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New Grinder Details Claw Their Way Out

Posted by Jamie Giggs

What does High Voltage have up its sleeve?

Nintendo Power has gained some interesting new details on The Grinder, the next Wii FPS from developer High Voltage. Perhaps the most exciting tidbit of info being that the game will now support MotionPlus, which is a big... erm... plus.

Similar to Valve's popular Left 4 Dead series, you take control of a bunch of characters each widely differing in their characteristics. The line-up will include a Mexican bounty hunter called Hector, a doctor (cleverly named Doc), a Japanese assassin named Miko, and AJ, the only survivor of a slasher attack on her student social group.

The Grinder will also feature two-player support in the form of a co-op mode which can be played either locally or online.

Sounds cracking to us, hopefully this can be the Left 4 Dead of the Wii.


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logins4life said:

Wait... only 2-player support online? No 4-player co-op? How can you possibly have a game with 4 unique characters like this and only allow 2 to play together online? Without that it's definitely not "Left 4 Dead" on the Wii, and I'll definitely be passing.

I'm not quite sure how High Voltage could do 12-player death matches with Conduit (and have them running quite smoothly) but not be able to do 4-player online co-op in Grinder. Please someone tell me I just misinterpreted this article...



odd69 said:

I think I'll be getting this one.Not completely sure but now it's on my radar.



M00se said:

not 4, god this developer is the worst video game company. they say one thing then change it and make it crappy like the conduit



darklinkinfinite said:


Well, the thing in a 12-player online deathmatch, they have 12 players to keep track of. In The Grinder, they'd have 4 players, plus dozens of enemies (last I heard they were pushing the engine towards like 50 onscreen enemies or something) and that's no small feat nor is High Voltage a big name developer.

While I to find the 2-player co-op a tad disappointing, I understand completely why they would have to go with it. I'm still looking forward to it since High Voltage seems to want to use every tool in the Wii's arsenal from online, to WiiSpeak, and Motion Plus.



Junkface said:

We want 4!
We want 4!
Wii want 4!
C'mon everybody! I must admit i'll still be thankful if they use wii speak and motion plus... but I'd really would love 4 player co-op... in a perfect world.



nice_shirt said:

I hope this turns out good but the Conduit has taught me not to get my hopes up with these folks.



noblo601 said:

I interpreted this as though you could play 2 people online using the same tv, and that you could have more than 2 online. Just like Left 4 dead.



childofacid said:

@BB Thrilla
Why don't you go to school and become a game designer and make a game yourself. I would like to see you do better. For a company that created a game without a publisher and pulled money out of their own pockets to make a game for Wii hard-core fans I'd say The Conduit did quite well. I still play the game online.

This game really reminds me of Hunter: The Reckoning



Gameday said:

@childofacid i love hunter the reckoning , and im just down for any game thats a shooter online for the wii but i must say this game looks great , hope it gets support lookin forward to it



burning_love said:

people calm down..
It means you can play with a friend online so It's you and you friend plus two more people okay.... Now someone know when does Animales come out?



Nightsky071 said:

Again, for those who keep say (Left 4 dead Wii)....... Go jump..

This game is.. and will never be nothing like left 4 dead. left 4 dead is some much better on every lvl. I've seen so much gameplay for this game and it doesn't look that great. I've even messaged high voltage about this game and it seems they didn't take it into consideration..

Anyway, here to give some suggestions for the grinder.

First off though, this game looks like its gonna be great, but i'd like to think it could be a lot more awesome

some things i'd like to see in The Grinder are.

A Night and day concept would be great. By day they could have fewer vampire, but by night, not only do they become stronger, they come in huge hordes. A vampire seems strongest at night.

1) 2 player off-line and 4 players on-line with voice chat, no friend codes (I won't hold my breath on that though since nintendo is lame). Or atleast give us a friend roster and search engine type deal so we can find players by name and not some 10-11 digit phone number

2)Vampies and zombies come in huge hordes like in L4D. The Wolves, are able to pin down the hunter and tear them up or you have to shake the wii-mote to try and keep them from biting you or ripping you apart while you wait for rescue. The guys with the axes should be fearsome, they chase you down with the axe in hand and jack you up if they get near you, sorta like the tank.

3) I'd really like to see a horde mode in the game. A separate mode where you and teammates are locked down in a house somewhere feinding off hordes and hordes of vampires, zombies, wolves, Axe mans and so on. Also, maybe a versus mode for all the players so we can verse and blast eachother or use the mosters to fight eachother.

4)A veriety off weapons, and also flash granades like they mentioned up there. Ever scene Blade 3, those awesome flash granades they used on the vampires.

5) Give the players Acheivements to complete, and by completing these acheivements we unlock stuff, like costumes, special weapons mode and stuff.

6) Give us variouse difficulties like Easy, normal, Hard, deadly, The Grider. the harder the funner.

and hopefully more.....

Yep, seems like they never got my message



Nightsky071 said:

Hopefully but not likely. Left 4 dead was, intense fun, everything about left 4 dead rocked. The characters, mosters, online, the team work needed to survive each lvl of horror. left 4 dead was great. I dont think The grinder will have features like that



burning_love said:

Come on now people, were talking about the Wii, obviously we cant expect that much since it's not that powerful than the 360 and PS 3 but maybe this game will prove that the Wii is not weak....

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