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New Glory of Heracles Gameplay Videos

Posted by Corbie Dillard

More footage of the game in action!

Nintendo has just sent over two brand new gameplay videos of their upcoming DS RPG Glory of Heracles. The game is set to hit store shelves on January 18th and if you haven't seen the game in action yet, do yourself a favor and check out these two videos.

We'll have a set of new screenshots tomorrow and of course we'll also have a full review of the game shortly after its release. Until then, you can peruse the two new gameplay videos below.

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User Comments (15)



Axoloth said:

Do not be fooled by Clash of the Titans or Glory of Heracles; Kraken is not from Greek mythology. It’s Norwegian. Harrumph.

Anyway, no word of an EU release?



Supermegaman said:

This game looks fabulous! Gotta add this to my rpg wishlist with soul silver and golden sun ds!



SwerdMurd said:

@_o glad i checked that out...looks glorious.

...does that even count as a pun? If it does, it shouldn't.



Ravage said:

Why is there always a kraken when boat and RPG come together? Does this mean that the kraken's parents are boats and RPG's??



motang said:

I might be picking this up as it will be a good addition along side Chrono Trigger for my DS library.



zezhyrule said:

I'm going to get this one day for sure, but not anytime soon.
Is Heracles one of the main characters or...?



Radbot42 said:

the first two notes of the song in in video 4 remind me of golden sun and then it changes

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