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Monster Hunter and Classic Controller Pro Bundle Coming To North America

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A truly monstrous bundle

We’re all a little excited about the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 3 Tri, infact some of us are absolutely overflowing with fervour. Now the anticipation has reached melting point with the announcement that the game will be bundled with the Classic Controller Pro when it lands in the States.

American gamers have had to resort to importers to get their mitts on one so far. Thankfully, this is all about to change with the release of a game which, arguably, seems best suited to a traditional controller.

There is no news whether the same bundle will be available to PAL gamers, although with the same package on sale in Japan, it’s more than likely that this will make its way to Europe and Australia too down the line.

Of course, with Nintendo Life being the nerds that we are, we’ve already had our grubby mitts on one of these and lived to tell the tale.

The bundle will run you $59.99. The stand-alone controller will also be available for $19.99, and unbundled SKUs of the game will also be available for the usual $49.99. We still don't know when Monster Hunter 3 is set for a release, but rest assured you'll know when we do.


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Starkiller said:

I can't get a Classic Controller Pro, not with all those fingerprints that'll get on it.



pixelman said:

Saw this earlier. Can't decide if I'll buy the bundle or just the game itself, since I already have two CC's.



Aenaida said:

I'm perfectly fine with using the GC controller, so I'm undecided on whether I'll buy the bundle or just the game.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I would much rather stick with my regular Classic Controller in case Nintendo does decide to do something with the clips.
As for Monster Hunter... I like the monsters, but not the gore.



motang said:

ah finally! Can't wait, although I could have used the Classic Controller Pro this week since TvC comes out tomorrow.



irken004 said:

I just have one Classic Controller, (White, non-pro version) So I'll be getting this bundle



Xkhaoz said:

So getting this. I was planning on getting the game before, but now, I'll get it. Due to my lack of a Classic Controller



Aenaida said:

@SS IV I was actually talking about how I don't need a Classic Controller to play VC titles, not MH3. Sorry I wasn't clear on that.



Objection said:

Joystiq says CAPCOM plans an April release.
I'll be getting the controller bundle, as long as I can get a black one. Me gusta.



nintendogamerftw said:

Can't wait to buy this. I broke my Classic Controller ages ago. I should have read the instructions.
If you are prone to frequent surges of inexplicable rage, please consult a doctor before using this device.



Ren said:

I'll take a white one. wow those prints are gross, but it's just the cheap camera flash. I need a classic controller anyway. nice.



Tails said:

I will buy the controller thats for sure. But the game i'm still trying to decide.



JonWahlgren said:

@Ren: The flash may make them stand out more, but those prints are painstakingly obvious on the actual controller.



DK_vs_KK said:

For $20, I don't think the current classic controller is worth it. For the CC Pro, I think I might be more willing to shell out $20 for it. As for the game, I might consider buying it, but I can"t say for sure yet.



Ren said:

Just let me live in my fantasy world of gloss a little bit longer. whats so wrong with matte? Why can't they just do some matte ones like the old Genesis Controllers, even the NES controllers were that way now that I think of it.



Pastry said:

I'll rip holes in my Wiimote Jacket and stick on the CCPro to keep the prints off.



CanisWolfred said:

Maybe if you applied some sandpaper...?

Anyways, I probably won't get the bundle unless the game turns out to be really good, and I definitely won't know that until I play it myself(probably rental)



geek-master said:

i fell love with this game the first sec i heard about it becuase i just love games like runescape



MasterGraveheart said:

I've been a negative nilly lately, so I'm glad I can go back to my positive-self. Will you join me?




Deviant_Mugen said:

Am I the only one that finds this controller hideous? From the pictures I've seen, it looks way too bulky, I don't like the spaced out control sticks, plus I am not fond of the handles on it. The only positives to this one is that the wire is now on top of the controller and that the 'Z' buttons are now triggers (though, that still irks me a bit, since it now slightly resembles a ps controller). I definitely wouldn't buy one on its own, I'd rather stick to the regular CC. Still, since it'll come bundled with MHT, I'll probably pick one up, I could use a second one...



brandonbwii said:

The controller is hideous, but it's gotta be more comfortable than the original classic controller due to those two grips. This is excellent, first the dirt cheap Endless Ocean 2 bundle, now this. DAY 1.



astarisborn94 said:

Looks Like Capcom really wants this game to succeed. Question, does the Classic Controller Pro require another Wii Remote? If not, then I'm getting the bundle.



AVahne said:

hmmm people find this controller ugly....for some strange reason i find it adorable....and i'm a dude, what the heck?



ToastyYogurt said:

I'm interested in the game, and I'm DYING for a Classic Controller Pro. I'll likely get a Pro on day one, but I'll wait for reviews on MH3 before I go buying that. That way I'll be saving 10 bucks on a second pro .



DarkLloyd said:

bundle day one CONFIRMED

thats one sexy black despite the finger print smudgy smudge



Feld0 said:

Am I the only one who noticed the Classic Controller Pro's resemblance to a PSX/2/3 DualShock/Sixasis controller?




y2josh said:

I'm getting the bundle.

@37: If you mean, Does it have to be hooked up to a Wiimote? I'd say the answer is yes since it has a cord.



Gameday said:

hmm i dont hava classic just stuck to my classic gamecube remote baby does me just fine. well in some games you actually need one so im thinkin... if its a bundle then hook me up



Starwolf_UK said:

You missed the best part of the announcement. White CC Pros will be available (though not bundled with monster Hunter).

Since America will be receiving a while CC Pro I hope that means Europe is also getting it (we only have black only currently)



Supermarioman said:

Well I'll be picking up the bundle if I have the money, man thats 3 different bundles that I want this year:
Monster Hunter 3 with CCPRO
Endles Ocean 2 w/ Wii Speak
Red Steel 2 w/ Wii M+
But then again I only have so much money...



Kevin said:

The controller looks great but after a while all the visible prints on it would drive me crazy.



TJ_Spyke said:

The name of the game is "Monster Hunter Tri", not "Monster Hunter 3 Tri", you guys might want to fix that.



emiru69 said:

I have a question it's this controller compatible with the GameCube games? My GC controller just died... _



KiroX777 said:

you look at the button layout and say it looks alike... well DUH!! if the control stick and the d-pad switched places you would say it looks like a 360 controller. ofcourse they're going to look similar, those are basic/standard button layout.

L&R: xbox, ps1,2,3, gamecube, classic pro
4 face buttons: snes, gamecube, xbox, PS1,2,3, dream cast, classic pro
d-pad and control stick(s) option 1(control stick as main movement):gamecube, xbox, dream cast
d-pad and control stick(s) option 2(d-pad as main movement): ps1,2,3, classic pro
start, select, and home: 360, ps3, CC, CCpro

the classic controller's intent was to look like a snes controller but with added control sticks and 2 new shoulder buttons it just so happens that it looks like a ps3 controller, which is obvious because how can you make a button mashing controller look unique? its almost IMPOSSIBLE! CCPro looks like a CC but with grips thats it. and saying that you dont like a controller because it resembles another is dumb, so next generation would u pass on playing with the new systems because the controllers look like another one?



KiroX777 said:

i suggest getting the classic linker plus. it converts the classic controller or ps1, 2 to go into a gamecube. also if you play hardcore games like smashbros melee i dont reccomend it, because it doesnt work with the classic controller 100% for those kinds of games. it only works good for simple games like sonic adventure 2 battle. ps2 controller on the other hand works flawlessly at all times

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