not let us do. Unfortunately at the moment there is no way for us to access the SD Card, Nintendo may have libraries which it uses internally however at present they are not available to developers who are not directly working on a Nintendo published title. Furthermore I think that Flipnote was developed by Nintendo in conjunction with Hanata and is why they can access the SD Card.

Secondly Nintendo WiFi on DSiWare is on a per application basis at Nintendo's discretion. We applied for myPostcards to use it and were turned down because, currently, the DSi is not a licensed communication device and as sending postcards to each other would be classified as email it would fall into the same category. I am not a lawyer so we didn't push this. We want to remain friends with Nintendo after all

Finally we take the photo and the text/note you make and we composite the two together. So normally you take a photo of 640x480 resolution on the DSi. We take that and composite the two to make a postcard of 640x480. This means it is exactly the same size and resolution as the other images made by the DSi Camera (or any other application which uses the DSi Camera features).



Sean_Aaron said:

So, when are this and myNotebook going to show in Japan? Some of us have/will have import DSis and want to experience your applications!



Nnooo said:

The hard part about releasing content in Japan is we either need an office and staff there (expensive) or we need to find a Japanese publisher who will do the game justice.

At the moment we have neither but are definitely interested in finding a Japanese publisher who is interested in supporting and releasing our products



Sean_Aaron said:

@Nnooo: I suspected that, I just wanted to make sure it was on the radar! Have you actually contacted anyone there? Clearly myNotebook has done great biz elsewhere -- you should have a Japanese publisher knocking down your door!



Sylverstone said:

@Nnooo Well, this looks like a great app. Sure Nintendo won't let you use the WFC and SD Card slots but you guys sure know what to tell people who keep ranting about it. I'll look forward to it, since I'd love to send postcards featuring the great beauty of Jamaica!



geek-master said:

@Nnooo could pop+solo have had online leaderboards? it would have increased replay value. maybe you could add online leaderboards by updating the game on the dsishop?



Nnooo said:

200 points is what we are aiming for

@geek-master we left out Nintendo WFC on Pop+ Solo as it would have extended development time a lot. We are still looking at making Pop+ VS which we would love to add WFC stuff too. In the mean time look out for some more projects from us in the future with DSi to DSi connectivity and more....



WiggleMan said:

Can't wait for this. myNotebook has helped me keep track of stuff, so I'm happy about it!



geek-master said:

@Nnooo i respect your time of development with all your games. let me make this a little bit clearer. when i said could their be any online leader boards for pop+solo i ment online hi-scores not a full blown multiplayer experience. it would be nice if we could upload are hi-score from the quickplay mode on pop+solo so we could compete with other hi-scores from around the world.

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