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Nintendo Download: 22nd January 2010 (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Virtual Console gets abandoned again.

You've got to wonder what's going on over at Nintendo of Europe. For the second time, we've now gone two weeks in a row without a VC title, despite knowing that there's still plenty of them upcoming. Come on, NoE! Just like last week, there's really only one noteworthy title - The rest is completely negligible.

WiiWare gets the fairly highly anticipated Max and the Magic Marker. In this platformer, your goal is to draw lines with a virtual marker, in order to create makeshift platforms and items for main character Max, to assist him in getting through each stage. It sounds cool, it looks cool, and we're certain the actual game has also turned out cool. Expect a review soon, but until then feel free to re-read our interview with the developer. It costs 1000 Wii Points.

Fast Draw Showdown is actually an old arcade game which has now been brought to WiiWare. Entirely FMV-based, it's basically a reaction speed test, in which you must draw your weapon and gun down opponents before they can do the same to you. If you're looking for an authentic arcade experience, this is pretty much perfect, but as you might expect, the game doesn't offer much variation or longevity, which is exactly why we only awarded it a 5 out of 10. At least it's only 500 Wii Points!

As we predicted last week, we've gotten two more Electroplankton titles on DSiWare, which hog all the spotlight and have thus caused no other games to be released this week. This time, the picks are Nanocarp and Trapy, which also happen to be two of the more mediocre entries in the series. Each costs 200 DSi Points.

Yes, just four games this week, even less than last time! Will this keep up or will next week suddenly bring us a miracle?

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Starwolf_UK said:

Well next should have these two Wiiware games::
530 Eco Shooter (Nintendo) and Brain Cadet (Rising Star Games) [provided Nintendo don't change their plans] so I'd put it on par with this week at best really.



Bankai said:

Max and the Magic Marker should be enough for this week.

Hopefully Super Mario Kart and DSiWare can pop up next week.



Corbs said:

Max is a fun little game. Glad to see it finally coming out.



Bass_X0 said:

Sad, sad week. But I just got Spirit Tracks today so I'm not too bothered (£23 s/h).

And Starwolf, don't type out your whole message then submitting it. Submit a short message and then edit it.



Aviator said:

I dont think I even want Magic Marker anymore. I WANT SUPER MARIO KART.



Sneaker13 said:

Great week. I'm playing Max and the Magic Marker right now and it's an absolutely awesome game. Drawing works fantastic and I was afraid it wouldn't be as accurate as in the PC Demo, but it works extremely well and a straight line is no problem. I really love the graphics too and they even added a new item so you won't run out of inkt. Fantastic game so far.

I also want Fast Draw Showdown. I love FMV, but I have no points now, but 500 Points sounds like a good deal.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Bass X0. I quote it to prove I saw the screen. If I hit submit the most likely thing is a comment would be there anyway



KeeperBvK said:

Just for your information: NoE has nothing to do with the downloads. It's all in NoJ's hands.



Malouff said:

@Sneaker13, you sure are lucky that you got to get Max and the Magic Marker already.

I like your post as it is not depressing like most of the others and agree that it would be a "Great week" with that game alone.



Roo said:

Download Max just there. But can't see it stopping my Ace Attorney game...seriously, 5/10? Cobblers!



maka said:

At least Excitebike has been dated for Europe, but not Dark Void Zero... Those are my most anticipated downloadable titles right now...



Porky said:

NoE may release three major vc games to make up of the following weeks.



vakama94 said:

i hope max and the magic marker gets soon to the US, i loved the demo and i would like to try the wii controls



Sneaker13 said:

@Malouff, the last couple of weeks, I was whining and being the depressing one (see forum). But that was because the US gets so many awesome games while all we get were pretty crappy games (no Excitebike, no Shadow Play, no The Magic Obelisk, no Castlevania Rebirth etc.). But with Max and the Magic Marker, there is nothing to complain about this week. But I do understand the frustration for those wainting for Super Mario Kart or any other VC game.



wiiwaregamr said:

I bought Max & The Magic Marker today. Good game so far, but it's not perfect. Theres too much slowdown in the graphics for my liking when you rapidly run fast in the stages, and the controls aren't as tight as they could've been. Also looks like it might be a little on the short side for those that don't aim to complete it 100% as there does seem to be a couple of unlockables, don't know what those are yet obviously...



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

My only theory is they're preparing the next Hanabi, which would be 2-3 game weeks, so perhaps they're spacing releases out a bit before? Either that, or January is a no go zone for VC.

Our only VC game this month has been that Shinobi game, very poor on your part NoE. Rather then focus on some of your services, focus on them all!



wiiwaregamr said:

  • Just a correction to the above, the slowdown occurs when you run into more than one ball of orange ink or light quickly in the one area...


Sneaker13 said:

It's the second time that Max and the Magic Marker froze on me at around the same point (seconde world near the vulcano). It needed to turn the Wii off/on. Somebody else experienced this? Or is my Wii falling apart?



Sneaker13 said:

New, problem, I got enough inkt, died, and lost the extra inkt I got. Now I need to replay the level. It's a great game, but this is the second bug I encountered (if the freezing point I mentioned earlier is related to the game).



pinta_vodki said:

Hey, we got Max and the Magic Marker, how can it be a bad week? Well, it can if you're used to buying several games a week. I simply don't have enough money for that.



Malouff said:

@Sneaker13, When you finish the game don't forget to enter the password online so you get to claim your prize.

I am wondering what it is.



wiiwaregamr said:

I like Sneaker13 have also experienced a couple of bugs with Max & The Magic Marker. I'm currently just on the third level of world 1 (playing nice and slow so I can maximise game time and beat it 100%) but have experienced two bugs already. Firstly, I created a staircase so I could jump up and collect one of the black secret balls high above, but once I got to the ledge, I suddenly got flicked right back right to the start with the marker almost full of ink despite the monster sucking it all up at the checkpoints.

The second of the two errors i've experienced was later on in the stage, where I got to a regulation see saw where I needed to draw a heavy ball to catapault me up. I misjudged the impact the ball would have as I didn't scribble close enough to give it weight. So I had jumped nto this pit only to be stuck and having no way out as my ink disappeared totally and couldn't be recovered. I tried sucking all around the screen to no avail, I had no option but to restart the level which was annoying because I was doing quite well in the level as well.

It's definitely an enjoyable game but it has it's fair share of bugs. At this point in time, i'd probably give the game a 7/10.



KDR_11k said:

Fast Draw Showdown is not available in Germany. They're turning this into a trend, eh?

Are there really so few games that can be released that NoE has to go into filler mode? Where are Dark Void Zero and Pop Island?



MVP said:

I'm just waiting for Excitebyke, hey why is the CV so abandoned?, there are still hundreds of games we could get!!!



NinWarrior said:

@WiiWaregamer: I had the same problem. Loosing ink and not being able to get it back. Then I learned, that if you hold the Erase-button and shake the wiimote. You recover all lost ink no matter where it is.
The game is so cool, especially the last world. There are a few glitches here and there, but hey, That's pretty much what happens when you are basing a game on physics.
It took me a bit more than 4 hours to complete. I'm HAPPY!



Malouff said:

@NinWarrior, Did you enter the password for finishing the game online so you get to claim your prize?
If you did any hints as to what the prize was.



Neoprenanzug said:

No Super Mario Kart, no Castlevania Rebirth. Nintendo drives me into piracy. How should I BUY games, if Nintendo doesn't let me?



nasachi said:

i want Excite Bike, Castlevania Rebirth in Europe

at least, Muscle March and Super Meat Boy were on the PAL-Release-list of Nintendo a few days ago



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Nintendo of Europe really knows how to disappoint and annoy their fans/costumers. The last game for Virtual Console was released in Germany on December 17 (we didn't get Shadow Dancer). I didn't turn on my Wii for over a month despite holidays since the Virtual Console was my main reason for buying a Wii besides Nintendo's big series like Zelda or Metroid. With such stupid release politics Nintendo has no right to complain about videogame piracy concerning their classics and people using emulators anymore in my opinion.

I don't really care about WiiWare (with only very few exceptions like Lost Winds and the upcoming Castlevania Rebirth). I find the new games on XBLA in most cases more interesting than the WiiWare service. And DSiWare is no reason for me to buy a DSi since I prefer my old DS with the GBA-slot. Only a Virtual Console on DSi for portable game classics could change my opinion although I fear Nintendo of Europe would manage to ruin that service too.



bestbuck said:

NOE know how to break fans hearts. I'm so disappointed. I hope it all comes back to Haunt them.



dres said:

I want Super Mario kart.!.. I want more VC games!. Got it Nintendo? I skip all WiiWare games from now on, until they bring back more VC stuff.
Or.. surprise me Nintendo Realese Excite bots in Europe.. that would make up for a lot.



Amorous_Badger said:


strops off



madgear said:

I was extrmely pleased to hear about the Virtual Console when it was first announced. I hate the idea that all these classic games could just be forgotten. That's why I think the VC is a very important part of the Nintendo shop & shouldn't be relegated behind Wiiware like it has.

These classic games are a part of gaming history, many of which are considered masterpieces. Wiiware is all well & good for a cheap gaming alternative to disc based titles but to focus on just that & not VC is like the film industry ignoring Citizen Kane & focusing only on the straight to video releases.




Max and the Magic Marker this week.
Eco Shooter next week
Excitebike Feb 5th

All insta-downloads. I expect the rest of these respective update weeks will be rubbish though eh.



kitroplious said:

Even though I don't live in Europe or have a console for that region, I would have liked to see VC on my birthday. Sadly, not...



Notare said:

So far I've had no problems playing Magic Marker. I'm in the last world now, and it's been a smooth ride. Not a single freeze or framerate drop. I wonder if there is a difference between Wiis...

But yeah, NoE needs to get itself into gear, and I'm not even going to start on the store's interface

Anyway, Max and the Magic Marker is a great game. You guys in the states have a gem to look forward to.

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